Bitcoin Could Well Hit All-Time High Level By 2021 The Asset just Hit $11,000 USD

The asset just hit $11,000 USD. Bitcoin could well hit all-time high level by 2021

Bitcoin could well hit an all-time high level by 202. This cryptocurrency, an asset fell from $10,500 to $3900. Now, the price of Bitcoin has surged again and it just hit $11,000.

Its been a wild year for BTC (Bitcoin). Gold is hitting all-time high and with equity asset prices surging all-time too, the market is anticipating inflation and a weaker dollar.
Ironically, Just over 3 months ago, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted that USD is dying, bitcoin is the asset to invest on and people should buy it along with Gold.
At that time, Bitcoin was building back its reputation and strengthening to a price of 7,313.19 USD. This accounts for a whopping near to US$4k rise to this asset.
Brian Krogsgard, a crypto podcaster, and a trader believe bitcoin will challenge prior high amid 2021 regardless of how far the market could go.

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