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Best Phones in 2024

The finest from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more, for high-end or budget phones.

Best Phones in 2024

The best phones are the most important thing in our lives for most of us. The amazing features that come with these palm-sized wonders are amazing. Your phone, web browser, camera, music player, GPS, and more are all on it. Many things in your life are affected by the phone you pick. Which is why we’re here to help you choose the best one.

The best phones should be able to do a lot of different things, like communicate well, have a great camera, be fun to play games on, and more. The battery should last all day and be able to be charged quickly, so you can get going right away. Even if it’s not in a case, it should be strong enough to handle drops, and a quick dip in the sink shouldn’t hurt it.

This year has seen a lot of great new foldable phones, interesting options from companies other than Apple and Samsung, and reliable updates, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max made of titanium and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that shoots for the moon.

Top 7 Best Phones in 2024

These are the best phones for a range of budgets, whether you want an Android smartphone, an iPhone, or a simple feature phone.

1. iPhone 15

Most People’s Best Phone

iPhone 15 Best Phones in 2023

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The new iPhone 15 from Apple is the biggest upgrade for a base iPhone in a few years, making it the best-value phone you can buy in 2024.

What the iPhone 14 didn’t do, the iPhone 15 does: it moves the base model forward with a new chassis design, an eye-catching rear glass panel, and a USB-C port that works with more devices.

The 6.1-inch Super XDR OLED screen on the iPhone 15 is bright and responsive, but like the screen on the iPhone 14, its refresh rate is fixed at 60Hz. Luckily, this time you get Apple’s Dynamic Island.

The back of the iPhone 15 still only has two lenses, but one of them is much better than the one on the iPhone 14. The main camera now has the same 48MP lens as the great iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro. The 12MP ultrawide camera is pretty much the same.

The A16 Bionic chipset from the iPhone 14 Pro is used in the iPhone 15. This should give most iPhone owners more than enough power (the iPhone 14 Pro was the most powerful phone of 2022).

It is said that the iPhone 15 can play videos for 20 hours and play music for 80 hours. With the optional 20W charger, it can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes. We were able to use the phone for a whole day without any problems.


  • Brand: Apple
  • Model Name: iPhone 15
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Cellular Technology: 5G
  • Color: Black
  • Screen Size: 6.1 Inches


+ Dynamic Island retires the notch

+ Smooth design and soft-feel, color-infused rear glass


No zoom lens

No macro capabilities

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Best Phone Overall

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Best Phone 2023

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is not very different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, the 202 phone is better in many ways than Samsung’s previous flagship phone. The whole thing is made of stronger materials and has a faster chipset. The camera sensor has more megapixels than we ever thought a phone could have.

The front and back of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are both made of a smooth plane of glass. The screen is slightly curved and leads to the frame. It’s not quite as smooth as the S22 Ultra from last year, but it’s still beautiful. The new color tones, which are more natural, look even better in real life than they do in pictures.

The big, bright AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best screen you’ll find. It’s not the brightest and doesn’t support Dolby Atmos Vision, but it’s still smooth and has a fast 120Hz refresh rate that makes movies and games look great.

Carrying the Galaxy S23 Ultra around is like having a whole camera bag full of lenses. It’s the best camera phone money can buy because it can do so many things. This is the best phone for serious photography because it has a lot of lenses, great shooting modes, and now an app for experts.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best Android phone because it has a custom overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset that is faster than the Snapdragon in other phones. It works just as well in real life, whether you’re shooting video in 8K or playing games with high resolution.

We could always ask for more battery (maybe instead of the pen next time?), but the Galaxy S23 Ultra lasted a lot longer in our tests than most of the new devices we’ve looked at. It has the same 5,000 mAh battery as the last one and most flagship phones today, but it does a good job of managing power.


  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Model Name: SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G
  • Operating System: Android 13.0
  • Cellular Technology: 5G
  • Color: Green, Black, Cream
  • Screen Size: 6.8 Inches


+ Wonderful cameras

+ Chipset made just for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2


It would have been nice if it charged faster.


3. Google Pixel 8 

Probably the Best Pixel Phone

Google Pixel 8 Best Phone 2023

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The Pixel 8 Pro is Google’s most ambitious Pixel phone yet. It has a Tensor G3 chipset that was specifically designed to run Google’s machine-learning features and a camera that will impress even professional photographers. Google is so sure that this phone will work well that it is promising major updates for seven years, which is longer than any other phone maker currently does.

When you look at the Pixel 8 Pro, the corners are rounder and the screen is flatter. This makes it easier to hold the phone and lets you see what’s on it better. The finish looks great, and the colors are classy and warm instead of strange and new. This is the best Pixel phone Google has made so far, which is good since they’ve pretty much made the same phone three times.

This year, the Pixel 8 Pro screen is one of the best, and Google has even given it its own name: Super Actua. It can get as bright as 2,400 nits, and it can still put out 1,600 nits when it’s not in direct sunlight. The Pixel 8 Pro screen is better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max screen in almost every way.

Some photos taken with the Pixel 8 Pro looked better than those taken with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Other photos, especially those taken at night or in low light, looked better when taken with the iPhone. Even though that’s strange, Google still has good reasons to be proud. The Pixel 8 Pro is the only phone that has Magic Editor. It combines generative AI with Google’s Magic Eraser to make it too easy to fix and change photos.

It’s fine that the Pixel 8 Pro can push games and graphics to new heights, but it won’t win any awards for performance. Even though it worked well with my favorite games and HD videos, everything looked better on best phones like the iPhone 15 Pro or even older Android phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Being used all day didn’t bother the Pixel 8 Pro at all. It has a bigger battery than both the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Google really squeezed in the biggest cell phone it could. If you want something bigger, you’ll have to buy a gaming phone.


  • Brand: Google
  • Model Name: Pixel 8
  • Operating System: Android 13.0
  • Cellular Technology: 5G
  • Color: Hazel, Obsidian, Rose
  • Screen Size: 6.2 Inches


+ Excellent materials and a dull finish

+ It’s normal and helpful to screen calls

+ Seven years of updates is crazy


Android’s settings and features are hard to understand

The AI feels creepy and impersonal

The iPhone 15 Pro has the best camera right now

4. iPhone 13

The Best Budget Phone
iPhone 13 Best Phone 2023

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What makes the iPhone 13 stand out is how long its battery lasts. Historically, iPhones haven’t been known for having long battery lives, but the iPhone 13 has been very hard to drain during all of our tests. In terms of battery life, Apple has finally found a solution. The new iPhones have much better battery life than the old ones. The new A15 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 13 is very powerful, and when paired with 4GB of RAM, it can quickly and efficiently handle many apps and tasks.

The iPhone 13 has a design with flat edges, which was first seen on the iPhone 12 line. That makes the design a bit more angular than earlier versions, which had a rounded finish. However, the phone is still easy to use with one hand. As for how long they last, the iPhone 13 series is IP68 dust and water-resistant, which means it can stay dry for 30 minutes in water up to six meters deep. This phone isn’t completely waterproof, but it will work after a few drops.

The iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch screen with a resolution of 2532 x 1170. It’s an Apple Super Retina XDR OLED display, and the picture is clear and bright. The iPhone 13 has a brighter screen than the 12S, and it can handle direct sunlight better than other smartphones.

A 12MP wide camera with an aperture of f/1.6 and a 12MP ultrawide camera with an aperture of f/2.4 and a field of view of 120 degrees are on the back. This phone doesn’t have a telephoto lens; instead, it only has digital zoom, which means it won’t be great for taking pictures from far away.

This is another big step forward for Apple, but it’s most clear in the benchmarking results. Everyday use is pretty much the same, but it will be a big improvement over older iPhones. With 4GB of RAM and the A15 Bionic chipset, it can run at full speed.

The iPhone 13 worked perfectly during our tests, and each day it had enough power left over to last at least a few more hours. While this isn’t the longest battery life you’ll find in a smartphone (many Android phones will last longer), this is a big improvement for Apple from previous iPhone models. It will make the iPhone a more appealing choice for many people.


  • Brand: Apple
  • Model Name: iPhone 13
  • Operating System: iOS 16
  • Cellular Technology: 5G
  • Color: Midnight, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Starlight
  • Screen Size: 6.1 Inches


+ Lots of battery life

+ Internals that work well


No screen with 120Hz frames per second

Not no Ceramic Shield on the back

5. OnePlus 11 5G

Best Camera Phone 

OnePlus 11 5G  Best Phone 2023

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With the OnePlus 11, the company goes back to its roots, offering top-notch performance and a few impressive specs in exchange for fewer features compared to its big-name competitors. That means the OnePlus 11 is less expensive than the top-of-the-line best android phones from Samsung and Apple. Also, OnePlus doesn’t mix up its models by making Pro and Plus versions. It works great and has all the things that OnePlus does well.

If you buy the green OnePlus 11, it has a glossy finish and is very thin. The back is mostly cameras, which makes it stand out from other phones like iPhones and Galaxys. The phone isn’t waterproofed to IP68 standards, which is a shame. You can quickly turn off the noise on the phone with the mute button.

The OnePlus 11’s screen really stands out. The AMOLED screen can refresh as fast as 120Hz, and you can tell when you play fast games with lots of particle effects that the rate is smooth. For accurate color, it works with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Even though it could be brighter, it’s still great.

There are some people who don’t like the OnePlus 11’s Hasselblad photo camera setup. It was possible to get some great portraits and landscape pictures, but each picture had its own look and feel. It can’t take a variety of pictures, like macro close-ups or zoom shots from far away.

The OnePlus 11 was the first phone we tested that used the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform. The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a little faster, but only in benchmark tests can you tell the difference. The OnePlus 11 is quick and efficient, and it works great with both games and apps.

When it comes to charging, it’s a champion. The battery life is fine on its own. It takes less than 30 minutes to charge the battery with the charger that comes with it. The speed is even faster outside of the US, where higher voltage is the norm. But you can’t charge it wirelessly.


  • Brand: OnePlus
  • Model Name: OnePlus 11 5G
  • Operating System: Android 13.0
  • Cellular Technology: 5G
  • Color: Titan Black, Eternal Green
  • Screen Size: 6.7 Inches


+ 5x camera zoom slays it

+ More useful changes to the S Pen


Very expensive

Charge very slowly

6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 

Best Foldable Phone
SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 5 Best Phone 2023

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The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is Samsung’s newest foldable flagship phone. It has a lot of power, a lot of different uses, and high-quality materials and parts. The Pixel Fold has better camera quality and a wider cover screen, but this is still the best foldable phone on the market overall.

When it comes to design, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a lot lighter than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 4. It’s about 11 grams lighter. It weighs 252 grams, which is 30 grams less than the heavy but great Pixel Fold. The glass-covered frame of the phone now folds flat, which is more important.

After looking past the flatter fold and slightly slimmer body, you’ll see two Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays that are the same as they were in the last Z Fold. However, some people may find the new, thinner cover screen too narrow to use comfortably.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 has a 10MP front-facing camera, a 4MP camera under the screen, a 12MP ultra-wide camera on the back, a 50MP wide-angle camera on the back, and a 10MP telephoto camera on the back. It goes without saying that this is a flexible camera, though it’s important to note that these cameras are the same as the ones on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is powered by Qualcomm’s great Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Samsung. This is the high-end chip that Samsung is using in all of its new top-of-the-line best phones, even the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s 4,400mAh battery isn’t as big as the Pixel Fold’s 4,727mAh battery, but it still lasts all day.


  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Model Name: Galaxy Fold 5
  • Operating System: Android 13.0
  • Cellular Technology: 5G
  • Color: Icy Blue, Cream, Phantom Black


+ The whole thing folds up flat

+ It is thinner and lighter than its predecessor


It feels like the cover screen is too small now

The cameras are good, but they’re the same as the last model

7. Motorola Razr+

Best Flip Phone

Motorola Razr+ Best Phone 2023

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The Motorola Razr+, sold outside the US as the Razr 40 Ultra, is more than the best foldable flip phone. It’s also a new smartphone with more features than others. When closed, the phone becomes a pocket mirror, palm-sized map, and small phone. This phone can finally fold a screen in half, making you wonder when other top phone makers will follow suit.

Folded phone halves smack like pursed lips. A gentle curve lets the edges separate in a sealed crease. This may be strengthened by Viva Magenta. However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is boxier and squarer. The Razr+ has no visible gap when closed, unlike other flip phones.

The first flip phone that values the cover screen. Avoid using this screen for weather or notifications. It doesn’t watch cute animations either. This is authentic. This screen supports full apps. Despite its poor exterior screen, the Motorola Razr+ large, foldable screen would make it stand out.

This phone’s camera is clearly low-quality. The camera overexposed flower red tones, obscuring most details. Due to digital enhancement, the stems and leaves in the background of my woods photos were blurry or sharp. Thick black lines separated them.

The Motorola Razr+ is not the best phone for test scores. Real-world performance isn’t what I expected due to specs. Despite using the same platform (or maybe not), this phone performs better than the last Razr and better than expected.

Motorola tried to fit a large battery into the Razr+ thin, foldable body. Though Apple manages power better, it folded a larger battery into the frame than the iPhone 14 Pro. Unfortunately, the Motorola Razr+ battery didn’t last all day. This is likely because it was fun to use.


  • Brand: Motorola
  • Model Name: Motorola Razr+
  • Operating System: Android 13.0
  • Cellular Technology: 4G, 5G
  • Color:Infinite Black, Glacier Blue, and Viva Magenta
  • Screen Size: 6.9 Inches


+ The big cover screen is helpful

+ Pretty cool vegan leather and unique shades


Not strong enough against water

It costs too much for what you get

Types of Best Phones in 2024

Flagship Smartphones

These top-tier are the Best phones, equipped with the latest technology and features. They often have the best processors, cameras, and displays, making them ideal for users who want cutting-edge performance.

Mid-Range Smartphones

Mid-range phones offer a balance between performance and affordability. They typically come with decent processors, good cameras, and satisfactory battery life, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Budget Smartphones

Budget phones are designed for cost-conscious buyers. They offer basic functionality and are an excellent choice for users who don’t need high-end features but still want a reliable smartphone.

Gaming Smartphones

Gaming best phones are tailored for mobile gaming enthusiasts. They come with advanced cooling systems, high-refresh-rate displays, and powerful processors to provide a smooth gaming experience.

Camera-Centric Smartphones

These phones prioritize camera performance. They have advanced camera systems with multiple lenses and software enhancements, making them perfect for photography and videography enthusiasts.

5G-Ready Smartphones

With the rollout of 5G networks, 5G-ready phones are becoming increasingly popular. They provide faster download and upload speeds, reduced latency, and improved connectivity for data-intensive tasks.

Foldable and Flip Smartphones

Foldable and flip phones are a unique category with screens that can be folded or flipped open. They offer more screen real estate in a compact form factor, providing innovative solutions for multitasking and creativity.

What to Look for While Buying

Operating System (OS):

Determine if you prefer Android or iOS. Android offers a wide range of choices and customization, while iOS is known for its user-friendly interface and regular updates.


Look for a powerful processor (e.g., Snapdragon or Apple A-series) and ample RAM for smooth multitasking and efficient app performance.


Consider the screen size, resolution, and technology (OLED, AMOLED, or LCD). A high-resolution and vibrant display is essential for a superior visual experience.

Camera Quality:

Assess the camera specifications, including megapixels, lens quality, and software features. If photography is crucial, opt for a phone with a versatile and advanced camera system.

Battery Life:

Check the battery capacity in mAh and the manufacturer’s claims regarding battery life. A long-lasting battery is essential for a day of use without recharging.

Storage Options:

Decide on the amount of internal storage you need (e.g., 128GB, 256GB). Some phones also offer expandable storage via microSD cards.

5G Connectivity:

If 5G is available in your area and you want faster download and streaming speeds, ensure the phone supports 5G connectivity.

Build Quality:

Evaluate the materials used in the phone’s construction. Premium materials like glass and metal often indicate higher build quality.

Design and Ergonomics:

Consider the phone’s design, size, and weight. Ensure it feels comfortable in your hand and fits your style.

Software Updates:

Check the manufacturer’s track record for providing software updates. Regular updates ensure your phone remains secure and up to date with the latest features.

Security Features:

Look for security options like fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, or iris scanning to protect your data.

FAQs – Best Phones in 2024

Q: Which phone is considered the best phone in 2024?

The title of the “best” phone can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Popular options include the iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Google Pixel 8. The best choice for you will depend on your specific requirements.

Q: Is 5G connectivity a must-have feature in a 2024 phone?

5G connectivity is not a strict necessity, but it can greatly enhance your mobile experience if you live in an area with 5G coverage. It offers faster download and streaming speeds, which can be advantageous for various activities, from streaming high-definition content to online gaming.

Q: How do We determine the right phone for Your budget?

Assess your budget and prioritize your smartphone requirements. There are best phones available at various price points. Consider factors such as performance, camera quality, and brand reputation to find a phone that offers the best value within your budget.

Q: When is the best time to buy a cell phone?

The pre-order period

Retailers often offer preorder discounts or bonuses to attract customers. Some offer a flat discount, while others include gift cards, streaming subscriptions, and earbuds. Find the best deal by shopping around.

One month before a new model launch

If you’re okay with buying the latest phone instead of the new one, buy a month before. Retailers start slashing prices on the soon-to-be-last-generation phone by hundreds of dollars. Different sellers offer different discounts, so compare prices across retailers, Amazon™, and other sites. These discounts often last until the new phone’s launch, but inventory can sell out quickly.

On Black Friday

Remember annual holidays and events to find out when cell phones go on sale. Black Friday is when retailers offer their biggest deals after Thanksgiving. Phones and other electronics are especially affected. Avoid crowds and shop online for safety and sanity. Research Black Friday deals early as some stores offer them a few weeks early. If you miss a sale, check Cyber Monday, a major online shopping day the Monday after Thanksgiving.

During Prime Day

Amazon holds Prime Day in mid-July, its biggest deal event of the year, with discounts on electronics, toys, fashion, and more from big and small brands. Good time to buy a phone. Prime Day deals are available to Prime members and those who sign up for a free trial.

Post-Boxing Day

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas (December 26), is another big day for phone and electronics sales in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Even if you live abroad, watch for post-Christmas phone deals.


In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, finding the best phones in 2024 for your needs can be a daunting task. We’ve explored an array of options, from flagship devices to budget-friendly choices, and delved into the various phone types and key features to consider.

Whether you prioritize camera quality, gaming performance, or simply a balance of all, there’s a phone out there for you. By understanding your needs and leveraging this guide, you can confidently select the best phones in 2024 that perfectly suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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