iPhone 13 Hype Before its Launch

iPhone 13 Hype Before its Launch

iPhone 13 Hype Before its Launch

The iPhone is considered a sign of quality and richness. People used to buy their products the very next day after launch. Apple enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for the most awaiting iPhone 13. Some people are saying that it would be iPhone 12s but most probably it would be iPhone 13. 

Previously Apple has set new standards for flagship phones by introducing 5G technology, minimalistic design, and powerful chipset. By continuing this custom Apple is planning to launch iPhone 13 in near future. 

According to tech experts in 2021 Apple will introduce 4 models of iPhone 13 which will be iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Before 2020 Apple usually launches 2-3 models, but in 2020 Apple has introduced a budget-friendly mini version. Experts are saying that maybe this year the mini version will be discontinued because last year it was not well accepted by the public.

  • What is it? The next iPhone, maybe iPhone 12S
  • When is it out? Most likely September 2021
  • What will it cost? Expect $699 / £699 / AU$1,199 and up

Apple is working for a better camera experience by improving its night mode and introducing periscope cameras for better results. By using this camera, the user will get a 10x optical zoom. 

The screen technology of the iPhone 13 would be almost the same as iPhone 12. Because Apple has recently changed the screen technology in iPhone 12. But maybe its refresh rate would be enhanced in the upcoming model.

So a user can experience a more smooth screen while playing games or scrolling the news feed. Experts are saying that there is a possibility of having a variable refresh rate like iPad pro that would be auto adjustable depending on the activity. 

Experts are saying that there would be 120 Hertz screens in the upper 2 models. There is a prediction of introducing always on display in iPhone 13 likewise from android phones. This year these iPhones will be marketed with 1TB storage. But before the launch all of these are predictions. It would remain a mystery before its official launch.

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