If You Want To Make Everyone Happy, Don’t Be A Leader, Sell Ice Cream

If You Want To Make Everyone Happy, Don't Be A Leader, Sell Ice cream

If You Want To Make Everyone Happy, Don’t Be A Leader, Sell Ice Cream

Leadership is not easy, it has multiple facets. Some days are good while some nights are awfully short. Leadership requires a leader to see the course of the present and upcoming events from the top.

Pretty much like an Eagle that flies high to a certain point and keeps a sharp eye at any opportunity. However, to be a leader you need not only to see what is around you but also to have an eye on the future and keep track of your progress. You would agree that it’s much easier said than done.

Being a leader is hard work. You have to make tough decisions and oftentimes, people don’t agree with you. Why do they call it “at the top”? It’s because there are so many people below you who are just waiting for the opportunity to pull you back down. As much as I love ice cream, I can see how it would be even more difficult to sell if your target audience was everyone! But, if you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader–sell ice cream instead!

Leaders are not always the ones with happy faces.

If You Want To Make Everyone Happy, Don’t Be A Leader, Sell Ice Cream

Steve Jobs said,

“Don’t be a leader if you want to make everyone happy; instead, sell ice cream!”

This quote has been used many times as inspiration for leaders who need to know that they’re doing what’s right by their team even when it doesn’t seem like there is any hope or point in doing so whatsoever – just ask anyone at an Apple Store about how much joy he gets out of helping people find exactly what will work well together thanks to his own personal mission statement: “To provide solutions…to degenerative ailments.”

In this world, there are four kinds of people:

  • Those who want to be liked and satisfied with what they have.
  • Those that try to make themselves right even when backed into a corner don’t care about winning at all.
  • Those who want to be in competition and try to win.
  • Those who always want to be right and keep themselves on track.

In addition, some folks will do anything not only for themselves but also for how others perceive them as well–it’s human nature!

If You Want To Make Everyone Happy, Don’t Be A Leader, Sell Ice Cream

Steps That A Leader Should Need To Follow:

1-Do not run for fame or being liked:

Being a leader is not about being liked, right or comfortable. It’s the tough decisions that you have to make for your tribe and ultimately someone will always be unhappy but overall they’ll thank you in time because of how much better things are now that YOU made those choices and stay motivated.

If you want to be a leader, then it’s time for some tough love. You can’t lead if your team doesn’t trust or like you; they need confidence in order for the organization as a whole to succeed with their goals established by this leadership principle of winning at any cost!

“To put aside my desire not just accepted but also liked was difficult,” said ____ on his way into work one morning when asked about things which were most challenging during the career transition process.” To focus solely on being the person who wants victory over anything else proved more than

2-Be authoritative and do what seems right:

A good leader has no fear of making tough choices every day. The only way to truly be a leader is by doing what you think is right and sticking to it. This means that while your tribe may not always agree with the decisions that you make, they should know why you chose them in order for everyone involved to feel like they made progress! A good leader must command with a reason.

There should be no self-interest and all decisions made without emotion, because if the decision was based on something else other than what is best for society as a whole then there would be an imbalance in power between those who make such leadership choices versus others who do not.

A great example would be when Oprah Winfrey interviewed former President George H W Bush about his son’s heroism during Operation Iraqi Freedom which aired on the TV show “60 Minutes.” We see here how she demonstrated her ability not only to lead by conveying empathy through deep conversation while still maintaining decorum behavior throughout taping sessions – important skills every politician needs!

Let’s consider another example: Harry S. Truman is known for his signature on the desk that says, “The buck stops here.” This means all tough decisions are to be made by him and ultimately he has to accept responsibility if any mistakes or mishaps occur with these policies.

Harry’s famous saying about The Buck Stops Here was in reference to what would happen after an executive order had been signed off as complete; when each person downplays their contributions while collectively blaming someone else- but most importantly taking personal accountability like its nobody’s business but ours (the people).

3-Don’t Try To Please Everyone:

In order for a leader to be successful, they need followers. They can’t please everyone and it’s pointless even considering trying because, in the end, no one will agree with every decision made by them – which means that if you focus on pleasing just some people at any cost while overlooking others’ welfare then your reputation as an effective person in power could suffer very badly from time-to-time or permanently lose all credibility among those who follow you.

Trying to please everyone is an exercise in madness, it’s pure insanity. You can never get their approval so don’t even attempt!

A good example here would probably be when someone thinks only about how their decisions affect themselves without thinking of anyone else life but themselves; this type isn’t trustworthy so logically speaking there must always remain certain boundaries between selfless consideration/interests.

Leadership starts with acknowledging there can never really BE 100% agreement on everything everyone wants to be done at once…but what good person would ever want their opinion valued over somebody else? To grow as an individual & lead others into success take some risks!

Demands Of Current Generation From A Leader:

The current generation’s requests for a server leader are understandable, but it should be noted that friends can’t always solve all of your problems. You’ll need to have strong discussions with the employees about important issues if you want them on board and happy in order to become an effective boss – otherwise they will find someone who does make everyone smile!

Being a server leader is not easy, but it is possible if one has the right qualities. A good demeanor and positive attitude can lead to respect from your peers in no time at all!

To maintain an excellent relationship with everyone under you as well as other leaders higher up on their respective hierarchies-the demands of this position might create some discussions here or there; however, these are normal for any workplace environment where people are interacting together often enough that conflicts arise out-of habit rather than intent because when two parties share space even for just 15 minutes every day they’re bound by various social norms which pressure them into acting responsibly towards others around them whether consciously aware of it or not.


It is impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but it’s important not to give up on your goals, stay motivated and focus on your progress. A good leader balances fair with friendly leadership practices so that you can maintain an environment where people want to work hard and achieve success for themselves or their colleagues.

The concept of “boss as a best friend” might sound nice in theory; however, this wouldn’t be possible given different expectations among workers who may take advantage when feeling trusted by managers allowing them greater say over day-to-day operations than subordinates normally would have at lower levels within any organization.

The best thing about being a leader is that everyone has something they’re good at doing. However, not everyone should aspire to leadership and if you find yourself in this position then try focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses as Steve Jobs famously recommended through his famous phrase “there’s always room for ice cream.”

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