Microsoft to launch ChatGPT4 Next Week

Microsoft to launch ChatGPT4 Next Week

Microsoft to launch ChatGPT4 Next Week – Experience the Future of Conversation with Microsoft ChatGPT4

Microsoft Germany’s Chief Technology Officer, Andreas Braun, recently unveiled the incredible news that the following week users can create immersive AI-generated videos using a simple text prompt with their newest tool ChatGPT4. This game-changing technology uses multimodal models for limitless creative possibilities!

At Microsoft’s “AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff” event, GPT-4 was revealed to be multimodal, a groundbreaking AI that can turn text into images and video as well as transform phone conversations between customers and staff members into written form. This remarkable technology gives businesses the opportunity for more efficient communication with their clients than ever before.

Last year, in 2022, Meta revolutionized the video-creation process with its Make-A-Video tool that turns text into videos. Now ChatGPT is following suit by announcing an upgrade to support a large language model – taking AI-enabled content creation to new heights!

GPT4 will revolutionize the internet world with its much-anticipated launch next week. It brings multifaceted models that promise greater engagement than ever before, just four months after the breathtaking success of GPT3.

ChatGPT has already raised substantial awareness around the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize human life. With this initiative, we strive towards bridging the gap between AI as it is today and its full capabilities in realizing a more advanced level of machine-human interactions.

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