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Trafft | Software for Business Bookings and Scheduling

Trafft Software Overview, Plans and Pricing, Features, Alternatives and more..


You can’t afford to lose potential clients by making the booking process difficult. “Well, it looks like this was a deal-breaker after all,” he said.

In reality, most scheduling tools work fine until you need to keep track of a lot of different clients and schedules at once.

Imagine if you could use just one platform to handle all of your employees’ and clients’ booking needs.

Please meet Trafft.

An agency account allows you to centrally manage multiple client accounts, each with its own permission settings and white-label features.

Manage your Google, Outlook, and iOS calendars from your Android device, and set up and manage one-time or recurring meetings with ease.

Trafft Overview:

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Trafft can assist you:


Saves Your Time

Put your pen-and-paper bookings in the past where they belong. The ability to schedule appointments online will save you hours every day, giving you more time to devote to your company or to simply enjoy the additional spare time you now have.

Enhance the efficiency of your work

Reduce the amount of time you spend on organization and maintain a fully operational firm. You and your team will have more time on your hands to devote to offering the highest possible level of customer service if the scheduling process can be improved.

Boost sales and revenue

Trafft increases sales while also keeping your firm open for bookings around the clock. Your clients have the option of viewing your booking website along with the available hours and making an easy reservation whenever it is convenient for them, or you have the option of sending them a booking link immediately along with all of the reservation details.

Enhance the overall pleasure of the customer

Your clients will have the ability to make appointments online whenever it is most convenient for them thanks to the traffic scheduling software designed for service sectors. Provide them with an unforgettable booking experience to earn their continued loyalty.

Bookings and More

Offer 24/7 Online Bookings

Offer 24/7 Online Bookings With a scheduling app, your business can be booked at any time, so customers can book when it’s most convenient for them. Offer a great booking experience and you’ll get more customers to stick with you.

  • Online booking makes it easy to save time


Forget about using the phone, notebooks, and back-and-forth with clients to schedule a single appointment. With Trafft, you can speed up the booking process and save several hours per day. Trafft not only helps you schedule appointments, but it also lets you set up everything to your liking. You can change or remove appointments, look for a specific one in the list, or export the list to a CSV file.

Make an appointment and send it directly to your customers via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or email. Let them pick the date and time that works best for them.

  • Your booking page should show off your services


On your booking page, show off your services in the best way possible. Put services into categories, give each one a name and an image, choose the employees who will provide the service, set the service’s length and price, change the way it looks, and add a description that customers can read to learn more about it.

  • Add extra time before or after the meetings


You can add buffer time if you and your employees need time before or after a service to get ready or clean up. That time slot will then not be available for booking.

Add deposit payments and ask for a certain amount up front from your customers to make sure they show up to their scheduled appointments. You can also add taxes to some services if you need to.

  • Schedule group or repeat appointments


Enable the option for recurring appointments and give your clients the chance to book an appointment that will happen again and again right away. Set up how often you want the appointments to repeat, how many times they can repeat, and everything else that has to do with payments.

With Trafft, you can set the minimum and maximum number of people who can attend a group meeting. And if you want to offer a service to only a few customers, you can turn on the “private service” option and make an appointment for just those customers.

 Set Up Your Employees in a Flexible Way

Make schedules for your employees that are both flexible and clear. All of the staff’s schedules can be managed from one dashboard, or they can make their own plans.
  • Have a clear picture of the schedules for your team


Put the schedules of all your employees on one calendar so you can see at a glance who is where and when. You can set up your employees’ schedules and work hours, give them services and locations, change prices per employee and service, add days off or special days, and manage everything related to your employees with the Trafft dashboard.

  • Sync the calendars of everyone on your team with Trafft to avoid double bookings


Make it easy for your employees to remember when they have appointments. They can link Trafft to their Google or Outlook calendars to avoid making the same appointment twice or missing one. Also, if they offer services online, they can link Trafft to their Zoom or Google Meet accounts.

  • Let your team handle their own schedules


Give each of your employees different roles and permissions, and set up everything you want them to be able to manage and see. You can choose from roles like admin, employee, and super admin that have already been set up, or you can make your own roles with specific permissions. This makes sure that each employee can handle tasks like booking, canceling, or rescheduling appointments on their own, based on the permissions they have been given.

Look After Your Clients

With Trafft’s CRM, you can make lists of customers and keep track of their information. Find out what your customers’ favorite services are, send them birthday greetings or coupons for loyalty, and give them the best experience possible.

  • One dashboard lets you keep track of all your customers


It’s never been easier to make customer lists. With just a few clicks, you can add new customers, and change or delete old ones. You no longer have to look through multiple sheets and documents to find a single name. Just pick the lists you already have and drag and drop them into Trafft. When lists are exported from Trafft, the process is just as easy. This makes it easier to keep track of your customers and saves you hours every day.

  • Get to know your clients well


With Trafft’s customer stats, you can see how many appointments each customer has made and which services and employees they like best. Use this information to send a coupon or birthday greeting to a loyal customer as a surprise. This will help you build relationships that will last.

  • Keep your customers interested and your business will grow


You could get up to 20% more bookings if you let your customers book at any time. When a customer makes an appointment with you, they can sync their calendar with Trafft so they can see all of their appointments at once. You can also increase customer loyalty by sending computerized SMS and email reminders, alerts, and follow-ups and keeping your clients informed every step of the way.

Run a Business with Multiple Locations

You do not require a different tool for each location of your business if you have more than one. With the Trafft appointment scheduling app, you can keep track of all your locations and organize your business in one place.

  • Have one calendar with all your appointments


Add services and available time slots, set up your and your team’s schedules and working hours, and see a daily, weekly, or monthly view of all appointments in one calendar.

If you link your Google or Outlook calendar to Trafft, the times you’ve already scheduled will automatically be marked as unavailable on the Trafft calendar. You can set a minimum amount of time before booking, canceling, or rescheduling an appointment to stop people from doing it at the last minute.

  • Plan meetings in different time zones


Create schedules in your time zone, and when clients book appointments, the available times will show up in their own time zone. This helps keep things clear during the scheduling process and stops misunderstandings or appointments from being missed.

Trafft also works with Zoom and Google Meet, which makes it easy to set up online meetings.

  • Sell more services and make more money


Offer your clients extra services when they book, or give them the option to add extra time or items that can be used with the service they are booking. When a client books an appointment, they will see these extra services that can make the experience better. This way, you can make sure that customers have everything they need for a complete experience.

Pay Money Online

Accept payments via the internet through secure payment platforms, have invoices sent automatically, and get paid easily and on time for your services.

  • Get paid on time and always for the work you do


Every day should be like a payday. Offer online payments and charge for your services through PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and, which are all safe payment gateways. Also, you can rest easy knowing that the data of your customers is completely safe because Trafft comes with highly secure end-to-end encryption and works in accordance with GDPR.

  • Deposit payments can help cut down on no-show


Set up deposit payments to make sure that your customers pay a certain amount in advance and the rest on-site. This keeps customers from missing their appointments and cuts down on the number of cancellations. You can set a fixed or variable deposit amount and apply it to all services or just one.

  • Have a clear picture of what you’re doing


Money has never been easier to handle. The Trafft dashboard makes it easy to see how each service, appointment, customer, and employee is being paid. So, you’ll always know how, where, and when to expect payment. Trafft also gives you an overview of how much money you made during the time period you chose.

  • Match Up Your Schedules

When you connect your Outlook or Google Calendar to Trafft, you can see all of your scheduled appointments in one place. Calendar sync helps you avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings.

  • Cut Down on No-Shows

Cut down on no-shows Don’t waste your time sending yourself reminder texts. Sending automated email, SMS, or WhatsApp reminders to your customers before an appointment will drastically cut down on the number of people who don’t show up.

  • Automatic reminders can cut down on no-shows


You can send automatic SMS, Email, or WhatsApp messages to your clients to let them know how their appointments are going. Send reminders, follow-ups, messages to encourage customer loyalty and other messages based on actions or on a schedule. So, you’ll keep your employees and customers interested and up-to-date, and you’ll avoid any confusion.

  • Connect your tools for getting things done to Trafft


With Trafft’s customer statistics, you can see how many appointments each customer has made and which services and employees they like best. Use this information to send a coupon or birthday greeting to a loyal customer as a surprise. This will help you build relationships that will last.

Find Out How a Business is Doing

With one look at Trafft’s dashboard, you can see how full your business is, how many customers come back, which employees and services are most in demand, and how much money you’ve made.

  • Find out how busy your business is and how much money it makes


When you keep a detailed record of how your business is doing, you can see where it is going and what you can do to boost sales. With just a quick look at the Trafft dashboard, you can see how many appointments were booked, how many were canceled, what the service occupancy rate was, and how much money you made in the time period you chose.

  • Find out how many people come back


The Trafft dashboard gives you useful information about the number of new customers and the percentage of customers who come back. This makes it easy to keep track of your retention rate. You can look at data from up to six months ago and get a full picture of how your customers have changed over time.

  • You can easily find out who your most popular employees and services are


Under the “Performance” section of the Trafft dashboard, it’s easy to see how many bookings and how much money each employee brought in during the period you choose. You can also keep an eye on how full each service is and figure out which one is the most popular in your business.


⇆ Alternatives:

Quick Trafft Review

Trafft is a robust automated booking platform designed for service providers and organizations with multiple customers.

Organizations that want to manage multiple client accounts from a single Trafft interface should upgrade to tier 3.

If you have an agency account, you can customize the booking features to fit your brand, and you can even monitor how well each of your employees or services is doing in terms of bookings.

Clients will be able to quickly find what they need thanks to the granular permissions you can give them.

You can save yourself time and effort by using Trafft because it allows users to set up profiles for appointment management.

Manage several client accounts from a single dashboard that is easy to use.

Trafft lets you sync your Google, Microsoft Outlook, and iOS calendars so that you always have the most up-to-date times and dates.

Are employees far away? With Trafft’s automated time zone management, appointment times will be kept up to date in all time zones.

You can also set buffer periods for meetings automatically and offer group bookings and appointments that happen over and over again.

You’ll also be able to control your hours of operation, days off, and even special days so that you only get booked when you’re available.

Make sure your availability is always up to date by syncing your Google, iOS, and Outlook calendars.

You can change the look and feel of booking sites to match the appearance and feel of your brand or the brand of a client.

Share booking information with a link or QR code on social media and via email. You can also use direct links to offer private services.

Trafft also has smart integrations with tools like WhatsApp, Acumbamail, and Mailchimp, so you can keep your clients updated and start email campaigns easily.

You can change how your booking site looks by using templates that have already been made.

With the Android app for Trafft, business owners and staff members can stay in touch and keep track of appointments from anywhere.

Use the app to see appointments, oversee schedules, check your availability, and reschedule calls from anywhere at any time.

That means you can always get to your schedule, booking information, and customer information, even if you are traveling or working from home.

Use the Android app for Trafft to handle your bookings from anywhere.

The least fast way to grow the company is to make it hard for people to book services with you. (This is not something we recommend.)

Trafft makes it easy to keep track of multiple bookings for customers and staff from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Meet more people, worry less.

Get access to Trafft for life right now!

Trafft Pricing


Trafft Features.

Check.  Access to Trafft for life

Check. All future changes to the Scaling Plan

Check. If the name of the plan changes, the deal will be changed to match the new name of the plan.

Check. No codes, and no stacking, just pick the right plan for you.

Check. You have 60 days from the date of purchase to activate your license.

Check. You can move up or down between 5 levels of license.

Check. In accordance with GDPR

Get Trafft App:

Get on Android:   

Plans Include Features

Check. Services without limits

Check. Getting rid of tire marks

Check. Days set aside for employees

Check. Promo codes

Check. Your own fields

Check. Booking by group

Check. Service add-ons

Check. Integrations include Zoom meetings, synchronization between Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, and Google Meet.

Check. Stripe and PayPal are two ways to pay.

Check. High-security encryption from end to end

Check. Days off work

Check. Website, widget, and iframe to book

Check. Change the order of the steps (custom booking flow)

Check. VAT and billing

Check. SMS and email messages

Trafft – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are the Trafft’s typical users?

The following are typical clients of Trafft:
Small, medium-sized, and independent contractors

Q. Can I use Trafft on a mobile device?

The following devices are supported by Trafft:

Q. Which languages is Trafft compatible with?

The following languages are supported by Trafft:

  • English

Q. With which other applications does Traftt integrate?

Microsoft Outlook, PayPal, Google Analytics 360, Mailchimp Transactional Email, WhatsApp, Zapier, Stripe, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Mailchimp are among the programs that Trafft interfaces with.

Q. What kind of support is provided by Trafft?

Trafft provides the following support channels: chat, knowledge base, phone support, and email/help desk.

Q. Does Trafft provide an API?


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