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LeadRocks | Better Leads For Your Needs

Best B2B Contact Database

LeadRocks Better Leads For Your Needs

With more than 100 million records, emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles, LeadRocks is a reputable B2B contact database and email outreach tool.

You’re only a few clicks away from high-quality leads for your hyper-targeted outreach!

Search leads using the job title, the firm name or website, the location, the industry, and the size of the team.

To bolster your prospecting, upload your CSV into your CRM or any other automated application.

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Why LeadRocks Ai?

  • Super user-friendly

Both experts and those with less expertise can utilize LeadRocks with ease.
Your user experience won’t be frustrating at all

  • The appropriate set of criterion

We designed the solution to address our own needs and problems, and the selection of filters we offer is genuinely useful.

  • Dedicated Assistance

We matched the products to our own interests and problems, so the selection of filters we offer is genuinely useful.

  • New and genuine data

Try LeadRocks to ensure that the coverage criteria will help your business; it provides a respectable global average and high-caliber data accuracy.

  • Safety

We only use information from reputable, authorized sources. Our entire team is trying to make sure the information you have at your disposal only helps you flourish and never originates from shady, unlawful sources.

  • It is now simpler than ever to add enriched data to your CRMs or automation applications.

At a Glance

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Check. Access to LeadRocks for all time

Check. Check for any upcoming Growth Plan revisions

Check.  The deal will be mapped to the new Plan name along with any accompanying revisions if the Plan name changes.

Check.  Your codes must be used within 60 days after purchase.

Check.  Stack countless codes

Plans Include Features

Check. Access to a database of 100 million or more B2B contacts

Check. All of a person’s contact information is revealed with one credit.

Check. Search by job title, employer name or website, place, sector, or team size.

Check.  Adding emails, phone numbers, and other details to LinkedIn URLs

Check.  Keeping contact details in LeadRocks lists

Check.  Export of enhanced records and found data to a CSV

Check.  Free access to webinars and guides

LeadRocks Price



LeadRocks Ai
Spend less time and focus on the negotiations.

LeadRocks is a very easy scraper and data enrichment tool that offers simple but effective capabilities.

Although it looks simple, it can seriously hinder your lead generation efforts.

LeadRocks Better Leads For Your Needs
You may instantly verify your emails on the LeadRocks dashboard.

LeadRocks Lists:

  • Save the results of your search to a new list.
  • Save the results of your enrichment to a new list.
  • Data can be saved in LeadRocks or exported to CSV.
  • To bolster your prospecting, upload your CSV into your CRM or any other automated application.
LeadRocks Better Leads For Your Needs
To find high-quality leads, narrow your search by job title, location, firm name, industry, and team size.

LeadRocks Enrichment:

  • List the URLs of all your LinkedIn profiles.
  • For each profile on your list, retrieve the emails and phone numbers that are stored in our database.
  • In LeadRocks, save results, or export your enriched list to a CSV file.

LeadRocks Prospecting:

  • Find leads using the job title, the firm name or website, the location, the sector, and the team size. Use a single filter or a mix of several filters.
  • For more specific searches, use our suggested searches or insert any own value.
  • One-click will open both emails and phone numbers.
Bring your own email lists for verification; LeadRocks exports are confirmed without charging a credit fee.

Email Outreach:

You can send automated email sequences to the audience of your choice by connecting your Gmail or Outlook account. A CSV list of confirmed LeadRocks contacts is also something you can upload!

The information we offer is sourced exclusively from legitimate and official sources. Utilize our constantly updated and confirmed statistics to inspire your sales team to greater heights.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What filters of LeadRocks can I use for search?

Company name, job title, location, sector of business, and team size are currently available.

Q. Is LeadRocks a legal product?

Yes. LeadRocks only gathers data that is relevant to the business. It is not as sensitive information as, say, bank data or browsing history. LeadRocks doesn’t collect or disclose this kind of information. The entire legal staff is in charge of keeping track of potential legal developments and assuring compliance with GDPR rules.

Q. What is the purpose of Leadrocks?

With LeadRocks, you can avoid manual lead-generating tasks like locating the right contacts to contact and adding their information to your database. It is also a fantastic tool for growing your current contact list.

Sales teams may quickly replace lead generation professionals with LeadRocks, which is highly helpful for them. If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, you can save a ton of time during the first lead generation.

Q. What CRMs does LeadRocks integrate with?

Not yet, not at all. But in the future, we want to take this into account.

Q. How does data enrichment work?

The practice of adding additional prospect data to your current database is known as data enrichment. For instance, you might have a list of potential customers’ emails and look up their LI profiles, or vice versa. The only thing you need to do in this situation is submit the list of emails and select the appropriate tool, which will then crawl all existing databases and add LI profiles next to each email that it was able to locate profiles.

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