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Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2024

The Apple Watch charging stands, power banks, Apple Watch docks, and chargers that we recommend the most.

Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2024

Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2024 are an excellent choice for discerning Apple Watch owners seeking both efficient charging capabilities and aesthetically pleasing design. These charging stands offer the convenience of fast charging while elevating the overall visual appeal beyond the standard disc-shaped charger that accompanies the smartwatch. Fortunately, there is a wide array of options to contemplate, and within this comprehensive guide, we have meticulously curated the cream of the crop.

No matter which of the top-tier Apple Watch models you possess, it is undoubtedly a prudent decision to consider acquiring a charging stand. These charging devices are thoughtfully crafted to exude a sense of minimalism and sleekness, seamlessly blending into the aesthetic of your home. Whether you prefer a tall charging tower adorning your bedside table, a discreet wood finish, or a cutting-edge metallic design, there is an option to suit your personal style and preferences.

Top 7 Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2024

We’ve included Apple Watch charging stands that work with all models, from older ones to the most recent Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. But most of them don’t come with a charging cable, so keep that in mind as you think about your choices. So, here are the best stands to charge your Apple Watch right now.

1. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

The Boring Apple Charging Cable

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

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The Control Option, which serves as the foundation for the rest of the chargers in this collection, features Apple’s renowned Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable that is included with the purchase. The product consists of a sleek pad that securely attaches to the watch, along with a convenient meter-long cable that terminates in a USB-A port.

The cable not only serves its purpose effectively but also comes at an affordable price point. However, it falls short in terms of propping the watch up to function as a convenient nighttime visible clock. Additionally, it has been observed that the cable tends to detach from Apple Watches with even the slightest jostling. In situations where time is of the essence or space is limited, this particular option may prove to be a suitable choice – albeit temporarily – until you have the opportunity to explore the other offerings we have available.

Please take note that the cable is also available in a USB-C variant, catering to the needs of users with USB-C compatible devices. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to choose from a range of lengths, including 0.3m, 1m, and 2m options, ensuring that they can select the cable length that best suits their requirements.


  • Brand: Apple
  • Connector Type: USB Type A
  • Cable Type: USB
  • Special Feature: Lightweight Design, Travel, Magnetic

Reason To Buy 

+ Inexpensive

+ Comes in the box

+ Also available with a microphone

Reason To Avoid

Doesn’t stand the watch up

Easy for watch to slip off

2. OLEBR Charging Station

One Charger for All Apple Devices

OLEBR Charging StationBuy Now on Amazon

If you have an Apple Watch, you almost certainly also have an iPhone, and there’s a good chance you also have AirPods. If you have all three, you should definitely think about getting the OLEBR 3 in 1 Charging Stand, which can charge all three devices at once.

It holds your Apple Watch at an angle that lets you see the screen, so you can use it in Nightstand mode. It works with all Apple Watch sizes, so you can use it with a 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, or 44mm watch.

The OLEBR 3 in 1 Charging Stand is also pretty stylish. It comes in black, rose gold, space grey, or silver, so you should be able to find one that matches your iDevices.


  • Brand: OLEBR
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Type: USB
  • Compatible Devices: Cellular Phones
  • Special Feature: 3 in 1 charging station, charging station for multiple devices

    Reason To Buy 

    + Also supports iPhone and AirPods

    + A selection of colors

    Reason To Avoid

    Bigger than some charging stands

    A bit plain

    3. Satechi USB C Magnetic Charging Dock

Portable Apple Watch Charger
Satechi USB C Magnetic Charging Dock

This little 5W Watch charger from can plug straight into a USB-C charger or a USB-C charging port, like the Thunderbolt on your MacBook or iPad or a USB-C car charger, or a USB-C output power bank.

When you get a warning that your Apple Watch battery is running low, you might not always have your meter-long charging cable with you. However, you are probably closer to a USB-C power outlet, and this small Watch charger can live at the bottom of your back until you need it.


  • Brand: Satechi
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Special Feature: Magnetic
  • Color: Space Gray
  • Amperage: 5 Amps

Reason To Buy 

+ Portable

+ Inexpensive

Reason To Avoid

No Watch fast charge

One use only

4. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

The Dock is Elegant and Official

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Buy Now on Amazon

Who better to turn to than Apple if you want a stylish way to charge your Apple Watch? This official dock is just as simple and stylish as you’d expect from a company like Apple, and it’s a great match for the Apple Watch.

The Watch can be charged flat or on its side. When it’s on its side, it goes into Nightstand mode, which lets you use it as an alarm clock.

The only real problem with this dock is that, like most Apple products, it’s expensive, but if you use a lot of Apple products, you’re probably used to that.


  • Brand: Apple
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Type: USB Type A
  • Compatible Phone Models: Apple Watch
  • Special Feature: Lightweight Design, Travel, Magnetic

Reason To Buy 

+ Elegant design

+ Can charge Watch flat or on its side

+ Also available with a microphone

Reason To Avoid


Only comes in white

5. Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

Best Small 3-in-1 Charger For The Apple Watch

Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

Buy Now on Amazon

This tiny (but heavy) 3-in-1 cube can charge your Apple Watch and other small Apple devices. It is MagSafe certified, so it can wirelessly charge an iPhone 12/13/14 at 15W.

Watch and AirPods charge at a slower 5W, so there is no fast charge for the Watch.

The nice thing about this small charger is that it has three different power options in one tiny device. When not in use, the part that charges the Watch can be hidden inside the Anker Cube.


  • Brand: Anker
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Included Components: Magnetic Wireless Charger
     b Magnetic

Reason To Buy 

+ Charges Watch, iPhone and AirPods

+ 15W MagSafe for iPhone

+ Portable

Reason To Avoid

No Watch fast charge


6. Belkin 2-in-1 Charging Dock

A Costly But Effective Option

Belkin 2-in-1 Charging Dock

Buy Now on Amazon

The Belkin Powerhouse isn’t cheap, but it’s well-designed. You can charge both your Apple Watch and your iPhone with it, and the iPhone works even when it’s in a case because the Lightning connector can be moved in all directions.

The PowerHouse looks sturdy, but it shouldn’t take up too much space, and it’s made to charge your watch and phone quickly.

Disappointingly, Nightstand mode won’t work with this dock because of how it holds your Apple Watch. If you can live without Nightstand mode and the price, though, it’s a great two-in-one option that doesn’t require you to take your phone out of its case.


  • Brand: Belkin
  • Connectivity Technology: Lightning
  • Connector Type: Lightning
  • Compatible Devices: Smartwatches, Smartphones
  • Cable Length: 2 Inches
  • Special Feature: Magnetic

    Reason To Buy 

    + Works even if your phone is in a case

    + Sturdy

    Reason To Avoid

Nightstand mode won’t work with it

Large plug could block other sockets

7. Lamicall Stand for Apple Watch

Direct and Clear
Lamicall Stand for Apple Watch

Buy Now on Amazon

If you just want a simple way to charge your Apple Watch and don’t care too much about extra features, this Lamicall Stand will work. Designed to work with all Apple Watches, all you have to do is put the cable through the hole and set the Watch on top. That’s all there is to it.

Basically, this is a stand for when you don’t need anything too complicated or maybe just want something to use temporarily. It might not be a long-term solution, but its thick aluminum body means it will last as long as you need it to.


  • Brand: Lamicall
  • Compatible Devices: Smartwatches
  • Color: Black
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Wattage: 10 watts

Reason To Buy 

+ Inexpensive

+ Simple design

Reason To Avoid

Almost too simple

Types of Apple Watch Charging Stands

There are various types of Apple Watch charging stands available to cater to different preferences and needs. Here are 8 common types of Apple Watch Charging Stands:

Docking Stations:

These are compact stands that provide a secure place for your Apple Watch to charge. They often have a sleek design and are perfect for bedside or desk use.

Multi-Device Charging Stations:

Some charging stands are designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously, such as an Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods. They help reduce cable clutter and keep your devices organized.

Foldable Stands:

These charging stands are portable and can be folded for easy storage or travel. They are ideal for those who are often on the go and want a convenient charging solution.

Nightstand Mode Stands:

These stands are specifically designed to enable the Nightstand mode on your Apple Watch. They have a horizontal orientation, making it easier to view the time and use your watch as an alarm clock.

Wireless Charging Pads:

Some charging stands use wireless charging technology to charge your Apple Watch. These pads often support Qi wireless charging, allowing you to charge other compatible devices as well.

Bamboo or Wood Stands:

For those who prefer a natural look, bamboo or wood charging stands are available. They add a touch of elegance to your charging setup.

Travel-Friendly Keychain Chargers:

These are compact chargers that can be attached to your keychain, ensuring you always have a way to charge your Apple Watch while on the go.

Adjustable Stands:

These stands allow you to adjust the angle at which your Apple Watch is displayed, making it more versatile for different viewing and charging preferences.

What To Look For While Buying The Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2024

Compatibility with Your Apple Watch Model:

Start by ensuring that the charging stand is compatible with your specific Apple Watch model, whether it’s the latest Series 9, an older generation, or the SE.

Charging Method:

Check whether the stand uses wireless charging or a magnetic connector. Wireless charging stands provide convenience, while magnetic connectors ensure a secure fit.

Material and Build Quality:

Look for stands constructed from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel. High-quality build ensures stability and long-lasting use.

Cable Management:

Choose a stand with effective cable management features to keep your charging cable neat and organized, reducing clutter on your desk or nightstand.


Consider if you want an adjustable stand. Adjustable stands allow you to change the angle of your Apple Watch, making it convenient for viewing notifications or using the Nightstand mode.


If you plan to use the stand while traveling, opt for a portable and lightweight option that can easily be packed and carried with you.

Additional Features:

Some stands come with extra features like USB ports for charging other devices, a built-in alarm clock, or compartments for storing watch bands and accessories.

Design and Aesthetics:

Select a stand that complements your style and the décor of your room. Stands come in various designs, from sleek and modern to natural and rustic.


Ensure the stand has a stable base to prevent your Apple Watch from accidentally falling or getting knocked over, protecting it from potential damage.

Reviews and Ratings:

Prioritize products with positive user reviews and high ratings. These indicators often signify reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

FAQs – Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2024

Q1: What is an Apple Watch charging stand, and why do I need one?

An Apple Watch charging stand is a specially designed accessory that holds your Apple Watch while it charges. It’s more than a convenience; it’s a stylish way to display your watch and ensure it’s always charged and ready to use.

Q2: Are all Apple Watch charging stands compatible with all Apple Watch models?

No, compatibility varies. Make sure to check the product description to ensure that the charging stand you choose is compatible with your specific Apple Watch model.

Q3: Can I use my existing Apple Watch charging cable with a charging stand?

Yes, most charging stands are designed to work with the Apple Watch charging cable that came with your device. You simply thread the cable through the stand for a tidy and organized charging setup.

Q4: Do I need a separate charging cable for the charging stand?

No, you can use your existing Apple Watch charging cable with most stands. Some charging stands even come with a built-in charging cable for added convenience.

Q5: Can I charge multiple devices with a single charging stand?

Some charging stands offer multiple charging ports, allowing you to charge your Apple Watch and other devices like your iPhone or AirPods simultaneously. Be sure to check the stand’s specifications for this feature.

Q6: Do Apple Watch charging stands come with adjustable angles for viewing the watch while charging?

Yes, many stands have an adjustable design, allowing you to change the viewing angle of your Apple Watch. This is especially useful if you want to use the Nightstand mode.

Q7: Are there portable Apple Watch charging stands for travel?

Yes, there are portable and foldable charging stands designed for travel. They are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for charging your Apple Watch while on the go.

Q8: Can I use my Apple Watch in Nightstand mode with a charging stand?

Yes, most charging stands are designed to support Nightstand mode, allowing you to use your Apple Watch as a bedside clock while it charges.

Q9: Are there any special care instructions for Apple Watch charging stands?

Generally, cleaning with a soft, damp cloth is sufficient. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the stand’s surface.

Q10: Where can I purchase the best Apple Watch charging stands in 2024?

You can find a wide selection of Apple Watch charging stands on popular online retailers like Amazon, Apple’s official website, or electronics stores. Be sure to read reviews and check compatibility before making a purchase.


In conclusion, selecting the best Apple Watch charging stand in 2024 is not just about practicality, it’s a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. These stands offer a convenient and stylish way to charge and display your Apple Watch, while also enhancing your overall experience. With compatibility, design, and additional features in mind, you can elevate your charging setup and enjoy the benefits of a well-chosen charging stand.

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