Best GPS Tracking Watch For Adults

This article will help you identify the greatest GPS watches and more to accompany you on your trips.

Best GPS Tracking Watch For Adults

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Looking For the Best GPS Tracking Watch For Adults With Sleek and Stylish Style?

When it comes to the best GPS-tracking watches for adults, there are plenty of options out there. Some people think that a watch is just a piece of jewelry and doesn’t need to be functional. However, the best GPS-tracking watches for adults have features that can assist seniors with their daily lives and could even save their lives in an emergency situation.

Walking is a great way to get some exercise, but it can be hard to keep track of how far you’ve gone and how long it takes. The best GPS tracking watch for adults will make your walks more enjoyable by giving you meaningful data about the distance you walked, the pace at which you did so, and plenty of other statistics that are important for any fitness fanatic. There’s nothing better than knowing what works in order to reach your goals! So read on if this sounds like something that would interest you.

I’m sure we all have those days when we just want to stay home under our covers instead of facing the world outside our front door, especially in winter! While there’s no real reason not to get out of bed, it can be nice to get a little extra motivation. GPS-tracking watches for seniors will give you that boost by allowing you to set daily goals and keep track of your progress toward reaching them.

A Detailed Review on Best GPS Tracking Watch For Adults

There are plenty of smartphones and GPS sports watches on the market today. Brands continually develop new products for new needs. Finding a quality product that fits your requirements requires more than luck. For that reason, we have collected many good choices for you. We have some great watch reviews for all sports lovers: Best Overall Selection.

1. Garmin VENU Sq, GPS Smartwatch

Garmin VENU Sq is a GPS smartwatch that tracks your activity, monitors your health, and connects you to the world around you. The color display includes an always-on mode so you can view it at a glance. The watch features Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology for continuous monitoring of heart rate without wearing a chest strap.

It also has built-in activity tracking, auto goal setting, and more than 15 exercise modes, including yoga and paddle sports. You can use this Garmin smartwatch with the free Connect IQ app store to customize your watch face or data fields.

gps tracking watches for adults

The Garmin VENU Sq is a GPS smartwatch that empowers you to find new ways to keep moving, whether it’s walking or running. It features more than 20 preloaded sports apps, including walking, running, cycling, and swimming. With the Garmin Connect mobile app (for Android and iOS), you can create your own workouts with customized settings for distance, time, or calories burned. The VENU Sq also provides real-time stats on your wrist so you can see your progress as you work out.


  • Supported Application: Sleep Monitor, Contacts, Social Media, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Brand: Garmin
  • Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth

2. Amazfit Bip U Pro GPS Tracker Smartwatch

The Amazfit Bip U Pro SmartWatch is a great fitness watch that comes with an ultra-light design, long battery life, and built-in GPS. The watch can last up to 9 days on one full charge. You will also get precise tracking on your distance, daily step count and calories burned thanks to integrated GPS and GLONASS.

The Smartwatch has a 1.28-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels which is great for outdoor visibility. The best part is that you can use this Amazfit watch with both iOS and Android phones.

best gps watch

This smartwatch is the perfect travel companion, allowing you to relax and enjoy more than a week of travel or work without worrying about chargers. The best GPS watch Amazfit Bip U Pro features an IP68 dust-proof and waterproof rating (up to 50 meters) as well as 9-day battery life. It is equipped with a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen saturation sensor, pedometer, sleep monitoring, stress level meter, and other functions.

The built-in GPS will show your location on the map in real-time and accurately record your running distance and speed. The best part about this Amazfit Bip watch is that it can support music playback directly from the device. The best thing to do would be to download songs on your smartwatch after which you will be able to enjoy them without any disturbance or distractions.


  • Supported Application: Fitness Tracker, Breath Monitor, Alarm, Calendar, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Brand: Amazfit
  • Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth

3. Laxcio 3G Wifi GPS Tracking Smartwatch

Laxcio 3G Wifi GPS Tracking Smartwatch

Laxcido 3G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch, Real-time Tracking GPS Tracker Watch is a wristwatch with a SIM card slot and SOS button. It can make phone calls to any number as well as receive incoming calls. You can also send or receive text messages from the watch. Besides, it has an SOS button for emergency calls and two buttons for controlling music playing on your mobile phone.

The application of this smartwatch can be widely used in daily life, such as running, cycling, climbing, camping, etc.

The Laxcido 3G WiFi Phone Call GPS Smart Watch is a perfect combination of a smartwatch and a tracking device. It can track your location in real time, you can also check the historical route record(footprint) on the map, which will be stored in the system for your future checking.

In addition to that, with the electronic fence function(geo-fence), you can set a safe area around the watch wearer, once he leaves this area, an alarm will be sent to your phone application immediately. You can track multiple watches at the same time in one application.

gps tracking watches for adults

This is a 3G watch with a SIM card slot, that supports voice calls and real-time tracking. It’s very easy to use, just insert the SIM card into the watch and it will connect to the network automatically. You can make phone calls from your wristwatch!

This smartwatch has a built-in microphone and speaker. If you receive a phone call when driving or in some other situation where you cannot answer the call with your smartphone, this smartwatch allows you to answer or reject it directly on your wrist! When there is an incoming call, it vibrates and the name or number of the caller is displayed on its screen.

The best thing about it is that you can make a phone call with your wristwatch! The watch has a very powerful battery, with just one charge you can use this smartwatch for up to 20 days in standby mode. In addition, if the power runs low while you are on the go, just put this watch on its charging dock without having to worry about losing power.


  • Supported Application: Reminders, Phone, Alarm, GPS, Camera, Pedometer
  • Brand: Laxcido
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Cellular, Wi-Fi
  • Operating System: IOS, Android
  • Special Features: This watch works with AT&T, Speedtalk, T-Mobile, and RedPocket

4. Fitbit Versa, Fitness Tracker GPS Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa, Fitness Tracker GPS Smartwatch

This is a great activity tracker! Not only does it track your steps, but also the number of calories you burn throughout the day. This product has many different features to make sure you are staying active and healthy. It has GPS capabilities so you can track how far and fast you run or bike if you want to use this for that purpose.

You can also use it to measure your heart rate during exercise or rest. There are many other features that come with this product such as sleep tracking, reminders to move, guided breathing sessions, notifications from your phone (like texts and calls), and more!

This Fitbit watch is great for anyone trying to get in shape or stay fit. It has a lot of different features that will allow you to track your progress, whether it’s weight loss, building muscle mass, improving cardiovascular health, etc. The best part about this product is its price point because compared with other smartwatches, this is a much more affordable option.

location tracking watch

The Fitbit Versa is a fitness smartwatch with a design that fits your life. You may see your daily stats, heart rate trends, and exercise history on its bright, colorful touchscreen and can also get call, text, and calendar notifications at a glance and stay connected throughout the day using quick replies for Android phone users (iOS support coming soon).

Plus, use SmartTrack to record select exercises without ever pushing any buttons. All-day activity tracking includes steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. And when you want a more comprehensive look at your health, Versa provides personalized guidance, day and night, to help you learn how your activities impact your wellness. Plus it has a battery life of four days!

The Fitbit Versa is a smartwatch with a color touchscreen and interchangeable bands. It tracks your exercise, sleep, and heart rate, plus it has more than 15 preloaded sports apps to choose from. It’s swim-proof (up to 50 meters) and has all-day activity tracking for steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. You can also see notifications from your phone on the watch screen.

The Versa comes in two sizes: small (for wrists 5.5”–6.7”), and large (for wrists 6.7”–xx.0”). You can use the Versa to choose from more than 15 exercise modes, including cardio options like running and biking as well as yoga, interval training, weightlifting, pilates, spinning, martial arts, and boxing. It will automatically recognize your activity after the first use.


  • Supported Application: Weather, Sleep Monitor, Reminders, Voice Assistant, Alexa, Phone, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Connectivity Technology: GPS

5. Cubitt CT4 GPS Smartwatch

Cubitt CT4 GPS Smartwatch

The Cubitt CT4 GPS Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Built-in GPS is a revolutionary smartwatch that combines health and fitness tracking with the latest technology. The CT4 features a built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, stress monitor, and sleep monitor to help you reach your goals.

The CT4 also includes an accelerometer and gyroscope for advanced activity tracking such as steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned throughout the day. Additionally, it has an IP68 rating and is dustproof and waterproof up to 5ATM (50 meters) which means you can take this GPS tracker for adults with you everywhere. The best part about the CT-45 is that it only takes 30 minutes to fully charge and has a battery life of three days!

The Cubitt CT-45 Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker is one of the best watches out today because it includes all sorts of advanced features like built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, and sleep tracker. In addition to that, it’s waterproof up to 50 meters deep which means you can take this best smartwatch for adults and it is a Budget Smartwatch. It has a 30-minute quick charge time and a three-day battery life – pretty impressive compared to other watches on the market.

GPS smartwatch

The Cubitt GPS smartwatch is the next generation of fitness trackers. It combines 14 sports modes with an all-day activity tracker to help you reach your fitness goals. The watch displays time, date, and temperature in a large, easy-to-read display. The smartwatch has a built-in accelerometer sensor that allows you to track distance traveled, record steps, get calories burned, and review active minutes including pace.

Your workout progress can be viewed from our app by choosing between Outdoor / Indoor running, Indoor / Outdoor walking, Outdoor cycling, Spinning bike, Rowing machine, Hiking, Skiing / Snowboarding.

This is a wireless smartwatch. It can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive notifications on the watch face including incoming calls, text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates, or emails. You can use it for tracking your exercise goals – steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. The built-in GPS allows you to track how far and where you run or walk so that you can monitor your progress toward achieving any running goals.


  • Brand: Cubitt Tracking Technologies
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible devices: Smartphones
  • Screen Size: 1.28 Inches

6. SoundPEATS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

The SoundPEATS smartwatch is a Smartwatch under 50 that touts style, functionality, and affordability into one package. This smartwatch is a great fit for any fitness enthusiast. With all the necessary fitness tracking features and high-tech design, this smartwatch accurately records your steps and other exercise patterns. You can also set up 12 sports modes to help you track your other exercise patterns.

Best GPS Tracking Watch For Adults

The waterproof design allows you to get the most from your workouts by tracking your swims, runs, and cycling sessions. It also has a stylish design that you will love. You can connect it to your iPhone and Android phones via Bluetooth and get important notifications on your watch. 


  • Supported Application: Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Phone, Heart
  • Rate Monitor
  • Brand: SoundPEATS
  • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen
  • Screen Size: 1.4 Inches
  • Water Resistance: Level Waterproof.

7. COROS APEX Premium Multisport GPS Watch

COROS APEX Premium Multisport GPS Watch

Buy Now on Amazon

When it comes to a multisport GPS watch that can do it all, the COROS APEX is at the top of its game. With features like activity tracking, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and even built-in music storage, this watch has everything you need to take your workouts to the next level. Add in the fact that it’s water-resistant up to 100 meters and you’ve got a watch that can handle anything you throw at it.

If you’re looking for a multisport GPS watch that can do it all, the COROS APEX is the watch for you. this watch has everything you need to take your workouts to the next level and help you push your boundaries.


  • Brand: Coros
  • Color: 46mm Black/Grey
  • Are Batteries Included: Yes
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Human Interface Input: Buttons
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH1.91 x 1.91 x 0.54 inches
  • Map Type: Satellite

Why There Is A Need For GPS Tracking Watches?

These days, a GPS-tracking watch for adults comes with tons of features. Here are some reasons to get one:

  • Parents can know the live location of their kids anytime and everywhere they go! You won’t have to worry about missing those important moments anymore because your children will always be within view on this wristwatch.
  • Senior citizens can get the best GPS tracking watch that comes with a medical alert system to allow them to call for help in emergency situations or from any location.
  • Seniors living alone and having trouble getting around easily will appreciate the best GPS watches because they provide peace of mind by letting you know your loved ones are safe.
  • The best thing about GPS tracking watches is When we need to send an emergency SOS message it only takes seconds before someone gets there (in case something happens).
  • It has other great benefits too like providing map data which helps you navigate easily no matter where in town or the countryside that surrounds you.
  • Fitness trackers are everywhere these days. The newest and most cutting-edge devices can connect wirelessly with your phone, giving you an accurate read on how many steps we’ve taken today!
  • They also come equipped with all sorts of marketable features like social media apps or voice calling capabilities so that life doesn’t have to be dull without them around (I mean who could survive such bleakness).

Factors To Consider When Buying A GPS Tracking Watch For Your Loved Ones:

A GPS tracker is a great way to help with the care of your aging parents. It can be used in several different ways, from verifying their location and making sure they don’t wander off or get lost while away from home without telling anyone where you are going on vacation for instance!

You should look at many factors before getting one yourself- such as price range, the size needed etcetera but if it’s something that interests then keep reading below because we’ve got more information about some excellent products available right now:

Type Of Device:

There are a variety of GPS trackers for seniors. Some prefer the discretion and ease-of-use that comes with wearing one as an elegant necklace, others want something more conventional like a bracelet or watch instead. The type you choose will depend on what your loved one needs from their device; if they’re looking to be discreet then there’s no need for anything bulky since this sort can easily slip under clothing, unlike other types which stick out prominently due to its shape (though some people still wear them around their neck).

GPS capabilities:

If you need a GPS tracker that can track nationwide, opt for more expensive conventional models as they offer better coverage and tracking range than their less-expensive counterparts. There are also basic options if only a short distance is required!

Size option:

There are devices available in many different sizes, but if your senior’s wrist is too thin for bulky options then consider the best GPS tracker watch instead. These come with a variety of sleek designs that can be worn on wrists or around necks without any problems!


You’ll want to make sure it’s compatible with your phone by checking the compatibility list before buying a GPS-tracking watch. Some watches may be able to sync via Bluetooth, while others will need a USB cable connection in order for you to get the best possible signal and accuracy from this device. If you have an Android phone, your best GPS-tracking watch is likely to be this one.

Monthly Fees:

For many people, the monthly fee incurred by a GPS tracker is one of their biggest concerns. After all, it can be difficult on your wallet when you’re already struggling to make ends meet! However not only are their trackers with no upfront costs or low introductory pricing periods; some even come equipped with unlimited updates – which means you will never need to pay another penny again as long as this device has internet access (which most do).

A lot of consumers might think they don’t want something that needs attention from time to time in order to remain updated but these devices provide peace of mind knowing full well what’s happening at home 24/7 without ever being contactable should anything occur while they’re away.

Additional Features:

The GPS tracker is a great way to keep tabs on your pet. They have been known not only as an excellent device for monitoring their movement but also contain some handy features that can help you out in case they get lost or wander off too far from home! For example, these watches often double up as fitness monitors which provide metrics such as steps taken per day and calories burned with the goal being healthier living overall; there’s even two-way calling so they’re never really gone when we need them most – plus audio surveillance if needed (though this last item might be more useful displayed remotely instead).

Which smartwatch has the most accurate GPS?

The best GPS watches on the market are the Garmin VENU and the Fitbit Versa.

What watch can track location?

How do GPS watches work? A GPS Watch is a type of watch that provides GPS information to help people locate themselves in real time. Often these devices also include numerous tracking devices and sensors to provide users with a more accurate experience.


The best GPS-tracking smartwatches for adults can be found on the web, but we’ve done all of the hard work and research to make it easier. We’ve compiled a list of six different watches that offer excellent features like long battery life and water resistance so you don’t have to worry about your watch getting damaged in tough conditions. To find out more information about which one is right for you, check out our article now!

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