How to Use New Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

How to Use New Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger
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Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

A picture is worth a thousand words, and also sometimes it can be very entertaining.

In July, Facebook Messenger introduced a new way to communicate with friends on the app: Soundmojis. These Emojis make sounds when sent within the chat app For example if you want your hands clapping emoji to come with some uproarious applause that will have everyone in stitches!


Facebook engineers have taken on an interesting new project: emojis that make noise. This way, you can be sure the person receiving your messages knows exactly what emotion you are feeling without even having to read them! 30 different sounds were designed for use with these types of emojis so there is a sound to suit any mood or occasion and they’re all only one click away.

Soundmojis gives users the chance to be creative with their messages. Sound clips can range from a simple ‘Billie Eilish’ voice clip to an actual song that plays when someone sends it. It’s fun for people who are interested in being more original and funny on social media without using words or memes all day long!

Might you soon be hearing more soundmojis in your Facebook or Instagram feed? Soundmojis are only on Messenger for now, but with the recent integration of backends and inter-platform messaging between Facebook’s social media sites (Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram), it is possible.

So it’s possible that Soundmoji could show up more elsewhere soon!

How to Use New Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

  1. Allow Facebook Messenger access to your phone’s microphone in your phone’s settings. Go to Settings on an iPhone, then scroll down and tap the Messenger app.
  2. Open a conversation in Facebook Messenger.
  3. Get a good laugh by clicking the smiley face icon in the right corner!
  4. This will open a menu with four tabs in the app’s lower half.
  5. Clicking the speaker icon will take you to a list of soundmojis. Scroll through and test each one by clicking on it to hear what they all sound like!
  6. Once you’ve selected a soundmoji for testing, it will appear larger in the center of your screen. You can hear that test again by clicking; if you’re sure this is what you want to use to express yourself, click on “send” under the button below your selection.
  7. The soundmoji will appear in the chat, but it won’t play on its own. You’ll need to click on it before you hear anything!

How Do Soundmojis Work?

Soundmojis is a new way to engage with your favorite emojis. With soundmojis, you can add an audio clip that goes along with the emoji! For example, clapping is paired up with matching sounds of hands hitting together.

And to top it all off, Soundmoji also features some audio clips from popular movies and TV shows. Some of these are Brooklyn Nine-Nine from NBC and Universal Television, Bridgerton, Netflix Original

Facebook is not going to stop making Soundmoji. Every day, the library will be updated with new sounds and more innovative features that you have never heard of before!

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