Facebook Workplace will no longer be Free from Starting February 2021,

Starting February 2021, Facebook Workplace will no longer be free
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Facebook has come up with rather a surprising announcement of removing its Workspace free access option. Perhaps, initially, it was rolled out for free to increase the number of users on the platform and make it popular.

According to Facebook, this step is taken to maintain the high-quality product experience as the number of users have grown using the product. With effect from February 2021, Workplace Essential will no longer be free.

Amid COVID-19, when a lot of businesses were struggling to keep up with remote workers, Workplace saw the ratio growing up from three million users in October 2019 to five million during May 2929. The collaboration product has video chat rooms, groups, and many other features aimed to make the working environment as close to the physical working environment.

Facebook is going to ask all of the businesses who have subscribed to the Essential plan to upgrade to the paid option. Facebook also has an exciting offer for existing businesses, if any business decides to upgrade their plan before the given deadline, Facebook will unveil additional features like Live Chat support, Insights, and Single-Sign-On.

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