Gene Deitch Left The World Today

Gene Deith left the world today at the age of 95
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Gene Deitch left the world today at the age of 95

Man who made our childhood awesome RIP Mr. Gene Deitch Passed away on Thursday night according to a report, and he was found at his apartment in Prague. info has been revealed on what actually killed Gene Deitch.

Tributes For Gene Deitch Floods The Social Media Community.

Za sve nas koje je radovao svakodnevno u 19.15h:
u 95. godini umro je Gene Deith, autor crtanih filmova o Tom i Džeriju.
Putuj u miru, hvala za dečiju radost.

— Владимир Rajković (@kratkoijasno) April 20, 2020

Thank you gene papa for making my days awesome
Rest in peace Gene Deith 💐@TomAndJerryFans

— Archana Gnanaseelan (@archana_g72530) April 20, 2020

Thank you #GeneDeith i was glad born before you died and forever grateful with this endless childhood memories #tom&jerry. cant get over it 😭

— grace fransisca (@gfsiscaaa_) April 20, 2020

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