How To Sleep Better – Why You’re Having Vivid Dreams And Night Terror During The Quarantine.

Why You’re Having Vivid Dreams And Night Terror During The Quarantine.

 The pandemic of COVID-19 has made even the sleep feel stressful.

Many people are dealing with sleep right now, from intense hallucinations and nightmares to elevated rates of insomnia.

This makes sense, because “we are wired to stay awake in the face of danger,” a clinical psychologist says. “In that way, it’s normal to have struggles with sleep throughout all kinds of difficult situations.”⁠

The challenge right now is that the threat of a global pandemic is not so “tangible,” they add. Often when people go through a stressful situation, their sleep improves when the problem resolves. ⁠

But it’s not clear when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, and life will go back to normal.

Why your dreams are so vivid

“If you are spending two hours in front of on the news media, or you end up reading about COVID-19 before bed, it’s pretty likely that that’s going to come up in your dreams at night,” Martin says. On the flip side, if you’re engaged with something that’s more neutral or even pleasant, those themes are more likely to present in your dreams.

How to sleep sounder and have fewer nightmares

About half an hour before you want to go to bed, do something relaxing that you wouldn’t mind dreaming about: read a book, talk to your family or look at photos of past vacations, for example.”You can also have a positive impact on your dream stuff,” 


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