Trouble Sleeping? Expert Shares 3 Steps To A Good Night’s Rest

Trouble Sleeping? Expert Shares 3 Steps To A Good Night's Rest

A bad night’s sleep can be stressful, damage our physical and mental wellbeing and impair our performance in day-to-day tasks.⁠

“The biggest mistake people make is trying to force it,” sleep expert James Wilson says.⁠

According to Wilson, dissociating stress from sleep is key to getting a full night’s rest — but this can be difficult for those who are daunted by the prospect of yet another sleepless night.⁠

“If you’re in bed for more than 30 minutes, get up and listen to the radio, read a book, or use a meditation app, then try again,” he says.⁠

From taking the stress out of sleep to committing to a routine, he shares 3 steps anyone can take to help prevent sleep deprivation,

  1. Commit to a routine
  2. Remove the stress from sleep
  3. Wind down

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