Netflix Released Its Subscriber Figures – Netflix Has Replaced TV As The Center Of American Culture

It’s Netflix’s world. We’re all just living in it

Netflix’s subscriber growth was in the first quarter. The numbers were massive – as you might expect in a new society where so many people are stuck at home. Netflix now has more than 183 million global customers after adding more than 15 million in the quarter.

The subscription video service also released figures on how many households watched some of its hit shows, and the numbers dropped: 85 million households watched for at least two minutes of Netflix’s original movie “Spenser Confidential.” 65 million households checked out Spanish language series “La Casa de Papel,” also known as “Money Heist.” 64 million people watched “Tiger King.” It used to be that broadcast television was culture’s bedrock. 

The highest-rated TV shows of all time — “Seinfeld,” “American Idol,” “M*A*S*H” — and the highest-rated TV mini-series of all time — “The Thorn Birds,” “Roots” — all aired on broadcast networks.

But now, the American zeitgeist is Netflix. Will the company’s number remain strong once stay-at-home orders are lifted?

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