The Best Turntables 2024

The top vinyl record players and turntables currently available

The Best Turntables 2024

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The Best Turntables 2024

Experience the unparalleled magic of music with the finest turntables available in the market. These exceptional devices have the power to elevate your listening experience, imbuing your favorite tracks with newfound smoothness and richness. With their ability to infuse an authentic analog style, these turntables are sure to captivate your senses and transport you to a world of sonic bliss.

Nowadays, a plethora of cutting-edge record players boast an array of advanced audio technologies. These state-of-the-art devices are equipped with USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities, and built-in WiFi connectivity. As a result, they seamlessly integrate with your existing audio technology or smart home devices, providing a truly immersive and convenient listening experience.

In the current era of resurgent vinyl sales, it is widely acknowledged among music enthusiasts that the unparalleled auditory experience offered by a record player is truly incomparable. Indulging in the timeless pleasure of selecting a cherished vinyl record, delicately extracting it from its protective sleeve, and gently positioning it onto the rotating platter of a turntable, evokes an innate sense of pure delight.

As the delicate needle gracefully descends upon the grooves of the vinyl, a captivating journey awaits, transporting you to a realm beyond the confines of your immediate surroundings. Not only does engage in this activity offer a wholly distinct experience, but there are individuals who adamantly argue that it fosters a heightened sense of intimacy with the talented creators behind the music.

Top Best Turntables 2024

1. Audio-Technica Automatic Turntable

Best Cheap Turntable

Audio-Technica Automatic Turntable

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The Audio-Technica turntable is an excellent choice for those who are just beginning their journey into the world of vinyl. With its impressive features and reliable performance, it has all the qualities that make it a perfect option for any fledgling vinyl enthusiast.

Audio-Technica, a renowned brand in the audio industry, has built a solid reputation for manufacturing top-notch cartridges. The cartridge employed in this particular vinyl player is a prime example of their commitment to excellence.

For those seeking an affordable option or those with occasional usage in mind, the Audio-Technica turntable with Bluetooth proves to be a compelling choice. The device effortlessly complements your preferred Bluetooth speakers, rendering it an ideal choice for situations where the presence of wires could pose a hindrance.

For optimal analog audio quality, it is recommended to connect the device to a physical stereo system, leveraging its built-in phono preamp. This ensures a direct transmission of the audio signal, bypassing any potential degradation that may occur when utilizing Bluetooth technology, which involves digital conversion. By utilizing the device’s analog capabilities, users can experience the highest fidelity audio reproduction.

However, when it comes to wireless functionality, the LP60 proves to be more than capable for individuals who are just beginning to explore the world of turntables.


  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Connectivity: Technology Wireless
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 45 RPM
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Wireless
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Model Name: AT-LP60XBT-RD

Reason To Buy 

+ Easy to use and set up

+ Impressive phono stage module

+ Great value for money

Reason To Avoid

Materials feel a bit cheap

Sleep data is paid after one year.

2. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable

The Best Turntable Overall

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable

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For those seeking an unparalleled auditory experience, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo record player is a must-have. This remarkable device allows you to indulge in the exquisite richness of vinyl while ensuring that not a single morsel of audio detail goes unnoticed.

The Debut range of record players by Pro-Ject has undergone a series of refinements, upgrades, and price adjustments. The Debut Carbon Evo stands out as the epitome of refinement, boasting a host of upgrades that elevate it above its Project counterparts.

With its enhanced features and meticulous attention to detail, this model promises an unparalleled level of enjoyment for discerning audiophiles.

If you possess the means and desire to acquire the finest turntable that money can offer, do not allow the price to dissuade you. When it comes to specifications, this product truly justifies its price.

With its cutting-edge motor design, automatic speed change feature, enhanced performance and ergonomics, and a wide selection of nine exquisite finishes, it offers exceptional value for your investment.


  • Brand: Pro-Ject Audio Systems
  • Connectivity: Technology Wired
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 75 RPM
  • Included Components: cover
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Item Weight: 13.2 Pounds
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: High Gloss Black
  • Model Name: Debut Carbon EVO

Reason To Buy 

Detailed, expansive, engaging sound

+ Impressive specification

+ Impressive finesse

Reason To Avoid

Could sound more vigorous

3. Fluance RT81 Turntable

Best Mid-Priced Turntable

Fluance RT81 Turntable

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The Fluance RT81 is widely regarded as an exceptional choice for those venturing into the world of turntables. The reason behind this can be attributed to several factors. The setup and usage of this product are designed to be user-friendly, particularly for individuals who are new to this technology.

One notable feature is the ability to easily replace the cartridge, allowing users to enhance the performance of the product at a later stage. Rest assured, there is no need for concern regarding the acquisition of a separate phono preamp.

The Fluance RT81 not only delivers exceptional audio quality, but it also possesses an undeniable aesthetic appeal that is sure to captivate any discerning audiophile. Its stunning design is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Fluance has become renowned for.

The sleek lines and elegant curves of this turntable effortlessly blend form and function, creating a visually striking piece that will effortlessly elevate any home audio setup. So, while the audio performance of the Fluance RT81 is undoubtedly impressive, its sheer beauty is an equally compelling reason to consider adding this exquisite turntable to your collection. 

The Fluance RT81 boasts an impressive feature that sets it apart from its competitors – the highly convenient “auto-off” functionality. This innovative feature intelligently shuts off the platter, effectively preventing any unnecessary wear and tear on the needle.

However, it is worth noting that the user is still required to manually return the arm to its resting position. While this may require a small effort on the user’s part, it ensures the utmost care and protection for your precious vinyl collection.


  • Brand: Fluance
  • Connectivity: Technology Wired
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Wood
  • Item Weight: 14.1 Pounds
  • Style: Retro
  • Color: Walnut
  • Model Name: Elite
  • Compatible Devices: Speaker

Reason To Buy 

+ Great sound for the price

+ Decent sounding phono preamp

Reason To Avoid

Poor vibration damping

No auto returning tonearm

4. Denon DP-300F Turntable

Best Full-Automatic Turntable

Denon DP-300F Turntable

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The Denon DP-300F is an exquisite turntable that not only boasts a visually stunning design but also delivers an exceptional audio experience. When it comes to turntables, the Denon DP-300F is a standout choice that deserves a prominent spot at the very top of your list.

The remarkable features of this product ensure that you can indulge in the pleasure of listening to your cherished vinyl records without any delay or hassle. Say goodbye to the tedious task of dealing with intricate components and manually queuing up your records. With this innovative device, you can dive into the world of vinyl music effortlessly and promptly.

Although the DSN-85 cartridge included may not be the epitome of accuracy, it still possesses the remarkable ability to infuse your music with an ethereal quality and a commendable level of detail. In terms of performance, it undeniably offers excellent value for its price point. In order to truly immerse yourself in the intricacies of sound, a more substantial investment will be required.

The turntable in question remains an excellent choice for individuals seeking a convenient solution to avoid the hassle of manually queuing their albums or for those prone to dozing off during their music-listening sessions.

With Denon’s innovative automatic start/stop feature, you can bid farewell to the worry of needle wear and tear at the conclusion of your vinyl listening experience.

This cutting-edge technology ensures that the tonearm promptly returns to its resting position as soon as an album reaches its end. Say goodbye to unnecessary needle wear and hello to a longer lifespan for your cherished vinyl collection.


  • Brand: Denon
  • Connectivity: Technology Wired
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 12.1 Pounds
  • Style: Analog Turntable
  • Color: Black
  • Motor Type: DC Motor
  • Signal: Format Analog

Reason To Buy 

+ Fully automatic

+ Great sound for the price

Reason To Avoid

Plastic build

Buttons feel cheap

5. Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable

Best Bluetooth Turntable

Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable

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If you are seeking a remarkably hassle-free introduction to the realm of vinyl, we highly recommend considering this exceptional Sony turntable.

Boasting fully automatic operation, this device is certainly worthy of a thorough evaluation. The setup process is incredibly straightforward and hassle-free. Gone are the days of struggling to fit and align a cartridge, adjust the tracking force, or set the anti-skate.

With this turntable, all you need to do is place the belt around the motor pulley, and you’re ready to embark on a seamless spinning experience. In addition to its core features, this product boasts the added convenience of a built-in phono stage and Bluetooth connectivity, making it a highly desirable choice for consumers.

In today’s ever-evolving market of record players, where newer models with integrated Bluetooth streaming capabilities are making waves, it’s worth noting that the Sony record player stands out as a top performer.

Even with the emergence of high-resolution wireless options like the Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2, Sony manages to maintain its position as the go-to choice for those seeking a winning combination of performance and affordability.

The Sony audio device offers a captivating blend of drive and attack, infusing the music with vibrant energy. Its remarkable ability to uncover intricate details and reveal the depths of emotion ensures a captivating listening experience that keeps the audience fully engaged.

The PS-LX310BT offers the convenience of pairing with up to eight Bluetooth devices, allowing you to effortlessly connect and enjoy your music. During our rigorous testing, we were pleased to discover that the connection remained robust even when we ventured into another room, demonstrating its impressive range.


  • Brand: Sony
  • Connectivity: Technology Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 45 RPM
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 7.9 Pounds
  • Style: turntable
  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: PSLX310BT

Reason To Buy 

+ Entertaining sound

+ Easy to use

+ Bluetooth

Reason To Avoid

At this low cost, the sound can be improved

Types of Best Turntables 2024

In 2024, the best turntables come in various types, each offering unique features and capabilities for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Here are the types of best turntables available:

Belt-Drive Turntables:

Belt-drive turntables use a rubber belt to connect the motor to the turntable’s platter. This design reduces vibrations and motor noise, resulting in more accurate and smooth playback. Belt-drive turntables are ideal for home listening and are often favored by audiophiles for their superior sound quality.

Direct-Drive Turntables:

Direct-drive turntables have the platter directly connected to the motor, eliminating the need for a belt. They offer better torque and stability, making them suitable for DJing and scratching. Modern direct-drive turntables often include features like pitch control and reverse playback for versatility in various applications.

Manual Turntables:

Manual turntables require the user to manually start and stop the rotation of the platter and manually lift and place the tonearm on the record. While they require more involvement from the user, some audiophiles prefer manual turntables for their sense of control and interaction with the music.

Automatic Turntables:

Automatic turntables feature automation, allowing the user to press a button to start the rotation, move the tonearm onto the record, and return it to its resting position automatically at the end of the play. This convenience is popular among casual listeners who prefer ease of use.

Semi-Automatic Turntables:

Semi-automatic turntables combine some automation with manual operation. They typically require the user to manually start the rotation of the platter and place the tonearm on the record, but the tonearm will return to its resting position automatically after the record finishes playing.

USB Turntables:

USB turntables feature a built-in USB port that allows users to connect the turntable to a computer or laptop. This feature enables the digitization of vinyl records, converting analog audio into digital formats for archiving and playback on digital devices.

Vintage Turntables:

Vintage turntables are older models from previous decades that have been refurbished or maintained in good condition. They often have a classic aesthetic and can offer a warm, nostalgic sound. Vintage turntables are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

High-End Audiophile Turntables:

High-end audiophile turntables are precision-engineered and designed for the highest level of audio fidelity. They feature high-quality components, precision machining, and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver exceptional sound reproduction. These turntables are usually expensive but provide an unmatched listening experience for dedicated audiophiles.

What To Look for While Buying The Best Turntables 2024

When buying the best turntables in 2024, several essential factors should be considered to ensure you make a well-informed and satisfying purchase. Here’s what to look for:

Build Quality and Materials:

Opt for turntables constructed with high-quality materials, such as metal or sturdy plastic, for durability and longevity. Look for precision engineering and craftsmanship to ensure smooth operation and minimize vibrations that could affect sound quality.

Drive Type:

Choose between belt-drive and direct-drive turntables based on your intended use. Belt-drive turntables are excellent for home listening and offer minimal motor noise, while direct-drive turntables are suitable for DJing and offer superior torque and stability.


Ensure the turntable offers both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds to play various vinyl records. Some turntables also support 78 RPM for playing older, vintage records. The ability to switch between speeds allows you to enjoy a wide range of vinyl collections.

Tonearm Quality:

Check the tonearm’s build quality and design, as it plays a crucial role in tracking the record grooves accurately. Look for adjustable counterweights and anti-skating features to optimize tracking force and minimize distortion.

Cartridge and Stylus:

Consider the type of cartridge and stylus included with the turntable. High-quality cartridges and styluses can significantly impact sound quality and fidelity. Some turntables come with pre-installed cartridges, while others allow for cartridge upgrades.


Choose a turntable with a heavy, stable platter, as it helps maintain consistent rotational speed and reduces unwanted vibrations. Turntables with heavier platters often provide better sound quality and overall performance.

Phono Preamp:

Check if the turntable has a built-in phono preamp or if it requires an external one. Built-in preamps are convenient for connecting directly to powered speakers or receivers without a dedicated phono input.

Connectivity Options:

Consider the turntable’s connectivity options, such as USB, RCA, or Bluetooth. USB turntables allow for digitizing vinyl records, while Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless streaming to compatible speakers or headphones.

Ease of Use:

Look for turntables with user-friendly features, simple setup procedures, and clear operating instructions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced audiophile, an easy-to-use turntable enhances your overall enjoyment.

Price and Reviews:

Compare prices and read customer reviews to gauge the overall satisfaction and performance of the turntable you are considering. Customer feedback provides valuable insights into the real-world experiences of other users.

FAQs – The Best Turntables 2024

Q: What is the difference between belt-drive and direct-drive turntables?

A: Belt-drive turntables use a rubber belt to connect the motor to the platter, reducing vibrations and motor noise for better sound quality. Direct-drive turntables have the platter directly connected to the motor, offering more torque and stability, making them suitable for DJing and scratching.

Q: Do I need to buy a separate phono preamp for my turntable?

A: It depends on the turntable. Some turntables have a built-in phono preamp, while others require an external one. Built-in preamps are convenient for connecting the turntable directly to powered speakers or receivers without a dedicated phono input.

Q: Can I play different vinyl record sizes on a turntable?

A: Yes, most turntables support both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds, allowing you to play standard 12-inch LPs and 7-inch singles. Some turntables also offer 78 RPM speed for playing vintage records.

Q: What is the importance of the turntable’s cartridge and stylus?

A: The cartridge and stylus are crucial components that track the record grooves and convert them into electrical signals. High-quality cartridges and styluses can significantly impact sound quality and fidelity, making them essential for a superior listening experience.

Q: Can I upgrade the cartridge on my turntable?

A: Yes, many turntables allow cartridge upgrades. Swapping out the cartridge can improve sound quality and cater to individual preferences. However, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with the turntable’s tonearm and make adjustments if necessary.

Q: Are turntables with USB connectivity worth considering?

A: Turntables with USB connectivity are beneficial if you want to digitize your vinyl records. They allow you to connect the turntable to a computer and convert analog audio into digital formats for archiving and playback on digital devices.

Q: What type of turntable is suitable for a beginner audiophile?

A: For beginner audiophiles, a quality belt-drive turntable with a decent cartridge and stylus offers an excellent starting point. Look for turntables that are user-friendly, have built-in preamps, and provide a good balance of performance and affordability.

Q: Are vintage turntables a good option in 2024?

A: Vintage turntables can be a viable option if well-maintained or refurbished. They offer a classic aesthetic and may appeal to collectors and enthusiasts. However, it’s essential to check for operational conditions, availability of replacement parts, and the potential need for servicing.

Q: Can I use a turntable with Bluetooth to connect to wireless speakers?

A: Yes, turntables with Bluetooth connectivity allow you to stream audio wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth speakers or headphones, providing a convenient and clutter-free setup.

Q: What should I consider when setting up and calibrating my turntable for optimal performance?

A: Proper turntable setup and calibration are essential for optimal performance. Factors like leveling the turntable, setting the tracking force and anti-skating correctly, and ensuring proper cartridge alignment are crucial for achieving the best sound quality.


The best turntables of 2024 offer a diverse range of options, catering to audiophiles, music enthusiasts, and casual listeners alike. Whether you prefer the precision of a belt drive, the versatility of a direct drive, or the convenience of USB connectivity, there is a turntable to suit every taste and preference. Embrace the timeless charm of vinyl records and elevate your music experience with the finest turntables available in 2024.

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