The Best DAB Radios

The greatest DAB radios available for your money

Best DAB Radios

DAB radios have evolved to keep up with the times, and despite what some people may believe, listening to music and the news on the radio in the house is still a very common practice.

Therefore, if you are one of the many people who tune in to the radio on a daily basis, you are going to be interested in learning which DAB radios on the market are considered to be the best. This list will assist you in getting started on the search for a new radio by providing a variety of options that span a range of price points and include bedside radios, portable radios, and radios that can also function as high-fidelity sound systems.

We do evaluations on how things sound, but we also keep them in our homes and put them to use just as anyone else would have a knowledge of how they function in the context of the real world. To help you determine the degree of performance you are getting, we are going to examine the many features that they offer and determine whether or not they live up to the claims made by the manufacturer.

The sound quality of a DAB radio may be impressive, even competing with that of music systems in some circumstances. As an added bonus, radios can often be stylish, so if you want a radio that complements the design of your space, we have several alternatives for you to select from in this regard.

Top 5 Best DAB Radios

1. Roberts Rev-Uno Retro

Best Retro DAB Radio

Roberts Rev-Uno Retro DAB Radio

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When it comes to selecting the perfect DAB radio for your kitchen, the Roberts Rev-Uno Retro stands out as a top contender. With its exceptional sound quality and visually appealing design, it is hard to find a better option on the market. Introducing a captivating blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality, behold the retro-styled DAB/FM radio that exudes a museum-like charm reminiscent of the glorious 1950s era.

This remarkable device seamlessly bridges the gap between the past and the present, as it tastefully incorporates a generously sized color LCD display and cutting-edge Bluetooth technology for effortless streaming from your cherished smartphones. Prepare to embark on a delightful auditory journey that effortlessly combines the allure of yesteryears with the convenience of contemporary innovation.

The clock radio’s substantial dimensions may prove to be a tad excessive for the standard bedside table. Additionally, the placement of the vibrant color LCD display atop the cabinet may not be ideal, thereby compromising its functionality as a flawless clock radio. The speaker cabinet of this product is skillfully crafted with a faux leather covering, adding a touch of elegance to its wooden exterior.

With its remarkable ability to deliver an ample amount of mid-range and bass, this speaker ensures a warm and inviting audio experience, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen or bookshelf set. Indeed, while this product boasts impressive features, it does have a few drawbacks worth mentioning. Firstly, its size is rather bulky, which may be a concern for those seeking a more compact option.

Additionally, it is important to note that this device does not come equipped with an internal rechargeable battery. Therefore, in order to enjoy its portability, one must rely on four AA batteries. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the Bluetooth streaming capabilities of this product may not meet the expectations of some users, as they may find it to be underwhelming.


  • Brand: Roberts Radio
  • Color: Black
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Radio Bands Supported: FM
  • Display Type: LCD

Reason To Buy

+ Retro styling

+ Warm and detailed sound

Reason To Avoid

Bulky size

Bluetooth streaming lacks volume

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2. Tivoli Model One Digital Gen 2

Best Premium DAB Radio

Tivoli Model One Digital Gen 2 DAB Radio

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The Model One Digital Generation 2 boasts an exquisite design that seamlessly blends in with any setting. With its fabric grille, antenna, and real-wood finish, this remarkable device resembles a conventional radio at first glance. However, appearances can be deceiving.

At its very essence, the Tivoli embodies the essence of internet radio, seamlessly integrating the power of DAB+/FM technology while also embracing the latest advancements such as Chromecast, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth connectivity. These remarkable features serve as invaluable companions, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring a seamless connection to various audio sources.

The Tivoli Model One Digital Generation 2 is an exquisite digital radio that boasts a wide array of impressive features. While it may come with a higher price tag, its exceptional quality and functionality make it well worth the investment.


  • Brand: Tivoli Audio
  • Model Name: Model One Digital Generation 2
  • Speaker Type: Tweeter
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Wi-Fi
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Music, Kitchen

Reason To Buy

+ Sonic finesse

+ Clear, articulate, and entertaining presentation

+ Classy build and finish

Reason To Avoid

Steep price for a DAB radio

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3. Revo SuperConnect DAB Radio

Best DAB Radio System

Revo SuperConnect DAB Radio

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By seamlessly connecting the Revo to your home network through a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you gain access to a vast array of captivating and occasionally eccentric internet radio stations.

The process is seamlessly facilitated via the integrated vTuner portal, providing users with a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, the device offers the convenience of storing a generous number of up to eight presets, effortlessly accessible through the user-friendly numerical keys conveniently located on the front panel. With DLNA certification, the radio gains the ability to seamlessly tap into the vast collection of music stored on various devices such as Mac, PC, or NAS (Network Attached Storage) over your network.

Embrace the perfect blend of contemporary flair and nostalgic charm with a touch of retro influence. Featuring a sleek 2.7-inch OLED display and an elegant aluminum front panel, the cabinet’s walnut veneer creates a striking contrast that adds a touch of sophistication to its overall design.

The unit boasts a seamless wraparound design that exudes solidity and durability. Notably, the radio features a generously sized volume dial conveniently located on its right-hand side, ensuring effortless control and user-friendly operation.


  • Brand: Revo
  • Color: Walnut/Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Tuner Technology: DAB, DAB Plus, Internet Radio
  • Power Source Battery: Powered

Reason To Buy

+ Attractive retro/modern look

+ Spotify Connect, aptX Bluetooth

+ Easy to use

Reason To Avoid

A bit bass-heavy


4. Sangean WR-15

Best Table Top DAB

Sangean WR-15 DAB Radio

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Experience the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality with this exceptional radio. Designed to cater to the needs of those seeking a touch of nostalgia, this radio effortlessly combines an old-school look with convenient tuning options, remarkable audio quality, and reliable reception capabilities. Encased in a sleek vertical cabinet, this versatile device seamlessly complements any shelf or countertop, making it an ideal addition to your living space.

The semicircle tuning dial of this device boasts excellent readability, ensuring that you can effortlessly navigate through various stations. Positioned at the center, the tuning knob offers a seamless and pleasant tactile experience. Moreover, the presence of a vibrant green LED light just above the dial serves as a convenient indicator, promptly notifying you when you have successfully tuned in to a station’s most robust signal.

The design of this radio exudes a delightful nostalgia, reminiscent of the classic retro radios that were once a staple in every household. However, despite its vintage charm, this radio manages to maintain a sleek and modern aesthetic that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. With its clean lines and intuitive layout, navigating through its various features and functions is a breeze.

To cater to different tastes and preferences, this remarkable radio is offered in three exquisite finishes. The warm and inviting walnut finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, while the black leatherette option exudes a sense of timeless style and refinement. For those seeking a more contemporary look, the silver piano finish is a perfect choice, showcasing a sleek and polished appearance that effortlessly complements any modern decor.


  • Brand: Sangean
  • Color: Walnut
  • Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary
  • Product Dimensions: 6″L x 4.75″W x 8″H
  • Tuner Technology: Analog Tuning
  • Style: Radio

Reason To Buy

+ Eye-Catching Retro Design

+ Reliable Performance

+ Solid Build Quality

Reason To Avoid

Limited Functionality

Manual Tuning

5. Studebaker Jensen

Best Cheap DAB

Studebaker Jensen DAB Radio

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The radio in question is an excellent option for individuals seeking to explore the realm of radio listening without committing to a significant financial investment. Moreover, it serves as an ideal choice for those desiring a highly portable and battery-powered radio that can be effortlessly transported throughout their living space.

This sleek and compact device is designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience, allowing you to tune in to your favorite AM and FM stations with ease. With its powerful AM/FM receiver, you can enjoy crystal-clear sound quality and access a wide range of radio channels. The auxiliary input, also known as aux input, is a feature that allows users to connect external audio devices to their electronic devices. This convenient feature

The remarkable 2.25″ mono speaker, is designed to elevate your audio experience to new heights. With its impressive 350mW output, this speaker delivers a powerful and immersive sound that will captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio, whether you’re enjoying your favorite

The foldable rotary telescopic antenna is a cutting-edge innovation that combines convenience and functionality. This state-of-the-art device boasts a unique design that allows for easy portability and seamless integration into various settings. The power source type of this device is corded electric.


  • Brand: Studebaker
  • Color: Red, Teal, Turquoise
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary
  • Product Dimensions: 7.28″L x 3.35″W x 5.5″H
  • Tuner Technology: FM, AM

Reason To Buy

+ Suitable for Small Spaces

+ Simple and User-Friendly

+ Fun and Vibrant Colors

Reason To Avoid

Limited Features

Lack of Modern Connectivity

History of Radio

Whether you find yourself tuning in to Greg James on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, enjoying the melodic voice of Lauren Laverne on Radio 6 during your morning commute, or grooving to the infectious beats of your beloved dance tracks on Absolute Radio ’80s or Heart Dance, radio undeniably provides a sense of organization to your day while also serving as a gateway to uncovering fresh talents, captivating melodies, and even intriguing trivia. Rest assured, this timeless medium is here to stay, continuing to captivate and engage listeners across the globe.

Since the first commercial radio broadcast in 1920, radio has advanced greatly. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a major innovation in this medium. DAB, or Digital Audio Broadcasting, is a cutting-edge radio service that changes how we listen to music. DAB provides better audio quality and clarity by seamlessly converting analog audio to a high-quality digital signal.

This revolutionary technology has revolutionized radio broadcasting by providing superior sound quality and a wide range of exciting features to captivate audiences worldwide. The future of radio is brighter than ever with DAB. DAB radios provide a superior audio experience than FM radios due to their easy tuning into preset stations. It enhances auditory pleasure and ensures smooth station transitions, eliminating interruptions and delays.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation launched the first DAB channel in 1995. After this groundbreaking development, other industry leaders like the BBC and Swedish Radio launched their own DAB channels later that year. This ushered in a new era of digital audio broadcasting with improved audio quality and expanded capabilities.

Types of DAB Radios

Portable DAB Radios:

Portable DAB radios are compact and lightweight, designed for on-the-go listening. These versatile devices allow you to enjoy digital radio stations anywhere, from your backyard to a picnic in the park. Equipped with built-in batteries or rechargeable options, portable DAB radios offer hours of uninterrupted entertainment, making them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.

DAB Car Radios:

DAB car radios bring the benefits of digital radio to your vehicle, enhancing your driving experience with crystal-clear sound and access to a wide range of stations. These radios are available as standalone units or as integrated systems in newer car models. With DAB car radios, you can say goodbye to static and interference, enjoying uninterrupted radio enjoyment on your daily commute or road trips.

Desktop DAB Radios:

Ideal for home or office use, desktop DAB radios deliver high-quality audio in a compact and stylish form factor. These radios often come with additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music from your smartphone or other devices. Some models also offer clock and alarm functions, making them a convenient addition to your workspace or bedside table.

Hi-Fi DAB Systems:

For audiophiles seeking exceptional sound quality, Hi-Fi DAB systems provide a premium listening experience. These systems combine the convenience of digital radio with the performance of high-fidelity audio components, delivering rich, dynamic sound. Hi-Fi DAB systems often support multiple audio sources, including streaming services and networked music libraries, making them a central hub for all your audio needs.

DAB Alarm Clock Radios:

Start your day with your favorite digital radio station using DAB alarm clock radios. These practical devices combine a traditional alarm clock with DAB radio capabilities, allowing you to wake up to your preferred music or morning talk show. Some models also feature dual alarms, snooze functions, and dimmable displays for added convenience.

Wireless DAB Speakers:

Wireless DAB speakers offer the flexibility of DAB radio in a portable, single-unit package. These speakers connect to your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you to stream digital radio stations or play music from your smartphone. With their compact design and versatile connectivity options, wireless DAB speakers are perfect for music enthusiasts seeking a wireless audio solution.

DAB Tuner Units:

DAB tuner units are designed for audiophiles who want to upgrade their existing audio systems to receive digital radio broadcasts. These standalone components connect to your current Hi-Fi setup, allowing you to access DAB stations while preserving the sound quality of your existing speakers and amplifiers.

DAB Internet Radios:

DAB internet radios combine the benefits of digital radio with access to a vast selection of online streaming services and podcasts. These versatile devices offer an extensive range of entertainment options, from digital stations to on-demand content, providing a comprehensive audio experience in a single device.

What to Look for While Buying The Best DAB Radios in 2023

When purchasing the best DAB radios, consider the following factors to ensure a satisfying and tailored listening experience:

Sound Quality:

Look for DAB radios that deliver clear and crisp audio with good speaker quality. Pay attention to factors like wattage, frequency response, and the presence of additional audio enhancement features.

Portability and Design:

 Depending on your needs, choose a DAB radio that suits your lifestyle. Portable options are great for on-the-go use, while desktop models can complement your home or office decor.

DAB+ Compatibility:

Ensure that the DAB radio supports DAB+ broadcasting, as it offers more stations and improved sound quality compared to the older DAB standard.

Ease of Use and Controls:

Opt for radios with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls. Check for features like presets, easy station scanning, and clear displays.

Battery Life and Power Options:

If you choose a portable DAB radio, consider battery life to ensure extended usage without frequent recharging. Some models also offer the option to use both batteries and mains power.

Additional Features:

Look for extra functionalities like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi streaming, alarms, sleep timers, and headphone jacks to enhance the versatility of your DAB radio.

Reception and Antenna:

Consider the quality of reception in your area. Some radios may include telescopic antennas or the option to connect an external one for improved signal strength.

Brand Reputation and Reviews:

Research the reputation of the brand and read user reviews to gauge the overall performance and reliability of the DAB radio you are considering.

Price and Value:

Set a budget and compare the features and performance of different DAB radios within that price range. Consider the value you’ll be getting for your investment.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Check the warranty terms and the availability of customer support services in case of any issues or inquiries.

FAQs – Best DAB Radios

Q: What is a DAB radio, and how does it work?

A: DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, a technology that transmits radio signals in a digital format. DAB radios use digital tuners to receive and decode these signals, offering improved sound quality, a wider selection of stations, and additional features compared to traditional analog radios.

Q: Why should I choose a DAB radio over an FM radio?

A: DAB radios provide several advantages over FM radios, including better sound quality, more stations, and additional data services like song information and program guides. DAB radios also eliminate the hiss, crackling, and interference often associated with FM reception.

Q: Can I listen to my favorite FM stations on a DAB radio?

A: Most DAB radios are equipped with FM tuners, allowing you to receive both DAB and FM stations. This feature ensures you can still access your favorite FM channels even after upgrading to a DAB radio.

Q: How do I know if DAB radio is available in my area?

A: To check DAB radio coverage in your area, visit the official website of your country’s broadcasting authority or use online coverage checkers provided by radio manufacturers.

Q: What is DAB+ compatibility, and is it important?

A: DAB+ is an upgraded version of the DAB standard, offering better audio quality and more efficient use of bandwidth. DAB+ is increasingly becoming the norm, so it’s essential to choose a DAB radio that supports DAB+ to access a broader range of stations and improve sound.

Q: Are DAB radios expensive?

A: DAB radios come in various price ranges, offering options for different budgets. Entry-level models are affordable, while high-end models with premium features may be more expensive.

Q: Can I use DAB radios outside of my home?

A: Yes, many DAB radios are portable and battery-operated, making them suitable for outdoor use, picnics, camping, or on-the-go entertainment.

Q: Do DAB radios require an internet connection?

A: DAB radios do not require an internet connection for standard digital radio reception. However, some models offer internet radio streaming and other online features that require internet access.

Q: Can I connect my smartphone or other devices to a DAB radio?

A: Many DAB radios offer additional connectivity options, such as Bluetooth or AUX-in, allowing you to play music from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices.

Q: Do DAB radios have alarm clock features?

A: Yes, some DAB radios come with built-in alarm clock functions, allowing you to wake up to your favorite radio station or a buzzer alarm.


DAB radios offer a significant upgrade over traditional FM radios, providing better sound quality, a diverse range of stations, and additional features. With options for various budgets and portable designs, DAB radios cater to different needs, ensuring a delightful listening experience both indoors and outdoors. Embrace the digital revolution and enjoy crystal-clear audio with the best DAB radio that suits your lifestyle.

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