Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives For iPhone

Exploring Alternative Power Options for Your iPhone: A Guide to Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives

Top 8 Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives For iPhone

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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives For iPhone

Apple is slowly getting rid of accessories that work with the Lightning port. The MagSafe Battery Pack is one of these. Luckily, battery packs that work with USB-C aren’t MagSafe.

Apple has moved away from accessories that work with Lightning ports, a mainstay since the iPhone 5 came out in 2012. This is a significant change for Apple’s accessory ecosystem. The change comes after the release of the iPhone 15 line, which uses the more common USB-C port.

Except for the iPhone SE, every Apple iPhone on the market has MagSafe technology. Also, that tech does support charging without wires. But it does more than charge your phone. It’s not enough to charge your iPhone when you have a MagSafe case or at least one that works with a MagSafe charger.

The magnetic attachment point works with many great magnetic add-ons, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones here. Here are a few of the top options.

Best 8 Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

1. Belkin BoostCharge Magsafe

Belkin BoostCharge Magsafe

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We’ve seen that the Benks 10000mAh MagClap StandGo Power Bank can charge your devices the fastest. However, if you want a slightly smaller and lighter battery pack with a stand, the Anker MagGo 622 or the Belkin BoostCharge are better options. Both have 5000mAh batteries, but the Belkin charged an old iPhone 13 Pro 90% more than the Anker, winning our head-to-head tests.

The kickstand on the Belkin is easier to use and feels stronger, and the battery pack is a little smaller. The Anker 622 is still our favorite, but the Belkin is the best MagSafe kickstand power bank.

Also, when clamped to the back of an iPhone, it charges faster than Apple’s 5W wireless charging with 7.5W. It can’t charge wired and wirelessly at 15W like the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, but it can be charged with a cable at a chippy 10W.

You can only get the Pink and Purple colors in the United States. The models for everyone else are either black or white.


  • Connector: Type USB Type C
  • Brand: Belkin
  • Battery Capacity: 2500
  • Color: Black, Pink, Purple, White
  • Special Feature: LED Indicator Lights, Pass-Through Charging, Wireless Charging 

Reason To Buy

+ How big a battery is

+ Stand built-in

+ WiFi with 7.5W or wired with 10W

+ A range of colors

Reason To Avoid

Nothing to Avoid

2. Anker Magnetic Battery

Anker Magnetic Battery

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While the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack costs more, the Anker MagGo 622 Magnetic Battery is less expensive, has more battery life, and comes in a range of muted colors, including white, purple, green, blue, and gray.

It fits all MagSafe iPhones, but the smaller iPhone mini sits a bit higher when attached magnetically.

The Anker 622 has a fold-out stand built right in. When combined with MagSafe’s pulling power, this stand will securely hold your iPhone in either portrait (4:3) or landscape (4:4) mode.

You can put the stand away in your pocket and then magnetically attach it to your phone when needed. It works the same way as the Apple battery pack.


  • Connector Type: USB-C*1
  • Brand: Anker
  • Battery Capacity: 5000
  • Color: Interstellar Gray, Buds Green, Dolomite White, Lilac Purple, Misty Blue
  • Special Feature: Wireless Charging

Reason To Buy

+ Size of the battery

+ Included stand

+ 7.5W

+ Drawings Colors

Reason To Avoid

Not charging at the same time

Not work with iPhone mini

3. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

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The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a smart, lightweight power pack that magnetically attaches to the iPhone and works with all iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models.

Even though it’s not as powerful as others on the market, it will still charge an iPhone to about 60%, which is probably enough to get you through the day until you can plug it in.

While 5W wireless charging isn’t the fastest, the Apple Battery Pack can charge an iPhone at 15W using both a wireless and a Lightning cable simultaneously, which is different from most other MagSafe chargers.

Apple has smart features that show battery power icons on the screen and safety features that stop charging when the phone gets too hot or before the internal battery is damaged. It’s best to stop charging a phone battery at 90% for long-term battery health.

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is better than third-party options but costs more. It only comes in white. It’s also tiny. Only the Casely Power Pod, which we’ll talk about below, is smaller and still provides magnetic power.


  • Connector Type: Lightning
  • Brand: Apple
  • Color: White
  • Unique Feature: LED Indicator Lights, Slim, Fast Charging, Pocket Size, Wireless Charging
  • Voltage: 5 Volts

Reason To Buy

+ Very large battery capacity

+ Stand built-in

+ With or without wires, 7.5W

+ Shades of color

Reason To Avoid

Almost as big as 5K battery packs

4. Baseus Magnetic Portable Charger

Baseus Magnetic Portable Charger


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Not every wireless battery pack is made the same. Let’s look at this Baseus 10,000mAh magnetic power bank. This battery power pack can give you a much more significant battery boost than most. This power bank lets you charge two devices at the same time and can charge an iPhone up to two times.

This power bank works best with iPhones with MagSafe, but Android phone users can use it with a few extra accessories.

It depends on what kind of iPhone you have and how much power the bank can give you. There are about 1.8 times as many times that Baseus can charge an iPhone 13 as there are times that it can charge an iPhone 12. It’s also a pretty cheap battery charger for the phone it charges. It costs about $46.


  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Brand: Baseus
  • Battery Capacity: 10000 Milliamp Hours
  • Color: Black
  • Unique Feature: Pocket Size, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging

Reason To Buy

+ Perfect hold on the phone

+ Up to two updates

+ Not wired

+ Charge two devices at the same time

Reason To Avoid

For Android users to use, they need extras

5. myCharge Portable Charger

myCharge Portable Charger

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With its MagLock line, myCharge is the newest company to make a battery pack that works with MagSafe. There are three different MagLock options, which vary in price and capacity. The 6,000mAh one costs $60, and the 3,000mAh one costs $50.

The pack has a unique raised design when you connect the MagLock to your phone. myCharge says that the space between the phone and the battery pack keeps both of them cooler than other devices on the market. This makes them more efficient and speeds up charging. The pack makes a short sound when you connect it to your phone to let you know it’s being used. When you take the pack off of your iPhone, another sound plays.

It has a power button, too, but I haven’t used it yet. The pack stays on my phone while it charges, and I take it off. The MagLock can be charged through a USB-C port, and if you put your phone on the pack while it’s plugged in, it can charge wirelessly.


  • Connector Type: USB
  • Brand: myCharge
  • Battery Capacity: 3000 
  • Color: Purple
  • Unique Feature: Magnetic, Portable Charger, Wireless Charging

Reason To Buy

+ Full range of functions

+ Port for USB-C

+ Charge level and connection are shown by a built-in speaker.

+ Easy on the wallet

Reason To Avoid

The bigger size is bulky.

6. ESR Wireless Power Bank

ESR Wireless Power Bank

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Even though it’s not called the ESR Halolock Kickstand Portable Power Bank, it is an excellent alternative to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack.

Since it’s not certified as MagSafe, it charges 7.5W compared to 15W, but its 10000mAh battery capacity is much more.

It also has a strong metal kickstand that can be used in landscape and portrait modes. There is a way to charge your phone and a power bank simultaneously.


  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Brand: ESR
  • Battery Capacity: 10000 Milliamp Hours
  • Color: Black, White
  • Special Feature: Wireless Charging, Strong Magnetic Suction, LED
  • Indicator Lights

Reason To Buy

+ Huge storage space

+ Stand-up pad

+ 7.5W

Reason To Avoid

Big and thick

7. iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

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There are some things about the iWalk Magnetic Portable Power Bank that you won’t find on other magnetic power banks. The finger ring is the most obvious. It’s supposed to make holding the phone safer, but we like to use both hands. But it can also be used as a kickstand for the iPhone, so you can lay it flat and view it in landscape mode. Horizontal mode feels more stable.

What’s even more helpful is the LED light that lets you know how much power is left in the battery. This is much more helpful than the four tiny LEDs with most battery packs. It’s also much more helpful than Apple’s single orange (not entire) or green (full) LED that only lights up when the cable is plugged into a power outlet.

It can charge via USB cable at an impressive 18W while magnetically attached to the iPhone, but not simultaneously. For wired charging, you’ll need a USB-C-to-Lightning cable.


  • Connector Type: Magnetic Wireless
  • Brand: iWALK
  • Battery Capacity: 6000 
  • Color: Black, Orange, Pink, White
  • Special Feature: Magsafe Compatible, With Ring, Wireless Charging

Reason To Buy

+ Size of the battery

+ LED display for batteries

+ Included stand

+ 7.5W

Reason To Avoid

Not quite as strong of a magnetic grip

Unusual size

8. Belkin BoostCharge MagneticBelkin BoostCharge Magnetic

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The Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger 10K is bigger and heavier than other options. It’s more of a charging pad for wireless devices, but it can also be used as a power bank.

On the plus side, this means that many people will not need it as much as a power bank because they will charge their phones at night or at work on their desk.

The Belkin 10K has a huge 38Wh (10,000mAh) battery capacity, so it really shines when you need it. It also charges quickly with 7.5W, which is great.


  • Connector Type: USB Type C, Lightning
  • Brand: Belkin
  • Battery Capacity: 10000
  • Special Feature: Slim, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging
  • Voltage: 5 Volts

Reason To Buy

+ Supercharged battery power

+ Charger with 7.5W

Reason To Avoid

Things that are big and heavy

Not as packed up

Types of MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives For iPhone

Wireless Charging Pads:

These sleek devices offer wireless charging without needing a bulky battery pack. They magnetically attach to your iPhone and provide a cable-free charging experience.

MagSafe Wallets with Charging:

Some wallets store your cards and cash and have built-in battery packs. These wallets attach to your iPhone via MagSafe, offering storage and extra power on the go.

Battery Cases:

Similar to traditional battery cases, these alternatives provide extra power and protect your iPhone. They attach securely and charge your device via MagSafe.

MagSafe-Compatible Power Banks:

These power banks feature MagSafe-compatible attachments to charge your iPhone wirelessly. They come in various sizes and capacities, making them a versatile option for keeping your device charged.

MagSafe Car Mounts with Charging:

Ideal for road trips, these mounts attach to your car’s dashboard and use MagSafe to hold and charge your iPhone simultaneously. It ensures your device stays powered during your journey.

Desktop Charging Stands:

These stands not only keep your iPhone in an upright position but also charge it wirelessly via MagSafe. They are perfect for your desk or bedside table.

MagSafe Desk Mats:

These mats come with multiple MagSafe charging spots, allowing you to charge your iPhone and other devices simultaneously. They are a convenient addition to any workspace.

MagSafe-Enabled Backpacks and Bags:

Some backpacks and bags have integrated MagSafe charging pads, ensuring your iPhone stays charged while on the move. These are excellent for travelers and commuters.

Charging Docks:

MagSafe charging docks hold your iPhone securely while charging it wirelessly. They often have additional charging spots for other devices, making them a hub for all your charging needs.

Wireless Charging Stickers:

You can use MagSafe-compatible wireless charging stickers if you prefer your current phone case or wallet. These slim, adhesive accessories add MagSafe functionality to your existing gear.

Remember that the availability of these alternatives may vary, so it’s essential to choose one that suits your specific charging needs and lifestyle.

What To Look For While Buying

When searching for Apple MagSafe battery pack alternatives for your iPhone, consider the following factors to ensure you make the best choice:


Check if the alternative MagSafe battery pack is compatible with your iPhone model. Ensure it supports the same MagSafe technology to guarantee a secure connection and efficient charging.

Battery Capacity:

The battery capacity (measured in mAh or watt-hours) determines how much extra power the pack can provide. Assess your daily power needs and select an alternative with sufficient capacity to charge your iPhone.

Charging Speed:

Look for an alternative that supports fast charging to stabilize your iPhone’s battery quickly. High-wattage chargers can deliver a faster charge.

Quality and Build:

Assess the build quality, materials, and design of the alternative. High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity, essential for a frequently used accessory.

Size and Portability:

Consider the size and weight of the alternative battery pack. Opt for a compact and easy-to-carry, especially if you’re often on the go.

Attachment Strength:

The strength of the MagSafe attachment is crucial. Ensure it securely adheres to your iPhone without falling off or becoming loose during usage.

Additional Features:

Some alternatives may offer extra features, such as wireless charging for other devices or a built-in stand. Evaluate these features based on your specific needs.


Set a budget for your MagSafe battery pack alternative and compare options within your price range. Remember that higher-priced alternatives often come with advanced features and better build quality.

Brand and Reviews:

Opt for reputable brands and check user reviews and ratings to ensure the alternative’s performance and reliability.


Look for alternatives that come with a warranty. This can give you peace of mind in case of manufacturing defects or issues.

Charging Indicator:

A battery pack with a charging indicator is helpful, allowing you to monitor the charging progress and battery status.


Consider the aesthetics and design of the alternative, as it should match your style and preferences.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find the best Apple MagSafe battery pack alternative that meets your charging needs and complements your iPhone.

FAQs – Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives For iPhone

Q: Are MagSafe battery pack alternatives as efficient as the official Apple version?

The efficiency of MagSafe battery pack alternatives can vary, but many reputable third-party options offer similar charging speeds and reliability. When assessing their efficiency, it’s essential to read user reviews and consider factors like battery capacity and charging speed.

Q: Do MagSafe battery pack alternatives support wireless charging for other devices?

Some MagSafe battery pack alternatives can charge other devices, such as AirPods, wirelessly. This feature is unavailable in all alternatives, so checking the product specifications is crucial.

Q: Will using a MagSafe battery pack alternative void my iPhone’s warranty?

Using third-party MagSafe battery pack alternatives should not void your iPhone’s warranty. However, it’s always a good practice to consult your device’s warranty terms and conditions to confirm this.

Q: How can I tell if a MagSafe battery pack alternative is genuine and safe for my iPhone?

Look for certifications like MFi (Made for iPhone) and user reviews to gauge the authenticity and safety of a MagSafe battery pack alternative. Be cautious of unbranded or uncertified options, as they may not offer the same level of quality and safety.


To sum up, When it comes to MagSafe battery packs for iPhones, there are many options.

Whether you prioritize affordability, additional features, or compatibility, there’s a solution for everyone. So, select the one that best suits your needs and keep your device powered up on the go.

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