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The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub 2024

The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub 2023

Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub

If you have an iPad Pro, then you already know that the USB-C port on your device is not just for charging. The USB-C connector standard is quickly becoming the norm in both personal and professional computing. The good news for Apple users is that there are some excellent hubs out there that can be used to connect a variety of devices to your tablet. The latest M1 iPad Pro uses a USB-C or Thunderbolt port that is even more capable.

The one USB-C and soon-to-be -TB, the port will suffice if all you use it for is charging or wired earbuds but Apple’s tablets can also be used with many other peripherals that transform them into versatile computers. As such, owners of the new tablet should have no fear of using their computer devices since they are compatible with so much hardware like external hard drives and video game consoles, and keyboards, which make typing on an iPad easier than ever before!

1. What is a USB-C How to choose the best option for your needs

With a hub, you can now add extra USB ports to your computer or device (Type-C and the older Type-A), SD card readers, gigabit ethernet capabilities, wired headphones for sound output or input of audio data in tandem with MIDI controllers on devices that have both types of inputs. You also get cameras that are perfect as video conferencing tools when paired with an external display using HDMI outputs from the hubs. The newest iPad Pro even allows connection to Apple’s latest pro displays like Display XDR so you can make presentations at home!

Some people say that the iPad Pro is a computer, and in some ways they’re right. But it’s not quite like other computers because Apple didn’t include an SD card reader or USB ports – until now! Some specially-designed hubs are available for your new device but if you want to go another step further there are also docking stations out there that can be used with laptops as well. There are lots of different options so take your time when making this important decision about what will best suit all of your needs today and tomorrow


When using your iPad with a hub, Whatever hub you buy make sure to find one that has at least two USB-C ports – the second port should be capable of Power Delivery (PD) for pass-through charging. If you’re looking for faster speeds from this charger and want more than 20W, choose one that can handle 30 W instead. When using your iPad with a hub, make sure to find one that has at least two USB-C ports – the second port should be capable of Power Delivery (PD) for pass-through charging. If you’re looking for faster speeds from this charger and want more than 20W, choose one that can handle 30 W instead.

More USB-C ports on the hub mean you can use them for more modern peripherals and an external display that connects through a USB-C cable. The minimum bandwidth of USB 3 is 5Gbps, so this is the most common speed on hubs but some offer 10 Gbps which is faster enough to connect with other monitors or screens if needed.

Thunderbolt connection

The M1 iPad Pro has a more powerful Thunderbolt connection. The tablet uses the USB-C connector, but it supports up to 40Gbps bandwidth while other USB connections max out at 5 or 10 Gbps (depending on how they’re made). This will be great for power users who need access to lots of data quickly and without interruption.

A Thunderbolt hub or dock can easily and perfectly connect a 4K display running at 60Hz while also having the data-transfer capacity for other devices such as hard drives.


With USB-C becoming more popular, many devices are adopting this standard. However, most people still have a few Type-A ports for their older low-power gadgets such as flash memory sticks and input devices; so it’s important to consider how much space you need on your hub with the different types of connectors being supported. For those who want something faster than 480Mb/s, there is also USB 3.2 Gen 1 at 5Gbps or 10GBps in gen 2 which will offer better speeds when transferring files from one device to another especially if multiple devices are used simultaneously

Universal and reversible, USB-C is a great connector but most of us still use type “A” because we haven’t converted yet all our old gear like hard

SD or MicroSD Cards Readers

You can connect a camera or card reader directly to an iPad’s USB-C port, but it is more convenient (and cost-effective) to use a hub that has both SD and MicroSD Card, readers. With capacities of up to 1TB, these little cards are great for on-the-go storage and backup as well! Make sure you purchase one with UHS-II type reading capabilities because they have higher speeds than regular UHS types. They average at 312MB/S as opposed to 104MB/s which makes them perfect for busy environments like shooting sporting events or festivals where there’s not much time between pictures.

Gigabit Ethernet

Wired internet gives you the fastest and most reliable connection when using your iPad. If it’s at a desk, make sure any hub you use has a gigabit ethernet port for wired connections to avoid slower WiFi speeds or issues with connecting through USB-C adapters as these can be finicky on some devices like iPads where they require a little more care than plugging in directly into your laptop.

External Displays and how do they work

The hub is the key to using your iPad as a laptop. You’ll want it to have either two USB-C ports so that you can charge and use an external display, or one HDMI port for connecting to older displays.

One of the great things about iPads is being able to mirror your screen on a larger monitor. If you want to connect an external display, it can be done with either USB-C cables or adapters that convert into HDMI and DisplayPort connections – but not all monitors have these ports available (or come equipped).

For most people who just want to get work done, a screen refresh rate of 30Hz is good enough. However, if you’re into gaming or graphic design work then 60 Hz might be better for your needs. The slight difference in the number may not seem like much but it can actually make all the difference when using high-speed USB ports and Thunderbolt connections that allow higher resolutions with faster frames-per-second rates which means smoother graphics on lower-end equipment without any slowdown issues.

The Recommended Top 5 best USB-C hubs for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2023

1. HyperDrive iPad Pro USB C Hub Adapter


View at Amazon

The HyperDrive USB-C Hub for iPad Pro is the most convenient and versatile way to connect your iPad Pro to a wide range of devices. The hub includes one USB-C port, two USB 3 ports, and an HDMI port that support resolutions up to 4K60Hz. You can also connect a standard lightning cable to charge your device while using the hub.

The HyperDrive’s design allows you to use it with or without Apple Smart Keyboard cases and screen protectors. When used with a case or screen protector, the removable and replaceable HyperDrive’s is lightweight at just 47g (1.6oz) and at 3.66-x-1.3-x-0.39in (93-x-33-x-10mm)

Colors: Space Gray, silver

Ports: 6-in-1

2. Satechi Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter

The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub

View at Amazon

The Satechi Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter is the ultimate hub for your MacBook, iPad Pro, or iPhone. The hub features a 4K HDMI display output that allows you to connect an external monitor or projector and stream content in stunning 4K resolution. It also includes two USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, one SD card reader slot, and one Gigabit Ethernet port that allow you to easily transfer files from your camera’s memory card, access cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox, share files on a local network with other devices via Ethernet cable connection and Does not support 2017 & earlier iPad, models

Colors: Silver, Space Grey

Ports: 4-in-1



The UGREEN USB C Hub is a tailor-made iPad Pro hub for your daily use. With the latest USB 3.1 Type C interface, it can provide up to 100W charging power for your MacBook or other laptops with a USB C port; supports a data transfer rate up to 5Gbps, 10 times faster than traditional USB 2.0, which allows you to transfer large files within seconds!

The USB-C hub also features an SD card slot and an audio jack that supports both mic and earphone output The USBC hub has a detachable soft grip design that can be easily held by hand. With the support of 100W power output, it can charge your iPad Pro as well as other mobile devices simultaneously while transmitting data at a fast speed.

Colors: Dark Grey

Ports: 5-in-1

4. Baseus iPad Pro USB C Hub, iPad Pro Docking Station

The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub

Baseus’ USB-C Hub and Docking Station is the perfect accessory to have if you’re looking for something convenient, tucks away in the corner so it doesn’t take up space, yet still has all of your ports. It plugs into a sleek plug with an angled design shortening its reach while still providing 4K HDMI output or charging capabilities using two different power standards (USB 2/3).

The hub attaches itself neatly to one side of your iPad Pro where no other cables are going by. With this space-saving architecture, Baseus helps make sure their product stays out of sight but at hand when needed most whether you need extra portability due to limited desk real estate or want clarity from lowered distraction as well as listening to audio

The PD charging port provides up to 60 watts of power, so there won’t be any reason to worry about battery life. You get fast data transfer, crystal clear picture quality, and stable connections all in one small compact package.

Colors: Silver

Ports: 6-in-1

5. Satechi 6-in-1 Aluminum Stand & Hub

The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub 2021

The Satechi 6-in-1 Aluminum Stand and hub elevate your iPad Pro or USB-C device to an optimal viewing angle, perfect for taking your next Zoom call or making final edits on the go – complete with protective padding. The 2-in-1 design transforms your iPad Pro (2018 & newer) or USB-C device into a fully functional workstation, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

The Aluminum Stand & Hub features 360° of rotation and 90° of tilt, allowing you to adjust the Stand

Colors: Space Gray

Ports: 6-in-1

6. Plugable USB C Hub Multiport Adapter

The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub 2022

View at Amazon

Plugable’s USB C Multiport Adapter is a compact, high-performance adapter that adds an HDMI port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 SD card reader, 1 microSD card slot, and 1 USB-C Power Delivery charging port to your laptop or tablet over a single cable using the new USB-C standard.

The Plugable USB C Multiport Adapter offers an elegant solution for adding multiple peripherals to your computer through a single USB-C connection on desktops and laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports as well as through traditional Type-C connections on newer computers

Colors: Dark Gray

Ports: 7-in-1

7. CalDigit USB-C Gen2 10Gb/s SOHO Dock

The 7 Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub 2021

The CalDigit USB-C Gen2 10Gb/s SOHO Dock is the perfect solution for professionals who need to connect and charge their laptops with a single cable. It has 8 ports of connectivity, including two USB-C 10Gb/s (Host/Data), one USB-C (Passthrough Charging), one USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A port, and one HDMI 2.0b video output, and four UHS-II SD card slots that support up to 128GB of storage each. The dock also supports 4K 60Hz

Colors: Silver

Ports: 8-in-1

Bottom Line of Best iPad Pro and iPad Air USB C Hub

The HyperDrive 9-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter is the best option for those looking to use their iPad Pro with a more powerful computer. It connects directly and seamlessly, providing all of your ports in one place: SD card slot, HDMI port, Ethernet jack (RJ45), and two USB 3.0 Type-A connectors which can be used as regular or charging ports on either side; it also includes a 4k monitor output adapter if you’re using an external display aside from just the tablet screen itself.


The design matches perfectly matching any aluminum body device including our iPads!

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