Mark Zuckerberg Says Apple is Now Facebook’s Biggest Competitor

Mark Zuckerberg Say's Apple is Now Facebook's Biggest Competitor

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the opening remarks of the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call this week to blow up Apple’s upcoming privacy changes and to say that Facebook increasingly sees Apple as one of its biggest competitors. 

Apple is gearing up for a software change that will most likely ask iPhone and iPad users if they want to share their information for ad-tracking purposes. The online advertising industry expects to be hit because some percentage of users choose not to share this information. 

Facebook, which derives nearly all its revenue from online advertising, has been outspoken about the changes, claiming the change “It threatens the personalised ads that millions of small businesses rely on to find and reach customers.”

 Zuckerberg, in his comments, suggested that Apple is using its position to help its own services.“ Apple may say they’re doing this to help people but the moves clearly track their competitor interests,” he said.

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