Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation VS Inspiration

Motivation vs Inspiration

We often interchange motivation with inspiration but there is a huge difference between motivation and inspiration. You may find both of them exactly opposite of each other when you’ll understand the difference.

People don’t know when to get inspired and when to get motivated even sometimes they need to get inspired but they run after motivation and vice versa. They largely follow the motivational pattern to change behavior for their benefit. However, they can practice a divine influence by being inspired and spreading love to others.

So without further ado, let’s master the difference between inspiration and motivation so that we can get to know why motivation doesn’t work and when to get inspired.

How does motivation differ from inspiration?

Inspiration and motivation go side by side but each of them is far different from the other.


Motivation is an external force and fierce feelings that push you to get things done before their deadlines. This feeling of external motivation doesn’t last long and you always have to go back for more. However, inspiration is an internal source of satisfaction that naturally stirs your soul and stimulates you to keep moving.

Motivation gets over quickly, if something starts motivating you more, motivation will die out however inspiration can’t be shaken like that it remains constantly stable.


The moment you realize people around you are connected to you and how your thoughts or efforts affect them you begin to become inspired. Then you get into the state of feeling the internal inspiration of not only doing things for yourself but at the same time for others as well.

It’s an inspiration that allowed great people to make great changes in the world because if they had been motivated to do something they must have done that for themselves only. Motivation is not a wrong thing but I truly believe that inspiration makes a very powerful way of living life by giving you a higher and greater level of intelligence.

Motivation VS Inspiration

Being inspired gives you faith that things are going to happen in any way when they need to be done, Inspiration comes from positive things that could be love, commitment, and desire to do something good for others or own yourself. In opposition motivation often push you to do self-centered things like fear to achieve something, the ego of having something, or doing something, particularly for yourself.

Your internal Inspiration makes you understand being stubborn about something won’t get you anywhere. You need to get out of way and let the creativity come in and let the magical things happen. Just be directional and playful, don’t be greedy for achieving success overnight, and try to surrender to greater expectations while being patient.  

Motivation manipulates us for some moments, hours, or days and at this time we start getting stressed and frustrated to achieve something as soon as possible but inspiration lets us hold ethics to do things. It makes you fearless, courageous, and confident to get things done appropriately without being rushed.      

Being inspired means delivering good to the world as well however, motivation links to your purpose. Motivation vs inspiration is not a debate as both motivation and inspiration are equally important and needed to operate you for achieving your goals but because of not considering them appropriately we often get messed up.

Thus, always keep a source of inspiration inside you and powerful external motivation for forcing you to stay on track. 

Stay motivated and must inspire!  

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