Amazon is Packed with Fake Reviews, and it’s Getting Harder to Spot Them

 Amazon is Packed with Fake Reviews, and it's Getting Harder to Spot Them

Since the early days of Amazon, the reviews are one of the largest metric customers to rely on to determine the quality and authenticity of the product. Amazon’s listings often have hundreds or thousands of reviews instead of a handful found in competing markets. 

But many of these reviews can’t be trusted. Thousands of fake reviews have flooded Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others, with sales skyrocketing. From Facebook groups where bad actors request paid positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews to competition, fake reviews are becoming more difficult to spot.  

Amazon told CNBC that it uses “powerful machine learning tools and skilled investigators to analyze more than 10 million review submissions a week, In an effort to stop abusive reviews before they are published.”However, the company recently removed 20,000 reviews after an investigation found that the top Amazon reviewers in the UK were engaged in fraud. So, why have fake reviews infiltrated Amazon, and how can customers spot them?

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