Amazon Is Not Taking Care Of Us – Warehouse Workers Says They’re Struggling To Get Paid

Amazon Is Not Taking Care Of Us - Warehouse Workers Says They're Struggling To Get Paid

Amazon said that if they tested positive or are in quarantine due to the coronavirus, it would provide workers with up to two weeks of paid sick leave.

But five Amazon workers told CNBC they’ve received no pay or were given 60% of their typical weekly paycheck, despite meeting the requirements for paid sick leave. (Meanwhile, other Amazon workers said they’ve had no issues getting paid while in quarantine.) Now, many of them are applying for unemployment benefits in order to make up for gaps in their income. Along with the two-weeks paid sick leave,

Amazon said it is also offering unlimited unpaid time off for all hourly employees through the end of April, but a company spokesperson declined to comment on why some employees in quarantine have received 60% of their paycheck.

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