WhatsApp Last Seen Hack: Hiding Last Seen from Specific Contacts

WhatsApp Last Seen Hack Hiding Last Seen from Specific Contacts

Users will soon be able to hide their WhatsApp’s ‘last seen’ from specific contacts

Have you ever wished that you could hide your WhatsApp last seen from specific contacts only? Maybe to keep them updated with what’s going on in your life, but not share it with everyone. Well, now there is a way! This article will explain how to do this and why it can be helpful for many reasons.

WhatsApp Last Seen Hack: Hiding Last Seen from Specific Contacts

As per reports, the company is trying to bring minor changes to privacy settings in their mobile application for Android and iOS users. The update will be on WhatsApp beta for both platforms.

WhatsApp is reworking privacy settings!

The first important news about WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS is announced today: you will be able to disable privacy settings for specific contacts in a future update!

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) September 6, 2021

WhatsApp currently gives its users three options for changing their privacy settings. These include “Everyone,” “My Contacts” and “Nobody.”

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With the new update, users will have the option to hide it from select contacts only.

The WhatsApp update reporter revealed that the new feature on which they are currently working will introduce another option, in addition to those above mentioned three. This is called “my contacts except…” so you can finally enable your last seen back and disable it for specific people.

WhatsApp Last Seen Hack: Hiding Last Seen from Specific Contacts
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‘WhatsApp will introduce a new feature on both iOS and Android, this screenshot shows how it looks like on WhatsApp for iOS.’ WABetaInfo reported.

You can see “My Contacts Except” for last seen in this screenshot, but it will be useful to other privacy settings as well such as ‘profile picture’ and ‘about’.

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