Amazon is Reportedly Making its own TV Expected to Arrive in October

Amazon is reportedly making its own TV
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Amazon is Reportedly Making its own TV Expected to Arrive in October

Amazon Prime Video is reportedly coming to Amazon TVs, which means Amazon customers will be able to watch Amazon Prime videos on their Amazon TV.

The retail giant has been working on its own smart TV for the past few years and it looks like they’re finally ready to release it into the market. This could mean that Amazon’s streaming service would no longer require a Fire Stick or an Apple TV in order for you to stream your favorite shows.

There are two different versions of the Amazon TV in development. One is made by TCL, which will carry Amazon branding and be integrated with Alexa. The other version is an internal product created by engineers at Amazon that should also integrate closely with Alexa technology, but may not have any official brand name behind it beyond just “Amazon.”

The new TVs are expected to arrive in October of 2021. No exact pricing information is available yet, but they will be 55-75 inches long.

It’s easy to see why the prospect of watching Amazon TV shows via an Amazon Prime subscription on a device from their own line is attractive for them. As we all know, there’s nothing they love more than that sweet vertical integration!

Apple doesn’t have an actual TV, but the AppleTV interface certainly places Apple’s media options right at the top of its menu. This is similar to how Amazon showcases its own products on its website with Prime movies and shows front and center.

An Amazon might place these types of products in a prominent way too by putting them right up on the screen for consumers to see along with other things like shipping information or contact details below it all if needed.

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Even though Amazon’s new product, the Fire TV Cube, is an affordable and attractive option for consumers looking to buy a streaming device. We still don’t think you should because they are turning home security Ring devices into surveillance networks for police using their data collection methods which have been known to eavesdrop on users before now.

The new TV will probably be priced between $410 and $600. It is not clear whether the interface would differ from its other devices – like a Firestick, remote control app platform, or AmazonBasics television which was released in December 2020 only available to Indian residents at around about 410 to 600 dollars.

There may be a delay for the TV, The Insider co-reporter of the piece, Ben Bergman, tweeted that “the rollout has been beset with logistical bottlenecks.”

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