Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA


Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA

Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA

A top-tier MBA has always been an expensive proposition, costing upwards of $200,000 in tuition and living costs (not to mention lost income). This year, there may be even more compelling reasons for thinking twice about going to business school. but you can Read These 10 Books Following Elon Musk’s Advice and Skip the MBA 

First and foremost, you will face unusually stiff competition. Applications to top schools are skyrocketing as people seek refuge from the economic storm caused by COVID-19. Furthermore, the virus may continue to disrupt in-person instruction, forcing you to fight your way in just to study online.

But there’s another fundamental reason you might want to skip business school this year or any year. A business degree is simply a waste of money for many people. Just ask Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA

1. Asking the Right Questions (11th Edition)

Asking the Right Questions (11th Edition) - Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA

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Asking the Right Questions is used in many classes across many fields to help students move from memorizing or accepting knowledge without question to the more difficult tasks of critical analysis and synthesis. In particular, this short book teaches students how to think critically by looking at the parts of arguments: issues, conclusions, reasons, evidence, assumptions, language, and so on.

A Comprehensive Guide to Best Books that can change Your Life

2. Organizational Culture and Leadership

Organizational Culture and Leadership - Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA

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Managers and students who want to learn more about how organizational culture changes and leadership are connected should read Organizational Culture and Leadership. Edgar Schein is the “father” of organizational culture and is known all over the world for his study and expertise in the field. In this book, he uses real-life examples to break down the abstract idea of culture and show how important it is to managing organizational change.

3. Business Finance

Business Finance - Read These 10 Books and Follow Elon Musks Advice and Skip the MBA

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Business Finance is an important book for learning how businesses make financial decisions. It is now in its 8th version. From the point of view of the user, it looks at what kinds of investments a business should make and how they should be paid for. It does a good job of combining the theory, analytical, and practical sides of finance and investment.

4. Essentials of Organizational Behavior

Essentials of Organizational Behavior

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Real-life examples in Essentials of Organizational Behavior show readers how to talk to and work with others in groups. The book goes over all of the important ideas in organizational behavior (OB), which makes each lesson interesting and simple to understand.

5. The Management of Innovation

The Management of Innovation

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The Management of Innovation, which came out in 1961, is a business classic and one of the most important books ever written about businesses. It put an end to classical management theory by questioning the idea that there is “one best way” to manage. In its place, it created something permanent.

6. A Theory of Human Motivation

A Theory of Human Motivation

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This is a full copy of the original version that wasn’t made with optical recognition software. This is the piece where Maslow first talked about his hierarchy of needs. His 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” was the first to print it. Maslow later added to the idea by talking about how curious people are by nature.

7. Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems is the only complete, up-to-date guide to the cutting-edge management support system technologies of today. It also shows how these technologies can be used to make better decisions.

8. Critical Analysis of Organizations

Critical Analysis of Organizations

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The main important points in organizational analysis are explained in this thorough and well-researched book. It looks at how important practices have changed in response to postmodernism and the new reflexive turn in organizational studies.

9. Defining Moments

Defining Moments:

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Defining moments happen when managers have to make business choices that go against their personal beliefs. These times test how committed someone is to their beliefs and, in the end, shape who they are. But these choices can also make or break a job. There must be a smart and sensible way to make the right choice.

10. Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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Finance for Businesses, written by Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe, is a well-known textbook that focuses on the current basics of the theory of finance and uses real-life examples to bring the theory to life. The writers want to show that corporate finance is based on a small group of strong intuitions that work together.

Skills beat degrees

As my colleague Jeff Haden pointed out in a recent column, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO believes that too many businesses are run by MBA degrees. There should be a greater emphasis on the product or service itself, with less time spent on board meetings and financials,” Musk said.

Instead of going to school to learn the intricacies of the back office, he advises aspiring business leaders to focus on learning what it takes to make things. That belief is reflected in his approach to hiring Musk focuses on skills not degrees and isn’t bothered by candidates without formal credentials.

Could you save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you prioritized skills over credentials? There are multiple excellent resources available to help you fill gaps in your business knowledge Running Companies, Ranging from online classes to recommended reading lists.

Degree comparison website Degree Query recently combed through publicly available syllabi from Ivy League schools to find the most frequently assigned books in various subjects. If you want to make your own business degree, you couldn’t do much worse than start with their list of the most popular business books assigned at Ivy League schools.


Books can teach you as much as paying a lot of money for an MBA. Elon Musk believes that talent matters far more than schooling. Employment decisions are made by him more on performance than on paperwork review.

The good news? All the business skills you require can be learned by yourself from books! Ten fantastic books suggested by prestigious universities are listed on this page. Studying them will teach you about management, innovation, finance, and other subjects.

The key is taking action on what you read. Don’t just read the books – apply the lessons. Practice the skills over and over until you master them. That hands-on experience is what counts.

Will reading replace a full MBA? Maybe not entirely. But it can give you a killer business education without bankrupting you. You’ll also get rid of years of dull PowerPoints and lectures!

Go around the MBA debt trap, then. Rather, spend some money on some well-chosen books. Read widely, try new things all the time, and see how your business acumen soars.

This is how you become an expert without a fancy degree. This is how you become an expert, even if you don’t have a fancy degree.
It’s not too bad, is it?

After that, don’t get into too much MBA debt. Instead, buy a few good books with your money. If you read a lot and don’t give up, you’ll quickly get good at business. That’s how you become an actual expert without having a fancy degree. It’s not too bad, is it?

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