Best Books that can Change your Life

Best Books that can Change your Life

As everyone is spending more time at home has more time to dive into the world of terrific books than ever before, this could be the best time to hit the best life-changing book for giving yourself a right kick towards the right turn. Isn’t it?

There are tons of life-changing books to read out there but you just have to decide which book can worth your time.

Well, we’ve made thorough research to get you a list of the best books that can change your life so that you can just sit back and enjoy reading. 

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

The first life-changing book on our list won the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction in 1953 and it is one of most favorite books of mine because of many reasons.

Invisible Man is a novel about a nameless black man, who is moving through life invisible. This book addresses social and intellectual issues African Americans were facing in the twentieth century from the perspective of that invisible person.

There is a line in the book said by an invisible young, nameless black man that I really felt:

“Simply because people refuse to see me.”  

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher & William L. Ury

Getting to yes is a non-fiction book written in 1981, by two members of the Harvard Negotiation Project Roger Fisher and William L. Ury. 

The book basically tells that people shouldn’t afraid to negotiate and they should take this feeling like fun. 

The Greatest Salesman In the world by Og Mandino         

The book tells a story of a poor camel boy who later achieves a greater life. It would literally change your life if you’ll read it with all of your interest. 

The Greatest salesman is a guide of hardship and success.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg  

Do you want to be more productive? Want to build a company or just wanted to lose weight? Whatever, your goal is, this book is going to assist you a lot.  

This is one of the best books I have ever read in my life because it inspired me a lot. The Power of Habit explains the science behind habit creation and how that habit affects the way we spend our life.  

You must give this book a read if you want to adopt a practical skill that could immediately impact the quality of your life.

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright

In this book, the writer took the help of Darwinian evolution theory for explaining human behavior, psychology, social dynamics, and how people in a society relate or interact with each other. This interaction with others could be about lovers, friends, or family.

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