Wi-fi 6 to improve your Home Network: [New Generation Wi-fi]

Wi-fi 6 to improve your Home Network [New Generation Wi-fi]

Wi-fi 6 to improve your Home Network

Due to this pandemic, our home wi-fi networks are slammed more than ever before because everyone is forced to stay home and shift their work and leisure activities to the internet.

New Generation Wi-fi

Now, office meetings, classrooms, online shopping, video games, Netflix, and dozens of other activities are congesting the internet connections. So looking over this crucial time need, new generation wifi commonly called wi-fi 6 came into the picture to solve the poor connectivity issues of millions of people around the globe.

This new generation of wi-fi has reached the mainstream in 2021 but debuted in 2018. At the moment, it has become more affordable, with devices that cost as little as $100, and now widely available on new internet routers. 

Moreover, the wireless technology of wi-fi 6 shares a data connection more efficiently across a large number of household devices, like phones, tablets, computers, smart speakers, and TVs while bringing faster speeds as well as broader coverage. Unlike past wi-fi technology, the new generation wi-fi doesn’t slow down the entire network when one or two particular devices are consuming a copious amount of data. Thanks to wi-fi 6!  

Many new gadgets like smartphones and computers now also include chips that help them take advantage of Wi-Fi 6. 

Nonetheless, you can simply upgrade your older router to wi-fi 6 for giving your internet connection a big boost especially if you and your family are working and attending classes from home or you may hold on to your current internet connection if you are happy with it. Everything is up to your convenience.

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