Smartwatch can detect the sign of Covid-19 Before you

SmartWatch can detect the sign of Covid-19 Before you

Smartwatch can detect the sign of Covid-19 Before you

Although, detection of covid-19 through a smartwatch isn’t something to feel pleased about it’s a pretty helpful and safer way that a smartwatch can detect the symptoms of covid-19 infection before you are diagnosed.

As the author of Warrior watches study and assistant professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, Rob Hirton said: 

“Our goal was to use tools to identify infections at the time of infection or before people knew they were sick. We already knew that heart rate variability markers change as inflammation develops in the body and coronavirus is an incredibly inflammatory event. It allows us to predict that people are infected before they know it.”

The important aspect of this study that we need to keep in mind is that according to this study the smartwatch or any other wearable covid-19 detection device shows the variability in heart rate.

It means that the covid-19 testing smartwatch will just detect the variation of a heartbeat between a person with covid-19 symptoms compared to the one who doesn’t.

However, high heart rate variability doesn’t merely mean having a coronavirus infection because it’s also an indication of the active nervous system of a person. 

Hence, by considering this aspect of the study, it should also important to make sure that there isn’t any need to get panic if you’re experiencing variability in heart rate because it is also has been said that more than half of cases of covid-19 were spread due to asymptomatic carrier and carelessness in self-isolation.       

Moreover, not only individual can prevent their family and closed ones to get in touch with this virus if they discover early covid-19 symptoms or positive indications but countries that are facing difficulties in handling this deadly virus should pay attention to this easy, safer, cheap, and less time-consuming solution for improving the frequency of detection of covid-19.

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