Things to Look for in a Mentor


Things to Look for in a Mentor

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Things to Look for in a Mentor

Mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults that we would like. It’s the only way we growSaid George Lucas

You can’t deny the importance of mentorship especially if you’re on your way to success. Mentors encourage you and analyze the areas in which we need to improve in order to succeed. The constructive criticism from your mentor allows you to explore those qualities that you already possess but aren’t aware of. As an American author noted:

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination   

So while looking over that much importance of a mentorship let’s find out how to choose a professional mentor and what are the things to look for in a mentor for setting the right pace towards success.

A Mentor that fits you the best

Things to Look for in a Mentor

I want to make you understand the importance of finding the right mentor by giving you an easy to understand example of shopping.

When we go out for buying a dress we could have to roam around too much for investing in the right one that could relate to our fashion sense and give us comfort while wearing. Likewise, when you start choosing a mentor you’ll find many people trying to manipulate you.

They would pretend to be the best mentor for you but for the sack of your career, do a lot of research and deep analysis about a person you are going to be with the mentee-mentor relationship.   

Try to find better mentoring by looking over the success story of your mentor and his/her field of success. Your and your mentor’s area of interest should be the same in any way so that you would have finer solutions for your every problem.

A mentor with relevant experience

To find a mentor having relevant experience is very much important because you need a mentor for getting appropriate knowledge and information about your specific area of interest. To find out resources and better shortcuts for a struggler is one of the leading characteristics of an excellent mentor.

Nonetheless, an experienced mentor is the one who can make his mentee overwhelming to success, who can tactfully persuade the entrepreneur to awake at nights and do extra for leading among all.

Hence, choose a mentor who is an expert in his field.

A Nonjudgmental Mentor

Things to Look for in a Mentor

One approach a mentor for materializing his/her ideas, interests, thoughts, and priorities but what if the mentor doesn’t pay real attention to you and finds it judgmental to interrupt him even if he is going somewhere out of your interest. 

Being a mentor is not as easy as it seems. An excellent mentor is always a good listener who considers others point of views and respect everyone’s suggestion. Moreover, these qualities of a person lead him to guide others.   

A Mentor who Devote Time

Finding a mentor who devotes time towards your plans is also one of the best tips to find an excellent mentor. This is quite obvious to think that having a mentorship of a person who couldn’t give you enough time and suggestions for your betterment is of no use.    

Final Thoughts

We need to understand the importance of mentoring youth for surviving in this fast-moving world. 

However, finding a good mentor is also not that harder. Read this guide of things to look for in a mentor and confidently choose the best person for polishing your skills. 

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