How to be Happy with Yourself

How to be happy with yourself

Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They will drop it. They’ll drop it every time- Christopher barzak

The awesome show of everyone’s childhood Mr. Bean taught us how to be happy with yourself in a very funny and humorous way. Have you ever thought about the show in this way?

Well, why we always try to look like someone else while having our own personality? Can’t we look much better and happier with ourselves? we seek happiness in materialistic things and sometimes spend whole life finding another person to make us feel happy. 

Why is that so?

The reason behind this bitter truth is that we don’t believe in ourselves to be happier in life and handover our happiness to other people. We don’t consider our existence adept enough to be happy in life.

Practice Mindfulness

Starting your day in the right way is pretty much important. When you start your day nourishing your mental and emotional state you get into high vibes of energy and freshness.

Take time from every morning for meditation and mindfulness. This will help you out to understand how to be more present in a moment and to think about yourself.

Stop being a critical thinker

In order to be happy with yourself, you need to stop being a critical thinker.

A critical thinker is the one who sees things differently and analyzes each aspect. Critical thinkers don’t only look over the possibilities but also keep an eye on impossibilities. Ultimately critical thinkers see both good and bad outcomes of a situation.

However, most of the time these qualities of a person don’t let him follow his heart as he has to keep the consequences in mind. So life is too short to be rational and critical. Be happy as a child feel happy and free to do things every time. 

Don’t be critical, serious, rational, and intelligent about life.    

Do What Makes you Happy

Why being solo is a challenge? 

Being solo often seems challenging because we believe that loneliness will scare us. This is so because we don’t do the things that make us happy while being alone. Solve puzzles, read comics, play guitar, dance, sing, eat, take a picture do whatever you love to do most of the time but because of your workload, you aren’t doing. 

Be yourself

Don’t get impressed by the social statuses of other people. If someone is looking happier by posting pictures with a friend on social media that doesn’t mean he would be happy in life. 

Remember hiding real personality for some moments isn’t that difficult nor wearing a smile over a gloomy heart isn’t that harder. Hence, be yourself and don’t run after those who don’t show his actual side.

Moreover, the moment you start comparing yourself to others you lose your personality, and behaving like someone else all the time is quite difficult. Try to make yourself understand that your loved ones love you being you and the people who aren’t known to you want to explore your personality, no one wants to know another person through your existence.


You can’t learn how to be happy alone by indulging yourself in materialistic things. Social media, video games, movies, and music make you feel happy for a short period. Go out, hang out by the water, walk in the backyard and parks, smell flowers in a garden, plant something, feel the breeze on your face while sitting in the window. Stay close to nature, stay close to you.

Be happy with yourself!  

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