Living VS Existing – An Ultimate Guide

Living VS Existing An ultimate Guide

Living VS Existing – An Ultimate Guide

The Definition of life differs for every individual, but most of the time people get messed up between living vs existing and then ended up without getting clarity. What if someone asks you whether you’re existing or living? Your answer to this question matters a lot as it relates to your life.

The life that you got for once could be pleasant, meaningful, engaging or in whatever way, one can think of it but that’s up to you how well and fullest you spend your life. However, sitting in a corner and just inhaling oxygen is also a matter of choice but to be honest this doesn’t fit on a superior creature of this universe.  

So let’s just dig deeper into it for understanding how to live rather than exist.

Are people living or just existing?

As there is a very fine difference between existing and living but this nominal difference affects you excessively. Let me tell you how

When you exist, you just make money somehow and then spend them uselessly. You don’t really bother to spend the wealth bringing little happiness in your life by giving yourself rewards for every small achievement or going for things that make you happy. You find these things a waste of time and invest only when you feel needy for something. This mindset makes you meaner every day over time.

However, when you live your life to the fullest, you not only work for getting paid but you follow your passion either. You hold this reality in your mind that wealth or luxuries aren’t the only way to feel pleasant and satisfied.

When you are living your positive life, you feel far better giving some cents to a poor rather than keeping them in a pocket while feeling sorry for someone else’s poorness of food, cold, or disease.

Is existence a matter of choice?

While making research on existing vs living, I saw some people foolishly explaining the difference between these two to others while knowing the fact that the person who either lives or exists already known to it, as a sensible human would always choose to live. But the reason for still choosing one among them is their compulsion and for sure that couldn’t be just a lack of money.

You need to understand that sooner or later whatever situation you are in today would turn into a good time. What you all need to do is never feel down, be alive in any situation and keep on trying to make the most of your every second. Don’t sit behind back with negative thoughts or let these thoughts spoil your day. 

We live only once, we are having this life for a short period so it’s too unfair to crave for the future while spoiling the present.

Remember that whatever you are dying for is already on your side. You are not looking over it because you are too busy to curse your luck and existence. Keep in mind that running after luck is an idiotic act and only half-witted do this.

The ones who bear brains, use their wit. They make their own plans for living the life they wanted to live. Then work harder and finally own it.Living VS Existing An ultimate Guide

So live your life in whatever way you want to. If you are struggling with something don’t get panic, find something positive in it, and try to enjoy the struggling part of your life too because this harsh time wouldn’t stick with you forever.

How to live rather than exist

Living VS Existing - An Ultimate Guide

After understanding everything now the question that arises here is how to live a happy life or in other words how to live rather than exist. Well, I can give you the exact answer to this question as I do not know about your life very well neither I want to advise uselessly.

However, you need to understand that there could be so many reasons to laugh, live, and cherish the blessing you already have. Because your mere existence brings negative vibes of your surroundings to you that make you sick and old before time.

Bottom line

We are the masterpiece of the creator of this universe and superior to any other creature. Getting this incredible title of the masterpiece by nature isn’t something that we got by doing something. And also I believe that we as human beings should make the most of our superiority by living like a pro as well as acting life superior. 

So smile often, act kindly, pay respect, be generous, count your blessing for cherishing them not for cursing, and most importantly live every moment.

Let’s get up every day for living rather than existing!

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