iPhone Users Suddenly Go Wild Creating Custom Looks For Their Home Screens

iPhone Users Suddenly Go Wild Creating Custom Looks For Their Home Screens
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Have you customized your iPhone home screen yet? iPhone users are using the latest iOS update to personalize their home screen with new icons, photo boxes, and even full-color schemes. 

New iOS options match the features that have long been available on Android devices, which typically allow users to change almost anything about the appearance of the software. Prior to iOS 14, iPhone users were forced to place their apps in a box grid. 

But now, using the newiOS 14 widget feature and the creative workaround with the Apple-made Shortcuts app, users can change the appearance of their icons and make the iPhone home screen look completely different.

Customization fanatics use Shortcuts to change the icons of the app. Although some apps allow users to change their icon to MLB At Bat, you can change the icon to your favorite team, such as the Shortcuts app, which allows users to change any icon to whatever they like.
Basically, users create a shortcut that does one thing: open an app, such as Spotify, Messages, or Netflix. Then they can change the icon and the name for the shortcut to whatever they want. Customizers use this feature to replace all of the icons on their home screen.
While users have been able to add their own custom icons since Shortcuts was first launched, the combination with the new widget feature has enabled a much higher degree of customization than was possible in the past.

Other people are moving customization to the next level.

One person re-engineered all of his app icons to make them look like an amateur in Microsoft Paint:

iOS 14 let’s you re-do app icons so naturally remade them all much worse in MS paint style

Sorry to all app icon designers that spent years making them nice

— Thomas Reisenegger.gif (@Olima) September 20, 2020

Another shared iPhone screen designed to look like Windows 95:

why did i do this

— ash ☆彡 (@ARTSHL3Y) September 18, 2020

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