What is Reality and Why We all live in Reality

What is Reality and Why We all live in Reality

What is Reality and Why We all live in Reality

Most people believe that we all live in reality. Is this true?

Why do we all live in our reality?

There are implications associated with this myth. It is a belief held by the new age modern mystics and not adherents of conventional religions. To be a mystic, you accept ideas without proof, demonstration, or evidence, and I believe we all live in our reality. What we experience is different from other people’s views of the world.

Endless possibilities

As you begin your life, many futures exist for you. It is you to choose the path you want to follow; your choice of action becomes your reality and is not the same as my choice of action. Every time you add possibility, you open more options for your future or reality. 

Everyone, above all else, values experiences

People tend to steer clear of strict principles, and doctrines. innate intuition makes everyone have a high level of trust in their morality. Personal experiences connect with the ultimate reality. We all turn to others for opinions; however, this is not our only source of truth.

We all question existence. 

Why are we here? Why are you there? These are common questions that run on our minds daily. We all can see connected strings behind an action; this does not mean we can understand how the universe works. We have a different curiosity about the physical and spiritual world.

Ability to trust during uncertainty

We all believe there is a plan for every action, and every action has a purpose even when we are uncertain of what the next moment will bring. We can interpret signs based on our senses and act accordingly.

What is Reality and Why We all live in Reality

We value intuition

Everyone relies on language, physical senses, and knowledge; however, it is our difference in intuitive perceptions that offer a deeper form of reality. Individuals trust their intuition and value other intuitive traits.

Own set of rules.

Rules differ from one person to the other; what is morally right to you might not be morally right to someone else, and that is why there are spiritual and political rebels. Their own rules guide some people and not by leaders or society. 

We value internal growth.

Mystics believe that traditions are meant to trigger transformation and not to appease a higher power. They often feel uncomfortable with structured religions, even though everyone believes that personal growth must come from within.

Differences in beliefs about love

What is Reality and Why We all live in Reality

People usually have different beliefs when it comes to matters of love. Mystics believe that love powers everything. Others believe that we do not need love.

We do not know everything.

We all acknowledge that we do not know everything since the world is infinite and mysterious and too complex for the mind to comprehend in the same way. We learn new things and hear new perspectives by reaching out.

You are not comfortable with spiritual hierarchies.

Everyone has a unique and impenetrable perception about life and hence the ability to experience, to some extent, a unique divinity. There are many paths to experiencing divinity, and this is why we now have many religions in the world.

You are the conduit of power and not the source.

We all believe that every living thing will go, and are simply one wave in an ocean. People are concerned with emotions and not power. Our existence is a borrowed gift given to us by God and is temporary.


It is clear that even if you make no choice, your reality will determine what you experience. Even if you are tall now, there was a time you were short; if you are wealthy now, there is a time you were poor. Our brains make up as we grow to create realities for us; everyone creates personal realities. Every person lives in reality!

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