YouTube Video Notifications are No longer Available through Email Anymore


YouTube Video Notifications are no longer available through Email Anymore

YouTube Video Notifications will no longer be available via email: You must be aware that when a new video is uploaded to a channel, Youtube sends notifications to users. This notification is also sent to email, desktop, and mobile phones. Yet, subscribers will not receive notifications from their favorite YouTube channels via email from now on.

YouTube says on their help page, ‘If you login to a channel and get new uploads, live streams, etc. updates through email. Then, from 13 August 2020, this facility will be closed.’ As before, though, you will still receive notifications from the Youtube mobile app and on your desktop

Notifications will be provided only though you’ve signed in to a Google Chrome site. And if you’ve been taking advantage of this for a long time via email, then soon pursue the alternatives.

Google ‘s reason for blocking email updates is that after receiving email notifications only 0.1 percent of users come to watch videos. Other than this he uses other approaches.

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