Apple Says Its Supply Chain And Product Will Be 100% Carbon Neutral By 2030

Apple Says Its Supply Chain And Product Will Be 100% Carbon Neutral By 2030

Apple is gettin’ even greener. The company announced that it aims to become entirely carbon neutral by 2030. Apple ‘s global business activities are now carbon neutral, and the announcement means Apple will expand the target to its supply chain of production and the life cycle of its products.⁠

It’s in Apple’s best interest to get its partners to help fight climate change. Apple said in a filing in 2019, for example, that severe weather caused by global warming could “cause a temporary disruption in production or the availability of component parts or finished products, in the availability of a data center, or in the availability or productivity of our workforce.” A delay it parts would mean Apple might not be able to ship products on time, which could hurt the company’s sales. ⁠ 

See which other companies said they’d reduce their environmental footprint to combat climate change. Microsoft says it will be carbon negative by 2030, for example, and Amazon has committed to being carbon neutral by 2040.

Within the decade, Apple plans to reduce carbon emissions by 75 percent and develop “innovative carbon reduction strategies” for the remaining 25 percent of its footprint.

The company is also establishing an Impact Accelerator “that will focus on investing in minority-owned businesses that drive positive outcomes in its supply chain and in communities that are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards.”

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