Facebook Sues Software Company For Running Deceptive COVID-19 Ads

Facebook Sues Software Company For Running Deceptive COVID-19 Ads
Tech Titan Facebook has filed a lawsuit against a software company for running deceptive ads about coronavirus containing false information on social media.

The complaint charges that Basant Gajjar’s LeadCloak company has produced ad-cloaking tools intended to sneak out fake news and fraud relating to COVID-19, cryptocurrencies, diet drugs, and more through the automatic advertisement screening mechanism of Facebook and Instagram.

Crack on disinformation.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Facebook and its social-network peers were under attack from lawmakers and other critics who argued the companies weren’t doing enough to terminate harmful and misleading content on their platforms. 

But the corporate has been cracking down on companies that sought to push ads with malware on its platform

In LeadCloak’s case, the firm claims that it would not only prosecute Gajjar but also ensure that it takes measures against LeadCloak, such as deleting accounts using its program.

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