Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Phone Number Leaked; Uses Signal App

Mark Zuckerberg phone number leaked; uses Signal App

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Phone Number Leaked; Uses Signal App

There is widespread concern around the world about Facebook app data leaks involving 533 million users. Surprisingly, the leaked data include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal information, including his phone number.

Mark’s personal information such as birth date, location, and Facebook user ID is revealed in the compromised data. According to a security researcher who allegedly has access to leaked data, Mark Zuckerberg uses the Signal app.

In a related development, Mark Zuckerberg respects his own privacy by using a chat app with end-to-end encryption that is not owned by @facebook.

This is the number associated with his account from the recent facebook leak.

— Dave Walker (@Daviey) April 4, 2021

The researcher made the information public by posting his phone number on the internet. The number is associated with the Signal app.

Regarding the #FacebookLeak, of the 533M people in the leak – the irony is that Mark Zuckerberg is regrettably included in the leak as well.

If journalists are having trouble getting a statement from @facebook, why not just call him from the phone number provided in the leak? 📞😂@GazTheJourno

— Dave Walker (@Daviey) April 3, 2021

This news comes at a critical juncture, as users are outraged by Whatsapp’s app’s new privacy policy. Users switched to the Signal app due to privacy concerns with the Whatsapp policy, which is set to take effect in May 2021.

The database of 533 million Facebook users’ private information and stolen phone numbers were posted to the Hackers forum and is now publicly available.

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