Dogecoin was Started as a Joke Acquired the Market Cap of $52 Billion.

Dogecoin started as a joke Acquired the Market

Dogecoin was Started as a Joke Acquired the Market Cap of $52 Billion.

On Monday, a cryptocurrency that started out as a joke emerged into Wall Street. With a boom in dogecoin bringing its 2021 return past 8,100 percent. There is more than double the returns on the S&P 500 since 1988, including dividends.

From a Joke:

Dogecoin’s transformation from a joke to a traded commodity worth around $50 billion. More than Marriott International Inc. or Ford Motor Co. combined. It is the latest act of financial alchemy by fast-moving retail investors. They have used no-fee trading platforms. They have a flood of government support money to transform markets over the past year.

The emergence of cryptocurrency is mindful of GameStop Corp.’s rise earlier this year. When traders gathered on Reddit and other social media sites. They developed a past-prime mall store into a stock-market giant.

Rise of Dogecoin

This time, dogecoin’s buyers have gone a step further, turning a parody into a real commodity. This is resulting in unbelievable profits for some traders who got in early. The current stage of the frenzy focuses dubbed the “Doge Day” in online forums. The dangerous attempt to drive the crypto currency’s price to $1. ET closing price of approximately 39 cents on Monday and less than a penny in January.

A lot of the people coming in haven’t been around too long and haven’t seen bitcoin crash

For the time being, the rise and fall of common assets in online forums has increased. The rise in GameStop peaked in January and then faded without affecting major scales. Many investors are keeping an eye on these market fluctuations.

They are believing that a sharp drop in the price of dogecoin or bitcoin. This may cause investment firms and other large investors to reduce risky holdings.

Though there’s no reason to think stocks are about to crash, dogecoin’s rise “feels like a bubble to me.  That worries me a lot, not only for dogecoin investors but also for daily equities investors.


For the time being, dogecoin’s rapid growth is confirming one of 2021’s unusual yet true facts. Even the most unusual trades may often result in huge profits.

Anyone who invested $10,000 in dogecoin on December 31 would have earned more than $821,000 as of April. The same money would have yielded under $87,250 in GameStop stock and $11,150 in an index fund. 

If dogecoin reaches $1, it will be worth more than blue-chip companies. This is like Advanced Micro Devices, CVS Health, and General Motors.

Dogecoin Future

Dogecoin has no utility and, unlike bitcoin, has no limit on the number of coins that you can create. Computers unlock new coins by solving mathematical puzzles every day. According to CoinDesk, there were 129.2 billion doge coins in circulation on Monday.

We are seeing a bright future of dogecoin in the coming days. There is always uncertainty in the market. No one knows what happens the next day with your investment. So, invest wisely and effectively.

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