How 2 Billionaires Feel About Bitcoin – Rewind

Elon Musk Expressed Mixed Feelings About Bitcoin - Mark Cuban Compared Bitcoin to Bananas

How 2 Billionaires Feel About Bitcoin – Rewind

He recently tweeted a meme that suggested being tempted by bitcoin. Cryptocurrency advocate and entrepreneur Michael Saylor replied and told Musk he should consider converting Tesla’s balance sheet from dollars to bitcoin; Musk then inquired if transactions that size were even possible.

But Musk didn’t track and seemed completely sold. He later tweeted that Bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money” and seemed to jokingly endorse cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

According to Marketwatch, Musk stated in 2019 that while bitcoin’s structure is “brilliant,” it isn’t quite right for Tesla.

Mark Cuban has said that cryptocurrency fans are acting like they are in a “religion.”

Cuban has been on the track from a long-time skeptic of bitcoin.  He said that there was “no chance” it could become a reliable currency. In December 2019,

In an interview with Forbes, he recently doubled that stance.

“It’s a store of value like gold that is more religion than a solution to any problem,” he wrote to Forbes. He added: “No matter how much BTC fans want to pretend that it’s a hedge against doomsday scenarios, it is not.”

He has previously compared bitcoin to bananas, and stated that he would rather have a banana.

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