Apple’s Privacy Change Poised to Boost the Power of its App Store

Apple's Privacy Change Poised to Boost the Power of its App Store

The digital advertising industry is bracing for a seismic shift when Apple updates its iPhone software in the coming weeks. The move, known as App Tracking Transparency (ATT), will require app developers to obtain permission before collecting a unique identifier known as the IDFA on every iOS device.

It is expected that a huge number of users will say no. IDFA is now used by developers and advertisers to target mobile ads and track their effectiveness. Apple has repeatedly stated that the platform change, announced in June, is about privacy.

However, digital advertising experts believe say there could be a side benefit for Apple: Increased power over its App Store, giving Apple more control over the types of apps that become popular and earn millions of dollars through the store.

In particular, it could make it harder for app makers to draw consumers to download their apps through in-app advertisements. This could assist Apple in directing consumers to the apps that it chooses to highlight in the App Store for its own business purposes.

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