Chrome Browser Now Lets You Group All Tabs in ‘Tab Groups’

Chrome Browser Now Lets You Group All Tabs in ‘Tab Groups'
Are you among those users who want to keep TABS open on your browser? When you have more than 30 tabs open, they can often be difficult to handle. Google adds a great feature to help you manage tabs on your browser In short, now you will be able to keep tabs on your tabs.
The new feature is called “Tab Groups”. This feature will allow you to group all open tabs with one click, allow you to label them with a custom name, even color, and save, making it easy for you.
Although, this grouping feature has arrived late on Google Chrome. The feature is already present on many browsers such as Opera and Vivaldi but then Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers.
The feature is very handy for grouping similar websites, tracking the progress of tasks, etc.

How to use ‘Tab Groups’?

  • Right-click any tab, and “Add a new party tab”
  • Chose the name, color of your tab group.
  • When you open new tabs, by clicking the right mouse button, you can select Add to group and chose the group where you want to add tab to.
The feature is available in the latest version of Google Chrome Beta.

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