Airbnb Hosts Are Building Their Own Direct Booking Website In Revolt

Airbnb Hosts Are Building Their Own Direct Booking Website In Revolt

Some Airbnb hosts are taking matters into their own hands. Short-term rental hosts are banding together and launching their own direct-booking websites in an effort to diversify their business after years of mounting frustration with Airbnb and other short-term rental providers.

Some of these websites were already in the works. But many hosts have recently prioritized their own direct-booking websites after a turbulent past two months, as the coronavirus pandemic spurred widespread cancellations and many grew unhappy with Airbnb’s reimbursement policies. Although these independent websites lack the consumer base that comes with a large service like Airbnb, they give hosts more power when it comes to how they brand and market their properties.

Padilla and his team used Squarespace and their property management software service Lavanda PMS to build out their website, which launched on April 23. 
“We felt like Airbnb is doing what any rational business owner would do, which is ensure the survival of their company,” Padilla said. “That’s totally respectable, but we should do the same for us.

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