According to a Neuroscientist – 3 Things You Can Do Today To Beat Work Stress

3 Things You Can Do Today To Beat Work Stress - According to a Neuroscientist

Nearly every aspect of living and working has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic.⁠

“In the brain, it’s like we woke up one day in a war zone with no training or skills and our brains are not dealing well with it,” says neuroscientist Dr. David Rock.⁠

While it may feel like stress is coming at you from every direction, Rock says that it’s important to boil down the root causes of stress to three main points: feelings of uncertainty, a lack of autonomy and a decrease in positive social interaction.⁠

The positive thing is that understanding these three underlying causes of stress is the first step in resolving it both at home and at work.

From focusing on what you can control to scheduling time to socialize, he shares 3 simple ways to start combating stress today,

Here are Rock’s suggestions for simple ways to start combating stress today.

1. Set a time limit on your daily news updates

2. Focus on the parts of your day you can control

3. Schedule time to socialize

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