Best Watch for Swimming in 2024

Swimming watches that track not only your pace but also your strokes, heart rate, and other metrics

Best Watch for Swimming in 2023

If you find yourself inclined towards engaging in cardiovascular exercises within the calm limits of a pool, as opposed to the bustling roads or the bustling atmosphere of a gym, then it is highly likely that one of the Best Watch for Swimming in 2024 available in the market could prove to be the perfect companion to elevate your workout routine to unprecedented heights.

Similar to a cutting-edge running watch that assists in enhancing your running experience by providing valuable insights on pace and timings, a swimming watch serves as an invaluable companion for avid swimmers. This sophisticated timepiece goes beyond merely keeping track of time and offers an extensive range of features designed to elevate your swimming performance to new heights.

From thoroughly monitoring your heart rate to closely tracking the number of strokes per length, a swimming watch empowers you with comprehensive data that can be utilized to refine your technique and achieve optimal results in the water.

As a dedicated swimmer, it is important to note that not all fitness trackers are suitable for your water-based endeavors. Although the majority of these devices boast a water resistance of up to 50 meters, it is important to note that not all of them offer specialized swimming workout modes or distinct settings for open water and pool swimming.

An excellent choice for those seeking an affordable option to kickstart their fitness journey is to consider investing in a dedicated swimming watch or a versatile outdoor timepiece equipped with swimming modes. This allows for closely monitoring your swimming metrics.

What To Look for While Buying The Best Watch for Swimming in 2024

If you’re an avid swimmer looking to elevate your performance and closely monitor your swimming metrics, investing in a high-quality swimming watch is a smart choice. With numerous options available in the market, it’s essential to know what features to prioritize when selecting the best swimming watch for your needs.

Now let’s explore the key factors to consider while buying a swimming watch in 2024, ensuring that you make an informed decision that enhances your swimming experience.

  • Water Resistance:

When it comes to swimming watches, water resistance is the most crucial feature to look for. Ensure that the watch is specifically designed for swimming and has a high level of water resistance, typically rated at least 5 ATM (50 meters). This ensures that your watch remains fully functional while swimming and withstands the pressures of water.

  • Swim Metrics and Tracking Features:

Opt for a swimming watch that offers comprehensive swim metrics and tracking features. Look for functionalities such as lap counting, stroke detection, distance tracking, swim efficiency, and even heart rate monitoring. These features provide valuable insights into your swimming performance, helping you analyze and improve your technique over time.

  • Dedicated Swimming Modes:

Choose a watch that includes dedicated swimming modes, specifically designed to track and analyze your swim workouts accurately. These modes typically offer specific data screens tailored to swimming activities, making it easier to access relevant information during your swim sessions.

  • Compatibility and Synchronization:

Consider the compatibility of the swimming watch with your smartphone or other devices. Look for watches that seamlessly synchronize with popular fitness-tracking apps, allowing you to analyze and track your progress over time. This feature enables you to have a comprehensive overview of your swimming workouts and easily share your achievements with others.

  • Battery Life:

Ensure that the swimming watch you choose has a long battery life to meet your needs. Look for watches that offer extended battery performance, ideally lasting for multiple swim sessions without requiring frequent recharging. This ensures that your watch remains operational during long training sessions or competitions.

  • Comfort and Fit:

Swimming watches come in various sizes and designs. It’s crucial to select a watch that fits comfortably on your wrist and doesn’t hinder your swimming performance. Consider options with adjustable straps or bands, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict your movements in the water.

Top Best Watch for Swimming in 2024

1.) Garmin Swim 2

  • Best Swimming Watch To Train Smarter

Garmin Swim 2 Watch for Swimming

The Garmin Swim 2 has emerged as the undisputed leader in the realm of swimming watches, securing the coveted number one position. Garmin, a well-established brand, has gained recognition among the running community for its extensive range of exceptional products. There is a limited selection of swimming items that truly embody dedication. However, this newly introduced addition to their repertoire is a highly anticipated and appreciated inclusion.

To begin with, this watch boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. With its versatile design, this timepiece effortlessly transitions from the pool to the office, and even to a sophisticated dinner setting. Its understated aesthetic ensures that it doesn’t appear overly sporty, allowing you to make a stylish statement in any environment. No matter what you choose to pair it with, this versatile piece exudes a sense of effortless style.

Additionally, this remarkable timepiece offers the added benefit of seamlessly tracking running statistics. For those individuals who engage in running as a leisurely pursuit and seek to monitor essential metrics such as time, distance, and heart rate without the need for additional intricate functionalities, look no further than this remarkable timepiece.

One of the standout features of this remarkable swimming watch is its exceptional versatility, boasting dedicated modes meticulously designed for both pool and open-water swimming. Only a select few engage in such activities. The renowned Garmin GPS proves to be an invaluable tool for accurately measuring distances while engaging in open-water swimming activities, be it in vast lakes or expansive oceans.

For individuals deeply committed to their swimming training regimen and seeking to establish precise objectives, the remarkable array of advanced features offered by this watch is truly noteworthy. Enhance your swimming experience with the remarkable features of our cutting-edge swim tracker. Stay on top of your training regimen by setting convenient pacing alerts, allowing you to maintain optimal speed and efficiency throughout your drills.

Keep a meticulous record of your progress by effortlessly logging detailed statistics for each specific swimming drill, enabling you to track your performance and identify areas for improvement. With our innovative swim tracker, you have the flexibility to select from two distinct rest timers, ensuring that you can tailor your rest periods to suit your individual needs. Dive into the future of swimming

In addition to its exceptional swim and run tracking capabilities, this remarkable watch goes above and beyond by offering an array of impressive features. With its integrated sleep tracking functionality, you can effortlessly monitor and analyze your sleep patterns, gaining valuable insights into your restorative rest.

Moreover, the watch boasts a calorie counting feature, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of your daily caloric intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Brand Garmin
Model Name Swim 2, Slate
Style Smartwatch
Color Slate
Screen Size 1.04 Inches
Special Feature Up to 7 Days of Battery Life; Always-On Full-Color Chroma Display; Pool and Open Water Swim Modes
Shape Round
Target Audience Unisex-adult
Age Range Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone

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Pros Cons
+ Pool mode and open-water modes GPS can take some time to sync
+ Can track running and cycling too
+ Pairs with compatible smartphones
+ Battery life of between 13 hours and 7 days, depending on mode

2.) Amazfit Stratos 3

  • Casual Swimmers Best Watch

Amazfit Stratos 3 Watch for Swimming

Amazfit, a subsidiary of Zepp Health, has established a strong reputation in the realm of smart and budget-friendly fitness trackers. Continuing this trend, the Amazfit Stratos 3 stands as a prime example of their commitment to excellence. The fitness tracker in question is a versatile and reliable device that excels in various aspects of health and wellness monitoring. Notably, it boasts exceptional functionality as a swimming watch, particularly for individuals who prefer to engage in aquatic exercises within the confines of a pool setting.

Alongside its impressive swim-tracking capabilities, this remarkable device also boasts a convenient built-in music player. With the ability to seamlessly connect to your waterproof headphones, you can now elevate your training sessions by immersing yourself in the melodious tunes or captivating podcasts of your choice. In addition, this remarkable device offers a specialized triathlon mode, designed to seamlessly transition between the three disciplines of cycling, swimming, and running, ensuring that not a single precious moment is wasted.

While it is unfortunate that an open-water swimming mode is not included, this particular fitness tracker is a commendable choice for individuals seeking a mid-range option. With its impressive features and capabilities, it is well-suited for indoor training activities, ensuring a satisfactory experience for users.

Please take note that the highly anticipated launch of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is imminent, potentially leading to a potential shift in this guide’s recommendations, particularly if it offers a competitive price point. Anticipate a truly challenging viewing experience, potentially showcasing the remarkable ability to navigate open water swimming.


Brand Amazfit
Model Name Amazfit Stratos 3
Style Stratos 3
Color Black
Screen Size 1.34 Inches
Special Feature Android Phone Control, iOS Phone Control, Water Resistant
Shape Heart, Round
Target Audience Unisex Adult
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone

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Pros Cons
+ Affordably priced No open water mode
+ Music player Relatively short battery life


  • This Strong Watch Lasts For Years

COROS VERTIX 2 Best Watch for Swimming in 2023

Presenting an exceptionally durable timepiece that is built to withstand the test of time, even in the face of the most demanding adventures. Crafted with utmost precision and fortified with robust materials, this remarkable watch is engineered to accompany you on your most daring escapades, ensuring unwavering reliability and longevity for years to come.

The Coros Vertix 2 stands out as an exceptional multi-sports watch, boasting an impressive array of features that cater to the needs of even the most discerning athletes. With its remarkable durability and advanced functionality, it emerges as an excellent choice for individuals seeking the pinnacle of performance in a swimming watch.

One of the key advantages of this remarkable timepiece lies in its remarkably extended battery life, rendering it an ideal companion for extensive escapades and journeys. According to Coros, the remarkable Vertix 2 boasts an impressive capability of maintaining continuous GPS tracking for an astounding duration of up to 140 hours.

The Ultramax mode of this device boasts an impressive battery life of up to 240 hours, ensuring that you can make the most of its various functions such as tracking foot, bike, and swimming metrics without worrying about running out of power. For those individuals who have a penchant for engaging in multiple athletic endeavors, there is an exceptional feature known as the multi-sport triathlon mode.

This remarkable functionality allows enthusiasts to seamlessly transition between three distinct sports, thereby enhancing their overall fitness experience. The watch boasts a remarkable 1.48-inch always-on display, showcasing vivid and sharp images that are widely regarded as some of the finest in the current market. With its exceptional screen quality, this device offers a seamless experience in effortlessly viewing and monitoring your statistics with just a quick glance.

Even in the depths of the ocean, the screen continues to display vivid and discernible images. The watch primarily relies on physical buttons for operation, a crucial feature for individuals who frequently engage in water-based activities such as swimming, where wet hands are commonplace. Certainly, the Coros Vertix 2 offers the convenience of utilizing its touchscreen functionality in a wide array of scenarios, thereby catering to the preferences of diverse users.


Screen Size 1.4 Inches
Special Feature Bluetooth
Sport Snow Skiing, Climbing, Running, Camping & Hiking, Swimming
Mounting Type Wrist Mount
Color Lava
Resolution 480 x 272
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.62 inches
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Item Weight 0.09 Kilograms

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Pros Cons
+ Mosty button-operated Expensive
+ Great battery life
+ Accurate heart rate monitor without strap

4.) Garmin Forerunner 945

  • Triathlete-Friendly Swimming Watch

Garmin Forerunner 945 Watch for Swimming

The Garmin Forerunner 945 stands out as the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting the finest swimming watch. What sets it apart is its remarkable versatility, as it is conveniently offered in a bundle that includes not just one, but two chest-strap heart rate monitors. With one tailored for running and cycling, and another thoughtfully designed exclusively for pool activities, this watch truly caters to all your fitness needs.

These additional features are highly beneficial for individuals engaged in rigorous heart rate training. Their ability to detect changes at a faster rate compared to wrist sensors makes them exceptional tools. However, it is important to note that while these features are advantageous, they are not indispensable. The Forerunner 945 stands out among other watches as it possesses the unique capability to accurately measure heart rate even when submerged underwater, rendering the need for additional devices unnecessary.

Additionally, this remarkable device boasts a cutting-edge built-in music player, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with a set of waterproof headphones. This ingenious combination enables you to indulge in your beloved melodies while submerged in the water. Moreover, this exceptional product offers an extensive array of meticulously designed features specifically curated to enhance your swimming experience.

When it comes to open-water swimming, there are several important metrics that enthusiasts and athletes alike should pay attention to. These metrics not only provide valuable insights into one’s performance but also contribute to a more effective and efficient swimming experience. First and foremost, distance is a key metric that can be easily tracked using GPS technology.

By accurately measuring the distance covered during a swim, individuals can gain a better understanding of their overall progress and set realistic goals for improvement. Pace is another crucial metric that helps swimmers gauge their speed and efficiency in the water. By monitoring their pace, athletes can identify areas where they

In addition to its extensive range of fitness tracking capabilities, this remarkable watch also offers a multitude of other features that make it truly stand out. With the inclusion of smartwatch functionalities such as contactless payment options, this timepiece proves to be exceptional both in and out of the water.


Brand Garmin
Model Name Forerunner 945, Black
Style Device Only
Color Black
Screen Size 1.2 Inches
Special Feature GPS, Music Player, Contactless Payments, Incident Detection, Distance Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker, Time Display, Notifications, Multisport Tracker
For Unisex Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone
Display Type LCD
Band Color black

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Pros Cons
+ Heart rate sensor works underwater Not very stylish
+ Excellent swim-tracking tools
+ Built-in music player

5.) Polar Ignite

  • Top Polar Swim Watch


Polar Ignite Watch for Swimming

For those who have a fondness for Polar watches, this particular timepiece is exceptionally well-suited for individuals who enjoy swimming. Featuring a sleek and minimalist design, this product is a true embodiment of modern aesthetics. With a wide range of six vibrant colors to choose from, it offers a delightful opportunity for personalization and style expression.

Polar’s heart rate monitoring system is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, thanks to the utilization of cutting-edge optical sensors. These state-of-the-art sensors enable users to obtain the most precise and reliable data, ensuring an unparalleled on-the-go experience. According to feedback from a number of esteemed customers, it has been suggested that in order to optimize the performance and functionality of the watch, it is advisable to wear it on the outer side of the wrist rather than the inner side.

While it may not boast the same level of sophistication as the top-tier Garmin offerings in terms of metrics, this particular product does not disappoint when it comes to essential features such as speed, distance, and route tracking, thanks to its seamlessly integrated GPS functionality.

The sleep tracking feature of this product is highly advanced, offering a separate function specifically designed to monitor your recovery throughout the night. This innovative feature provides you with invaluable insights into your overall health and healing process.

In addition to its numerous commendable features, our product also boasts a range of smart functionalities that are sure to impress. These include the ability to receive text messages, phone calls, and emails, ensuring that you stay connected at all times. However, our personal favorite is the Polar Fit Spark Daily Training Guide, which provides invaluable guidance and support for your fitness journey.

Gain exclusive access to personalized coaching that will keep you consistently motivated on your fitness journey. Our team of expert trainers will provide you with tailored workout plans that align perfectly with your unique personal goals.


Model Name Polar Ignite
Style Modern
Color Black/Silver
Screen Size 43 Millimeters
Special Feature Time Display, Sleep Monitor, Accelerometer, GPS, Calorie Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor
Shape Heart
Target Audience Men, Women
Age Range  Adult
Compatible Devices Compatible with Polar BLE heart rate sensors

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Pros Cons
+ We like the Fit Spark Daily Training Guide Doesn’t seem to be as durable as others
+ Wrist-based heart rate measuring Not able to be operated while wearing gloves
+ Tracks your recovery as you sleep
+ Available in various colors


FAQs – Best Watch for Swimming in 2024

Q: What makes a watch suitable for swimming?

A watch that is suitable for swimming should have a high level of water resistance, typically rated at least 5 ATM (50 meters) or more. It should be specifically designed to withstand the pressures of water and have features that cater to swimming activities.

Q: Can I wear any regular watch while swimming?

Not all watches are suitable for swimming. Regular watches may not have the necessary water resistance or swimming-specific features to withstand water exposure. It is recommended to invest in a watch specifically designed for swimming to ensure durability and accurate tracking of swim metrics.

Q: What swim metrics should I look for in a swimming watch?

Swimming watches can track various metrics, including lap counting, stroke detection, distance tracking, swim efficiency, and heart rate monitoring. Look for a watch that offers comprehensive swim metrics relevant to your fitness goals and swimming technique.

Q: Are swimming watches compatible with fitness-tracking apps?

Many swimming watches are compatible with popular fitness-tracking apps. This allows you to synchronize your swim data and analyze your progress over time. Check the watch’s compatibility with your preferred app to ensure seamless integration.

Q: How long should the battery life be for a swimming watch?

Battery life varies among different swimming watches. Ideally, look for watches with long battery life that can last through multiple swim sessions without frequent recharging. This ensures that your watch remains functional during extended training or competitions.

Q: Can I wear a swimming watch while showering or in hot tubs?

While swimming watches are designed to withstand water exposure, it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding hot water and steam. Some watches may not be suitable for prolonged exposure to hot water, such as in showers or hot tubs.


In conclusion, selecting the best watch for swimming in 2024 requires careful consideration of several factors. By understanding the key features to look for, such as water resistance, swim metrics, dedicated swimming modes, compatibility, battery life, and comfort, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your swimming goals.

Additionally, exploring the top-rated swimming watches available in the market can provide valuable insights and options to choose from. Remember to prioritize your specific requirements and preferences when selecting a swimming watch, ensuring it enhances your swimming experience and helps you track and improve your performance.

Investing in the best swimming watch for your needs not only enhances your performance but also adds a new dimension to your swimming experience in 2024 and beyond. Enjoy the benefits of accurate swim tracking, valuable metrics, and the convenience of synchronized data to propel your swimming prowess to new heights.

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