Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking in 2022


As a professional gamer, you must be aware of the different techniques that can give you an edge over your opponents. One such technique is butterfly clicking, which can be done with the best mouse for butterfly clicking. This method has become increasingly popular in recent years, and more and more gamers are using it to their advantage. In this article, we will discuss what butterfly clicking is and how to do it correctly using the best mouse for butterfly clicking.

Professional gamers must know the advantage of a higher CPS over competitors is crucial to achieving victory in gaming. Especially for Minecraft gamers, who know that the difference between using butterfly clicks and other techniques can be made during intense moments of the play when things are going smoothly but become more difficult quickly without this technique available. There’s no doubt about it – if you’re looking forward to competing at the top level then cheats like these will help put your name atop all others!

What Is Butterfly Clicking?

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking in 2022

When you’re playing your favorite game and there’s a tough spot where things are getting really difficult, don’t give up! There might be an easier way to get through it if we take this one step at a time.

The first thing most people do when they play games likeCS: GO or DotA2 (both great examples of “tough” situations)is lift their hands off the mouse pad every time another object appears in front of them; however with butterfly clicking–or tweaking as some gamers call it—you can still have complete control over where each footstep goes without ever having loosened your grip on the mouse.

This method is best used with a claw grip and it involves quickly tapping the left and right buttons of the mouse at an even pace. The result is a higher click per second (CPS) rate which can come in handy during those fast-paced moments we mentioned earlier.

The use of a technique called “butterfly clicking” can help you achieve extra efficiency and make far quicker work on tasks. It involves using two fingers to click the mouse rapidly, achieving more than just one quick rapid click for greater results in less time spent doing so!

To get the most out of butterfly clicking, you’ll need a mouse with buttons that are easy to press and require no extra effort. If your desired outcome is quick reactions times then choose wisely because there’s nothing worse than fumbling through complicated tasks when all it takes was just one fluid motion!

How To Choose the Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking?

When searching for a mouse to use while butterfly clicking, there are many things that need consideration. The following list provides some of the most essential facts you should take into account when making your decision:

Sensor Type:

The sensor type is important because it affects how precise your mouse will be. Optical sensors tend to have a higher degree of accuracy than laser ones, but both can still give you great results depending on what kind they are and which drivers were used when installing them in order for the cursor movement buttons to work properly with whatever software program has been installed alongside these devices too!


Ergonomics is an important aspect to consider when selecting a gaming mouse. You want one that feels comfortable, fits your grip well and isn’t too difficult or awkward to use for long periods of time–especially if you plan on playing strategy games like Minecraft where precision comes first! Some mice have been designed with varying ergonomic designs which can make all the difference between victory & defeat as well as satisfaction vs regretful failure.

Cable Length:

The cable length is another vital factor in choosing the best gaming mouse. If it’s too short then you’ll be constantly tugging at it which can lead to disruptions in gameplay; however, a mouse with a lengthy cord gives you more freedom of movement and won’t get in the way as easily. Be sure to measure the distance from your computer to where you’ll be sitting before making a purchase so that you know how much length is necessary.

Adjustable DPI Settings:

With an adjustable DPI setting, you can have more control over how fast or slow your clicks come off the mouse. If using a butterfly clicker then this becomes even more important as they want to accumulate accurately clicked every minute! Don’t rely on standard settings for precision because those might not be enough when playing games like these where there’s little time spent moving around but plenty of resting between moves. Instead, choose a gaming mouse with an adjustable DPI so that you can find the perfect speed for your needs.


The buttons on a gaming mouse can also be crucial. Some gamers prefer to have more than the usual two which gives them easier access to different in-game functions; however, too many buttons can end up being more of a hindrance than a help. If you’re planning on using butterfly clicking then make sure the mouse you select has buttons that are easy to press and require no extra effort.


Comfort is extremely important when playing games for long periods of time or competitively since you need to be able to feel confident in knowing that your hand will be good even after hours on the couch, so choose wisely! The best mouse should not only make clicking softer but also give off an ergonomic design that makes it easier without causing any pain by reducing stress on joints like fingers and wrist.

Programmable Buttons & Macros:

Programming your buttons and macros can be a useful tool in gaming, but it’s not necessary. If you want to personalize the way they work on their own or do some light programming then find yourself with one that has this feature available for use!


To find the perfect balance between price and quality, it’s important to try finding a mouse that will suit your needs. For example, if you are looking for something simple as a backup or gift there are plenty of options available under $30!


The best way to protect your investment and peace of mind is by purchasing a mouse with at least a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. If something goes wrong, whether through accident or other means like shipping issues on their end then you will be covered under this protection plan for up to 12 months!


Professional gaming is a competitive field. Every split second counts and even the slightest advantage can make or break your game, so finding an optimal mouse for butterfly clicks becomes vital in this environment of high-pressure situations where every detail matters! The following list was compiled from our top picks due to their popularity among gamers looking forward to winning games with ease using these types of clickers–but don’t take my word on it; go try them all out yourself today before you get beat by someone who has better gear than yours!.

1-Glorious Model O RGB 67g Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking in 2022

Glorious Model O RGB 67g Lightweight Gaming Mouse is the ultimate gaming mouse for [MEDIUM to LARGE] hands. This ambidextrous ultralightweight gaming mouse was designed with speed, control, and comfort in mind. The Glorious Skates glide like blades on ice over any surface, including glass. Our Braided ‘Ascended’ Cord is so light it produces a drag-free wireless feel.

We have included our popular 3D printed flexible grip sides that allow you to customize your grip with ease. The G-Skates are made of 100% pure Virgin PTFE and have undergone extensive testing to ensure they will never peel off or cause tracking issues.

Glorious Model O RGB 67g Lightweight Gaming Mouse is designed for gamers who demand the ultimate performance. With an advanced optical sensor, you get precise tracking and reliable responsiveness. Customize your settings with 6-step DPI, polling rate, lift-off distance, click/scroll speed, 6 buttons with macro support, and more. Plus you can use Glorious’ software to program the mouse wheel button to execute a series of commands or launch applications.

It also features onboard memory that allows you to store up to 3 profiles on the mouse. The Glorious Model O RGB gaming mouse comes in two different sizes to fit all hand sizes and grip styles. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line ambidextrous gaming mouse, then look no further than the Glorious Model O RGB 67g Lightweight Gaming Mouse!


Connectivity Technology: USB

Recommended Uses For Product: Gaming

Brand: Glorious PC Gaming Race

Compatible Devices: PC, PlayStation, XBOX, MAC

Model Name: Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming-Maus – Black, matt

2-Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

The Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse gives you the ultimate flexibility and customization for your gaming needs. With three interchangeable side plates with 2, 7, and 12-button configurations, you can choose the setup that best suits your game. The Razer Naga Trinity also features a high-precision 16,000 DPI optical sensor and up to 19 programmable buttons, allowing you to remap button functions and assign complex macro functions through Razer Synapse.

The Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse gives you the ultimate control over your game. With up to 19 programmable buttons, you can remap and assign complex macro functions through Razer Synapse. The customizable Chroma RGB color profiles support 16.8 million color combinations with included preset profiles, so you can always have the perfect tone of voice for your game.

The Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse features a 12,000 dpi optical sensor that tracks up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration. With the most configurable ergonomic design ever, it comes with interchangeable side panels, two thumb grips, and a unique contoured body for personalized comfort.

The Razer Naga Trinity also features mechanical switches rated for up to 50 million clicks, as well as five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons that allow you to make complex actions simple. It’s the ultimate weapon of choice for gamers who demand the best.


Connectivity Technology: Wired

Brand: Razer

Compatible Devices: Personal Computer

Movement Detection Technology: Optical

Number of Buttons: 19

3-Logitech G403 Hero 25k Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse has a Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players. It offers 1:1 tracking, 400+ ips, and 100 – 25,600 max dpi sensitivity plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. You can also customize lighting effects from 16.8-meter colors with g hub gaming software, and sync across g gear.

The Logitech G403 Prodigy Wired Gaming Mouse is the successor to the award-winning Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury. The new Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse has been designed with a focus on comfort and durability, as well as accuracy and speed. This mouse is lightweight (87g) and comfortable to use for long periods of time with rubber grips for added control. You can tune your performance by adding or removing up to 10 grams of optional weight in the mouse body.

The Logitech G403 Hero is designed for high-performance gaming. The Hero features Logitech’s exclusive LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, which reduces input lag and increases responsiveness. The HERO sensor delivers accuracy with no acceleration or smoothing, so you can rely on it to consistently track every move. This mouse has been built with a 1ms report rate that makes it 8x faster than standard mice.

The HERO sensor tracks at 200-16000 DPI*. It also comes with six programmable buttons and onboard memory to save your settings directly to the mouse.


Connectivity Technology: USB

Brand: Logitech G

Compatible Devices: Windows 7 or later macOS 10.11 or later USB port Internet connection for optional software download

Series: Logitech G403 HERO Gaming Mouse

Color: Black

4-SteelSeries Sensai 310 Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking in 2022

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is the perfect mouse for professional gamers. It features a custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical 1-to-1 tracking esports sensor that provides accurate and consistent movement. The legendary SteelSeries Sensei ambidextrous design is perfect for both claw and palm grip styles, and the built-in RGB lighting lets you customize your mouse to match your style.

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 gaming mouse is the ultimate tool for gamers who want to take their skills to the next level. The Sensei 310 features a two-zone, multi-color Prism RGB illumination system that allows you to customize lighting color and brightness levels on a per-game basis.

It also gives users the ability to sync illumination patterns with SteelSeries Engine Software, which unlocks an unlimited number of lighting possibilities. You can save all your custom settings directly onto the Sensei 310 using its onboard memory or by plugging it into your computer via USB.

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 gaming mouse is perfect for professional gamers who demand the very best. Its intuitive design, combined with its advanced features, make it the ideal choice for any gamer. The Sensei 310 is compatible with all three major operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux – and its USB port means that it can be used with any computer. The Steelseries Engine 3 software provides a wealth of options and allows you to customize your mouse to suit your own needs.


Connectivity Technology: USB

Brand: SteelSeries

Compatible Devices: OS Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox. USB port required Software SteelSeries Engine 3.10.12+, for Windows (7 or newer) and Mac OSX (10.8 or newer)OS Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox. USB port required Software SteelSeries Engine 3.10.12+

Series: 62432

Movement Detection Technology: Optical

5-BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Mouse with Butterfly Clicking

BENGOO KM-1 is a wireless gaming mouse, which has been designed with a lightweight honeycomb shell. It is made of high-quality material, as well as durable strength and advanced ventilation.

The mouse owns an ergonomic design that fits your palm perfectly, so you can enjoy the comfortable touching experience. Moreover, it features 1200/1600/2400 DPI adjustment modes for different usage scenarios; 6 programmable buttons for customized gameplay; up to 1000m working distance; onboard memory function (stores 5 profiles); low power consumption (only 1 AA battery needed); and a braided USB cable for tangle-free use.

BENGOO KM-1 wireless gaming mouse is equipped with 2.4GHz wireless technology, which offers stable connection and precise tracking. You could use it at any time and anywhere, with no delays or interference. And please note that the 2.4G connection distance cannot be over 10 meters.

The mouse comes with 6 buttons, including the left button, a right button, two scroll wheels, and two side buttons on the thumb rest area for better control in games. It allows you to adjust the DPI(400/800/1600/3200) freely according to your needs! The mouse also features an ergonomic design, so it will fit your hand perfectly and provide you with the most comfortable using experience!

The BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a professional-grade mouse that offers gamers three adjustable DPI settings and flexible buttons for a customized gaming experience. The mouse is also Plug and Play, meaning there is no need for drivers or software, and it is universally compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/VISTA/7/8/10/11 and Mac OS. With its durable build and reliable quality, the BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse is perfect for any PC gamer.


Connectivity Technology: USB


Compatible Devices: Tablet

Movement Detection Technology: Optical

Number of Buttons: 6

6-HyperX Pulsefire Raid – Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking in 2022

The HyperX Pulsefire Raid is a lightweight 11-button programmable gaming mouse that uses a premium Pixart 3389 sensor for advanced customization and accuracy. Customizable using the HyperX NGenuity software, the Pulsefire Raid also has onboard memory for storing your macros and lighting settings.

HyperX Pulsefire Raid gaming mouse is designed for extreme MOBA gamers who demand the best. It has a high-sensitivity Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor, which tracks up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration. The buttons are built with Omron switches that have a lifespan of 20 million clicks. They’re low profile so you can get a better grip on the mouse while playing. And they’re split so you can press them independently without moving your hand from its natural position.

The Pulsefire Raid also has customizable RGB lighting, onboard memory, and a braided USB cable.

The HyperX Pulsefire is the best gaming mouse for FPS and MOBA gamers. It has a 1ms response time and can be customized to your preferred DPI. The ergonomic design with textured rubber grips will keep you comfortable during intense gaming sessions. The Pulsefire’s large skates allow for precise movements as well as easy swiping and scrolling through menus or web pages.

There are 5 programmable buttons on the left side of the mouse that let you customize it to fit your specific needs. This product is compatible with Windows and macOS.


Brand: HyperX

Compatible Devices: Personal Computer

Series: Pulsefire Raid

Number of Buttons: 11

Style: Mouse

Advantages Of Butterfly Clicking:

Butterfly Clicking is a fast way of clicking where you can get up to 20 clicks per second. This has great significance in games such as Minecraft where higher cps or rates give massive differences in winning chances and probability for success, even though it’s possible without any mouse at all but the best fun happens when indulging in butterfly-clicking with your favorite one available today!

Disadvantages Of Butterfly Clicking:

One of the biggest disadvantages of butterfly clicking is that it can lead to account suspensions or even banishment from certain games. This happens because some servers have rules against this type of gameplay, which gives players an unfair advantage over other gamers who do not indulge in such techniques – especially when they’re used strategically like for gold farming (although there are ways around these problems).

It’s important before starting your adventure game journey make sure you know whether ALLOWED by reading through each rule carefully so as avoid any confusion later down the road!


There is no doubt that a mouse is an essential piece of hardware for a computer. However, with the ever-changing technology landscape, what is the best mouse for butterfly clicking in 2022? In this blog post, we will explore the different types of mice available and discuss which one may be the best option for you. We will also provide tips on how to get the most out of your butterfly clicking experience! So, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, read on to see what our recommendations are.

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