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Best Daylight Projectors
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Daylight projectors are best for those times when your conference room or office is hard to darken completely and a lot of light still seeps in. These projectors use natural daylight from the outside to fill the room from all angles, providing you with a more supportive solution than traditional dim projector screens.

The importance of a good projector can’t be understated. You may have seen them in conference rooms and school classrooms, but did you also consider using one for daytime events?

Daylight projectors are perfect because they don’t produce too much light—just enough so it’s not difficult to see what you’re displaying on screen! It works well with those late movie nights when everyone around needs some shut-eye before tomorrow morning starts all over again…and there isn’t any other source available except this little device right here.

A projector can be a great addition to your office. They are an inexpensive way of adding some fun and creativity to any space, plus they are also really practical for presentations.

But with so many different models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you and your budget. This blog post will take you through all the pros and cons of each model we carry in-store to help make that decision easier!


Before you can decide on a projector for use in the sunlight, become more acquainted with these important factors which are given below such as color brightness and white light, etc. A good projector should offer every one of these highlights at an elevated level so users can get their best viewing experience!


One of the most important things to consider when buying a projector is how large your screen will be. The projected image quality decreases drastically if you use low-resolution projectors on larger screens, especially since there are no higher resolutions available for home theater systems just yet. To ensure that colors stay bright and clear despite broad daylight conditions it’s best not only to have 1080 HD or 4K UltraHD resolution but also to make sure light doesn’t reflect off any surfaces in front so viewers don’t experience glare while watching TV at night time!


The projector’s lamp should offer a brightness of at least 2500 lumens to ensure the projected image is properly displayed in daylight conditions that represent what you will face daily. For particularly bright rooms, look for projectors with 3000+ lumen and higher ratings that can handle even direct sun rays since they produce 120000 lux–the maximum amount possible from an existing light bulb!

Kind Of Lens

For those of us who are tired of always sitting close to the screen, there are more options than ever. Lenses for projectors come in different sizes and qualities so you can find something that best fits your needs! If space constraints mean being farther away from your projector then an extra long throw lens will do just fine without sacrificing picture clarity or brightnesses on either end because it has two focal lengths built into one design at about 5 meters (16 ft) wide-angle with 1-meter minimum focusing distance plus 15+ degrees horizontal convergence arc within 8 inches vertical viewing sweet spot).

The Lamp And Reflector

A projector is a machine with many important components. The lamp, which produces light and casts an image onto the screen at its rear end, needs to be replaced if it becomes damaged or ineffective for some other reason; this unit can also fail because of overheating without proper ventilation in summertime conditions where temperatures may exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

Next, there’s the base mirror that reflects everything forward towards both lenses – not just video images but even sound waves too! If you didn’t have any kind of reflector between these two mirrors then all those rays would bounce right off into infinity so instead their paths are limited only by how transparent our glass lenses are here that work best when they’re clean and free from dust or other debris.

Lumen Output

Lumen output is a key parameter for projectors with daylight viewing compatibility. The higher the lumen output, the brighter your viewed image will be and the more comfortable it becomes when observing things up close or recessed into dark corners of rooms in which you are trying to view them from across the room’s distance.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is a measure of how bright the brightest and darkest colors are on the screen. The higher this number, for instance, 2 million to 1 or 5200:1 as in our example here with 3D video projectors, TVs, etc., provides better quality images because viewers can clearly see what they’re looking at without any guessing games required when watching something from their sitting position at home using only one eye instead of three assumed necessary by those viewing things remotely like pilots do while flying missions over enemy territory where there may not be anything within sight except clouds below them up ahead somewhere else in the sky.

Projector’s Screen Size

The size of the projector screen depends on what you’re looking for. Bigger screens are better if it’s a typical event, but small ones might be more practical in some situations where space is tight or there aren’t many available surfaces that can support large equipment like projectors and TVs

For example; if someone could only use one sidewall as their TV mount due to limited walls then they would need an option with smaller dimensions because this would allow them enough room without blocking other people within earshot range when watching sports games or a movie with a theatre-sized screen in their home.


The best projector for your home theater is not always the most expensive. If you’re looking to buy a new device and don’t want to break the bank, consider these three factors: additional features, brand popularity or build quality of that particular model in terms of how well it performs at night when viewing videos without any outside light shining through windows onto screens (like those found inside homes).

Finally, price should also be taken into consideration so as long as there’s room left over after paying off all other necessities such needs things like groceries/utilities accordingly – because if we’ve learned anything from movie theaters Pricing isn’t just about what something costs but rather whether or not that product is worth buying for the best experience possible.


Keep reading to learn about our technical side of things. We have included a buyer’s guide at the end that will answer any question you might have, so don’t stop now!

We know how confusing buying online can be with all these different options and features–we’re here just for your help navigating this process as quickly and efficiently as possible by providing resources like comparison charts which make choosing easy (and affordable).

1-YABER Y30 native 1080p LED projector


Best Daylight Projectors

The YABER Y30 projector is a native 1080P HD projector, with up to 8000:1 contrast ratio and 8500lumens brightness. It can support 4K video input, while other projectors just support 4K signal output by using HDMI or other interfaces, but not the real 4K resolution.

Our projector is the first one that supports real HDMI 2.0 input so that you can enjoy your favorite sports games in high definition on your big-screen TV at home! The built-in speaker of our projector supports 3D sound effects and has high-fidelity sound.

The Y30 LED projector is the ultimate multimedia device, with built-in 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system that provides an excellent auditory sense experience without external speakers. The latest SmarEco technology minimizes lamp power consumption to extend the useful life of the lamp to a maximum of 100000 hours.

It allows adopting the latest DLP technology and high brightness chip (4500 lumens) to ensure clear images and natural colors while reducing energy consumption by up to 80%. This projector also supports 2D & 3D video input, connect your computer or game console via HDMI cable for the best experience and best picture quality.

This Y30 Native 1080P Projector is suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard, games, and party fun. It can project larger images onto the wall or screen to bring you a vivid visual experience.

The projector has a 6-month back and 3-year repair, and lifetime professional technical support. Notice: jerky or lag when playing videos is not a quality problem and can be solved by a firmware upgrade.


Hardware Interface: VGA, USB

Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount

Brand: YABER

Wattage: 50 watts

Brightness: 8500 Lumen

2-Gzunelic Real 9500 Lumens Real Native 1080p DayLight Projector


Best Daylight Projectors

This is the best real native 1080p LED Video Projector. It has a max power of 230w US Cree LED lamp, built-in 6 layers customized optical lens to achieve the best light transmittance. 9500 Lumens max brightness.

Real native 1080p projector makes the videos 4 times sharper and more detailed than native 720p projectors. Our contrast ratio of 10000:1 accurate color creates spectacular impressions provides superior color gamuts and has the best ability to reproduce the authentic color of the film.

Gzunelic Real 9500 lumens Real Native 1080p LED Video Projector is a powerful, portable, and high-performance projector. It features native 1080p Full HD resolution, up to 2200 ANSI Lumens brightness, HDMI / VGA / AV / USB inputs, and 3.5mm Audio output.

The combination of the latest DLP chipset technology and innovative optical design makes Gzunelic Real 9500 lumens Real Native 1080p LED video projector deliver outstanding performance in the home entertainment area.

GZUNELI is a professional manufacturer of digital video projectors. Our company has been committed to the development and production of digital video projectors for more than 10 years.

The main products are LED Projectors, LCD Projectors, Home Theater Projectors, Business Conference Projectors, and so on. We have advanced technology and a professional R&D team that guarantees our product quality and service experience.


Model Name: M8s

Hardware Interface: AV Port, USB, Component Video, HDMI, S-Video

Mounting Type: Table/ceiling / Tripod

Brand: Gzunelic

Wattage: 260 watts

3-Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K Pro JHD -3 Chip Daylight Projector


Best Daylight Projectors


The Epson Home Cinema 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR is a professional-level projector that delivers the ultimate home theater experience. This projector has been engineered to deliver up to four times the resolution of standard full HD projectors, and it can display images up to 140 inches diagonal (in a 16:9 aspect ratio).

It also supports high dynamic range (HDR) content via its HDR10 compatibility, which delivers more vibrant colors and contrast for a truly immersive viewing experience. Plus, this projector features an advanced 3LCD projection system that displays 100% of the color gamut RGB, so it can deliver bright and beautiful images. 

The Home Cinema PRO-UHD is ideal for use in large venues such as boardrooms or houses of worship, where its best-in-class brightness enables larger screen installations with excellent image quality even from substantial throw distances.

The Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR is the ultimate entertainment experience. It offers dynamic brightness, contrast, and color fidelity for an amazing visual performance.

The Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR features a full 10-bit HDR (2) — accepts 100 percent of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an amazing visual performance, plus it’s compatible with almost all color formats, including BT.2020 and DCI P3 color spaces.

The Epson Home Cinema 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector with HDR is a high-performance projector that delivers stunningly bright, vibrant images. It combines an ultra-short-throw lens and precision optics to provide a large screen size for any room.

Its HDR capabilities ensure you can enjoy a wide range of content from the brightest brights to the darkest darks, while the precision lens ensures superior clarity and focus uniformity across your entire viewing area. Built-in stereo speakers and apt Bluetooth allow you to easily connect external sound systems for an immersive sound experience.


Model Name: Home Cinema 3800

Hardware Interface: HDMI

Brand: Epson

Wattage: 10 watts

Brightness: 3000 Lumen

4-Jifar 7500 Lumens 5G Wifi Bluetooth Projector


Best Daylight Projectors

Jifar H6 is the brightest native 1080P projector on the market. It supports HDMI, VGA, and USB input and can be connected to any device with an HDMI output such as Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch, DVD player, or laptop/PC with ease. The built-in 16GB memory allows you to enjoy your favorite movies without using a computer.

And it also supports 3D video games or 3D Blu-ray movies. You can even connect it to a smartphone via an HDMI cable and mirror everything from your phone onto the big screen.

This is a Portable WiFi Bluetooth Projector. It enables synchronized smartphone screens with breathtaking WiFi. Ultra-fast 5G WiFi allows a lag-free streaming experience for gaming online and seamless video streaming.

The wireless screen-sharing function offers the convenience to watch all your favorite content by streaming from iOS or Android devices. The outdoor projector has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip which can connect your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly at any time freely.

The projector is a very important part of the home theater system, which can bring you the best visual experience. It is widely used in meeting rooms, cinema halls, classrooms, stage performances,s, etc. The H6 Projector adopts DLP technology to provide high brightness with rich colors.

It has integrated Dual HiFi Stereo Speakers which can produce stereo audio effects without external speakers. It supports HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV/TV ports. The built-in Bluetooth can wirelessly mirror your phone or tablet’s screen and share unlimited funs with family members and friends within 30 feet (1080P).


Hardware Interface: VGA, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth 5

Brand: JIFAR

Brightness: 9500 Lux

Controller Type: Remote Control

Display resolution: 1920 x 1080

5-Pansonite Mini Projector


Best Daylight Projectors

The Pansonite mini projector is a great gift for you and your family. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, the video, and the photo slideshow on it with your family or friends. The portable size makes it easy to carry around and use anywhere anytime.

It is so lightweight that you can hold it in one hand while watching movies or playing games on the big screen at home or office anywhere anytime. This mini projector supports 1080P FHD resolution providing an excellent visual experience for you and your family. You will feel like you are sitting in a movie theater when watching movies on this best mini projector.

Pansonite Mini Projector with High Brightness Support 1080P and 200′ is a portable projector that supports video, photo, and music playback. It could be connected to your laptop or TV via HDMI, VGA, USB, or RCA AV interfaces. It is a built-in powerful stereo speaker that brings an excellent spectating experience without connecting external speakers.

With many ports such as HDMI, VGA, USB, and RCA AV interfaces. Moreover, it’s easy to operate with remote control. This mini projector is so small and lightweight that you can take it anywhere you want!

Pansonite mini projector is a portable home theater projector. It works with your phone or laptop to bring you the big screen experience wherever you are. You can use it at home, in the office, backyard, camping, traveling…It’s so convenient and easy to use!

The pansonite mini projector is designed for everyone who loves watching videos on a large screen. It brings you the immersive cinematic experience that you’ve always dreamed of.


Hardware Interface: VGA, FireWire 800, USB, HDMI, Game Port

Brand: Pansonite

Controller Type: Remote Control

Display resolution: 1280 x 720

Control Method: Remote

6-ONOAYO 900L Portable Daylight Projector


Best Daylight Projectors 


ONOAYO 9500L is a wireless portable projector, which is also a speaker. It has Bidirectional Bluetooth tech and can connect to mobile devices and work as a speaker. It equips 9500L brightness, 1920x1080P high-definition, a contrast ratio of 12000: 1, and outstanding color reproduction, depicting s crystal clear and vivid picture.

The tiny hair of a bird and the tone of voice are so real that you will not believe they are from this tiny machine! The ONO1 video projector is equipped with the latest 5G WiFi technology, more smoothly and faster access to the WiFi, which can also be used as an external storage device.

ONOAYO HD 4K 9500L WiFi Projector is a high-brightness projector, which can provide you with the best HD experience at home. It is easy to connect to your device through a WIFI or LAN cable.

You can enjoy your favorite movies and games in HD quality by connecting them to your smart TV, PC, laptop, or other devices via HDMI port.

ONOAYO 9500L WiFi Projector is the best choice for home theater, office presentations, classroom teaching, and so on. This projector can display up to 120 inches of the big screen on any flat surface with amazing details.

The sealed optical engine of our dust-proof projector prevents dust from entering the machine or falling on the lens and ensures no black spots on the clear image. Lamp life reaches 100000 hours.

If you are looking for a long-life LED projector in the same price range, we recommend the ONO1 home theater projector. Our portable projector offers wide compatibility with devices as long as they have HDMI or USB ports.

You can connect them to your laptop, PCs, smart TVs… It means you don’t need to spend extra bucks on equipment and cables! ONOAYO projector is also a speaker that supports Bluetooth music playback.


Model Name: ONO 1

Hardware Interface: USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, Headphone, Bluetooth 5

Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount


Wattage: 110 watts

Can Projectors Work In Daylight?

If you need to view content and images during the day, then consider investing in a good daylight projector for your printer. Most everyday printers don’t come with this type of feature since they typically only function when projected onto paper-based media or dark surfaces like blackboard walls at school – but not outside where it can be sunny!

That’s why we recommend getting one that has around 2500 lumens max light intensity output so as long as there’s enough natural sunlight present (and many are) these models will also work well even under most types of ambient lighting conditions too.

It should be noted here that for direct sunlight nothing less than 120000 lumens can be used and that is not a possible intensity right now. So, whatever daylight device you’re purchasing will have a high lumen output which makes it perfect to use in well-lit but shaded areas too.

How Many Lumens Do You Need To Project In DayLight?

If you are aiming to watch a movie or play games in the daytime, it’s best not to do so under direct sunlight. The brightness of your screen will be completely washed out if there is too much natural light shining on it!

A good rule-of-thumb for determining how bright your lamp needs to be based on its location and use case scenario would start with 2500 lumens as an initial estimate before accounting for other factors like ambient lighting conditions which could impact one’s viewing experience.

Is It Worth Getting A 4K Projector?

A 4K projector is a good idea if you want to invest in your home entertainment system. The most important distinction between HD projectors and those with UHD resolution is the cost, quality of images/videos shown on screen as well as price tag which can run up into thousands or more for high-end models.

Most TVs will also grant viewers access to an excellent 4K display but this comes at a higher cost due to both its expense (many customers unwilling) so I’d advise researching beforehand what kind would best suit one’s needs before purchasing anything!

A projector is a great investment for your home cinema. Not only do they project onto any space, but you can play games in 4K and enjoy rich colors with vibrant details that are just not possible on most TVs or monitors!

The selection between two types of devices – one being the TV vs another type called a Projector- could be tricky at first glance; however, both have their own benefits depending upon what sort of desires one has when using electronic equipment inside one personal space: whether this would require something large enough to offer members ease while seated down comfortably viewing content from all angles.


The light of day is very important to our health and well-being. It has been scientifically proven that people who work in dimly lit spaces suffer from several side effects, such as impaired vision and headaches.

As we enter the next year, it would be wise for businesses to consider investing in an LED projector that can easily project sunlight into any space indoors or outdoors. This will make sure your employees are happy and healthy this upcoming year!

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