Twitter Tells Employees They Can Work From Home ‘Forever’

Twitter Tells Employees They Can Work From Home 'Forever'

 Twitter has assured staff that if they want, they can “for ever” keep working from home.

Even after the Covid-19 pandemic ends, Twitter employees can work from home “forever” if they want.”The organization said if employees are in a situation and circumstance that allows them to operate from home, and they want to keep doing so,” we’ll do that. “With a few exceptions, the company said its offices would not be open until S.This said that offices to open it would be “careful, deliberate, office-by-office and incremental.” It said there would also be “with a few exceptions” no corporate travel before September and no in-person company activities for the rest of 2020.

Will more companies start to allow their employees to permanently work from home?
Many tech companies have trained their staff for the near future on work from home steps, as analysts expect remote work to become even more common after the pandemic, with business travel rarer.
Facebook announced last week that most of the company’s workers would be able to continue working from home until the end of 2020, while Google’s parent Alphabet announced workers should expect a “staggered” and “incremental” return to the office beginning in June, but that some employees will still be working from home for as long as the rest of the year.

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