If A Friendship Lasts Longer Than 7 Years, It Will Last A Lifetime

If A Friendship Lasts Longer Than 7 Years, It Will Lasts A Lifetime

If A Friendship Lasts Longer Than 7 Years, It Will Last A Lifetime | How long do friendships last?

Friendships are a lifetime commitment and it is important to keep your friends close. A good friendship can last for decades, even if you go on different paths in life! When you have a friend like that, it may be difficult to imagine them ever leaving your side. You know they’ll always have each other’s backs and stand by one another through thick or thin. If you are lucky enough to have a friendship like this, cherish it and never take it for granted. Friends like that come around once in a lifetime.

The more time we spend together the stronger our bond becomes. When seven years have passed since first meeting someone new as an acquaintance–and then later becoming friends with them over these long periods of shared experiences feels almost inevitable for those two individuals who were meant for each other in this life. If this is true, then the friendship has withstood many tests of time and will continue to last as long as either one of them is living.

Many friendships end before they can go the distance. If you are lucky enough to have a friendship that lasts longer than seven years, then there is a good chance it will last forever. If your friend has been in your life for more than 7 years, then you should take some time to ask yourself why this person means so much to you and what made them stick around for so long.

Research About Friendship

Most friendships are short-lived, according to Dutch sociologist Gerald Mollenhorst at Utrecht University. His research shows that most people don’t choose their close friends but rather depend on what opportunities arise for them in life; this is usually due not only because it’s easier than building lasting relationships but also simply out of pressure from society and peers who want you make decisions quickly so they’ll stop bugging (or excluding)you when your choices have consequences outside yourself

The vast majority—over 80%–of social interactions aren’t based around personal preference attempting instead just seeking someone else who shares the same interests as you, like a friend of a friend. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one such connection with someone then each would make up what we call an “obvious” friendship; this is based on similar interests and personality types rather than common friends or location. The average person has about 300 friends, but can only maintain a close relationship with four of them. some friendships do last a lifetime

” All relationships do not necessarily have a shelf life. If friendship is mutually meaningful with the same interest, it nurtures. After all, birds of the same feather flock together”.

To understand how the lifespan of friendships is influenced by social context, sociologist Christakis surveyed 1007 men and women between 18-65 years old. He was able to re-interview 604 participants seven years later with interesting results: Over that period there were many changes in their networks—new friends replaced old ones while only thirty percent (30%) remained constant over 7 years

Interestingly enough though it seems like individuals from different backgrounds retained similar rates when considering longevity regardless of an acquaintance or close friend; both groups exhibited a low retention rate for most people’s closest relationships. If you and your friend don’t have a lot in common, then it is likely that he or she won’t be around for very long.

What Makes A Bond Weaker?

There are many instances where friends find themselves living separate lives from one another. This may happen for several reasons, including the lack of opportunity to see each other regularly or at all in some cases because they live far away from each other and don’t have any means by which transportation can take them where needed quickly enough when necessary.

Friendship is a dynamic, ever-changing thing that can be affected by our actions. When we stay in touch with old friends and family members more than they are around to contact us it often converts into something like “I know him from work” or “Yes I went here too! We studied together for 4 years at college”. This lack of staying current makes room for new additions because you’re already on their list so why not add them?

What Makes A Friendship Work?

For some people, a good friendship is the one where you can always trust them and never feel like their loyalty will waver. Others believe that friendships need work on an individual level for them to thrive but those who are more traditionalists often have differing opinions as well!

Some say there’s no formula or set definition of what makes up successful relationships between friends; however, most would agree with this statement: genuine care towards each other should definitely factor into any close tie/bond (whatever term someone may use).

Friendship is a two-way street. You can’t just expect to be buds with someone and have them in your life forever because they won’t put forth the same effort as you would for something important like friends or family members (to name some). The key thing here is? Empathy! Being able to understand each other’s point of view ensures that there isn’t any judgment on either end of things; instead, we’re helping one another feel better about who WE really want TO BE.

If A Friendship Lasts Longer Than 7 Years, Conclusion

We all have a finite number of friends in our lives. It’s important to stay connected with those who share the same passions and beliefs as you because when two people form an emotional “bond” like this, it means they will be close for longer periods than if there wasn’t any mutual respect or care between them at the first place! You can always get back on track by picking up your phone – how are things going?

Or even just saying ‘I miss seeing/ hearing from you! Let’s get together soon!’ If you’re feeling down in the dumps and need a friend when no one else seems to be there for you, it’s always good to have someone who can empathize with what you’re going through. 

If they don’t understand or seem like they aren’t into having a close bond anymore then that may be a sign that the friendship is slowly deteriorating.

Despite all scientific research, there definitely is some truth to the claim that friendships last more than 7 years. Yes—some true friends can be with you through thick and thin; they’ll always have your back no matter what life throws at them.

A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

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