Apple Makes it Easier to Find Your Lost AirPods Pro – Find My integration

Apple Makes it Easier to Find Your Lost AirPods Pro - Find My integration

Apple makes it easier to find your lost AirPods Pro and Max

AirPods Pro is Apple’s newest product, and they’re the next generation of AirPods. These sleek wireless earbuds have a few new features that make them worth buying for anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.

Do you have no idea where your AirPods Pro is? Don’t worry, Apple has got this.

The latest firmware update (via MacRumors) brings a very cool new feature to the company’s AirPods Pro and Max. The new update to the AirPods Pro and Max brings Find My integration, giving users access to their iPhone for locating lost earbuds.

The feature will now work even if you lost your AirPods Pro or Max somewhere outside the current Bluetooth range. Previously, Find I was only able to locate them if they were nearby; otherwise, it would display their last know location.

The feature was supposed to go live with the launch of iOS 15 but it got delayed into “later this fall,” like several other new features, such as SharePlay.

Well, there’s no direct way to force the update but it should eventually show up if your earbuds or headphones are paired and connected with an iPhone.

To check whether you have the latest update (in this particular case, the version number is ‘4A400’), connect your buds or headphones to an iPhone and open settings- general -about-AirPods. Ensure the Number 4A400 next to “Firmware Version” on either device for confirmation of getting all set with the newest software updates!

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